AVMF is committed to helping offset the cost of veterinary medical education. Donations support outstanding veterinary students who are addressing the health and research needs of society – both today and tomorrow.


We believe that by investing in the education of America’s veterinary students we play a role in ensuring that future veterinarians have the skills and training necessary to treat our pets, safeguard our food supply and protect public health.

We make an impact on veterinary students by empowering them to achieve their goals in veterinary medicine and by recognizing and rewarding individuals who have made extraordinary accomplishments in their education. Our goal is to build a relationship with veterinary students that lasts a lifetime.

Veterinary student scholarships and grants are awarded on varying criteria that includes academic excellence, leadership and financial need. Final decisions on all awards are based on recommendations from the AVMF’s Grants and Awards Sub-committee on Student Scholarships.

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2024 Scholarship opportunities

Veterinary medical student scholarship opportunities
Harold Wetterberg ScholarshipGet details$5,000-
Current or former resident of New Jersey who is enrolled in the second or third year of the professional DVM curriculum during the 2023-2024 academic year.January 1 -
March 15
Arizona Veterinary Medical Association ScholarshipGet details$1,000Student member of the AzVMA; demonstrated connection to the state of Arizona (birth, residency, education, employment, etc.).March 1 -
March 31
Michael and Gail Ames ScholarshipGet details$1,000Student in good standing at an accredited veterinary college in Arizona. Preferred applicants will indicate an interest in rural practice in Arizona.March 1 -
March 31
The Panzero Family ScholarshipGet details$1,000Student in good standing at an accredited veterinary college in Arizona who plan to practice in Arizona upon graduation.March 1 -
March 31
Julie and Wayne Anderson ScholarshipGet details$1,000Student in good standing at any accredited veterinary college in North America and will demonstrate a commitment to practice in Arizona.March 1 -
March 31
Mildred Sylvester ScholarshipGet details$5,0001st, 2nd or 3rd year veterinary student in good standing with a connection to the state of New Jersey (birth, residency, education, etc.).September 1 -
September 30
Durvet Animal Health Future Food Animal Veterinarian ScholarshipGet details$1,0002nd or 3rd-year veterinary student attending an AVMA-Council on Education accredited school of veterinary medicine located in the United States who intend to work in a food animal practice upon graduation.September 1 -
September 30
The Hoveida Family Foundation Scholarship in ResearchGet details$4,400Student who has an interest in pursuing a career in research.September 1 -
September 30
Rex Anderson VLC Travel Award Endowment FundGet details$2,000Student with a connection to Montana (from Montana, attends school in Montana, plans to return to practice in Montana etc.).September 1 -
September 30
Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship ProgramGet details$1,0002nd or 3rd-year student in good standing at a qualifying AVMA-accredited school. Leadership role with university-affiliated or non-university-affiliated organizations.September 1 -
September 30
AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for VeteransGet details$9,000US military veteran, honorably discharged or active duty for training in good standing Involvement in university affiliated organizations including leadership responsibilities military (U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy or Space Force).September 1 -
September 30
Merck Animal Health ScholarshipGet details$10,0002nd or 3rd-year veterinary student in good standing at an AVMA-accredited school in the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean. Leadership and participation in non-university activities.November 1 -
November 30
Veterinary technician student scholarship opportunities
Merck Animal Health/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship
Get details$2,000
Veterinary technician student in good standing and in their final year of school at an AVMA-accredited veterinary technician school.
August 1 -
August 31
The Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship
Get details$2,000
Student entering the 2nd year of a 2-year program (or equivalent for term-based programs), or In the 3rd year of a 4-year (or equivalent for term-based programs) AVMA-accredited veterinary technology – veterinary nursing or animal health technology program (or equivalent for term-based programs) in the United States or Puerto Rico.
September 1 -
September 30
External veterinary student scholarship opportunities
National/Regional ScholarshipsGet detailsVariesVariesVaries
University ScholarshipsGet detailsVariesVariesVaries