Saving Loki: Boxer mix dodges bone cancer

Loki, a boxer mix was a year old when he was welcomed into his forever home by his adoptive family. Just a couple of months after being adopted, Loki’s owner noticed that he had developed a limp that wasn’t going away. They wisely made an appointment with their local veterinarian and brought Loki to Dodgeville Veterinary Services, where Dr. Nicole Ebbe thoroughly examined the pup.

X-rays were performed on Loki, and Dr. Ebbe had some difficult news to share with his new family. All signs pointed to bone cancer, and amputation was necessary to prevent the spread of cancer. While it can be a daunting decision, canine amputees can adapt to lead a normal, happy life with support from their owners and veterinarians. The surgery was scheduled, and the affected leg was removed.

Overall, the surgery went well. However, Loki developed postoperative complications that required hospitalization and daily treatments. Aiming to provide the best care possible and to help Loki’s owner make the best decision, Dr. Ebbe decided to continue treatments pro bono, knowing that the AVMF REACH Program™ was available help cover expenses for charitable veterinary care.  She doesn’t regret her decision, stating, “He fought through it, and we are glad to report he is doing well!”

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This program is supported in part by PURINA through the ProPlan Veterinary Support Mission.