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AVMA Veterinary First Responder Certificate Program

(November 1, 2021) The veterinary profession has limited training and career tracks to develop the leadership and responder workforce needed to support animal health and safety needs during emergency responses. There are no current national training standards for veterinary disaster and emergency first responders. As a result, it can be difficult for veterinarians to hit the ground running when they volunteer to serve on a local or regional disaster response team.

To help fill this gap and to build on the legacy of the AVMA efforts in disaster relief, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation has provided $80,000 in funding to create an AVMA certificate program for veterinary first responders. The AVMA Veterinary First Responder Certificate Program is designed to educate veterinary professionals to respond efficiently and effectively to natural disasters by directing individuals to pre-evaluated courses that teach valuable disaster and emergency response material. 

Your gifts provide the Foundation with the resources to help veterinary students continue their education and assist the AVMA in presenting continuing education programming so that all veterinarians have access to state-of-the-art learning and techniques to better care for animals and pets.

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