Life’s a ball again for Bruno

Bruno is a Chocolate Lab mix whose love of fetching tennis balls landed him in the emergency clinic. In May of 2023, Bruno’s owners brought him to Solano-Napa Pet Emergency Clinic in Fairfield, CA, after they witnessed him accidentally swallow a tennis ball. Bruno tried to expel it by vomiting repeatedly, without success. They knew that time was of the essence. 

REACH - BrunoThe veterinarian who performed Bruno’s exam recommended an abdominal ultrasound administered by a specialist. The client agreed, and Bruno received the ultrasound right away. The internist diagnosed a linear foreign body anchored in the stomach. Unfortunately, surgery would be their only recourse.  

Wanting the best for Bruno, the client agreed to move forward with the surgery despite only having funds to cover the cost of the emergency clinic visit and testing. They brought Bruno to Jameson Humane, a nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary in Napa Valley. They had been denied credit, and without the surgery, Bruno would die.  

Luckily, the attending veterinarian knew that the AVMF REACH Program™ was there to help in cases like this—when immediate care is critical, and the client’s financial hardship is a barrier to care. 

“Interestingly, the foreign body wasn’t just a tennis ball, it was a rope toy. On physical examination, the string was even visible under his tongue!” said Dr. Olivia Wilson. “Bruno had a gastrotomy and enterotomy and is recovering well.”  

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Thank you for helping us REACH as many animals in need as possible! 

This program is supported in part by PURINA through the ProPlan Veterinary Support Mission.