AVMF supports Worldwide Vets' international mission in Ukraine

On April 19, Worldwide Vets successfully completed its first major mission in 2024, made possible by a $40,000 grant from AVMF. A dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians hailing from the United States and Europe converged in Ukraine to extend their ongoing charitable mobile veterinary services. The impact of their efforts during these ten days is nothing short of extraordinary.

A total of 403 sterilizations were conducted during the mission, with 320 female spays (111 dogs and 210 cats) and 86 male neuters (21 dogs and 65 cats).  This remarkable feat underscores the team’s commitment to addressing the issue of pet overpopulation and promoting responsible pet ownership.

The mission’s impact went beyond surgical procedures. Every single animal that underwent sterilization also received essential vaccinations against rabies, safeguarding not only their individual health but also contributing to the prevention of this deadly disease within the community.

The team also provided comprehensive healthcare to many animals. Ten puppies received their crucial first round of core vaccines, laying the foundation for a healthy start in life. Additionally, a staggering 455 animals were dewormed, and 198 received vital parasite treatment, addressing common yet often overlooked health concerns.

Finally, the mission extended a lifeline to those animals in urgent need of medical attention. Twenty-four animals received consultations, x-rays, and emergency care for a myriad of issues, including injuries sustained from dog attacks and traffic accidents, fractures, tumors, and various skin diseases. In these moments of crisis, the dedication and expertise of the veterinary team provided hope and healing to both animals and their caregivers.

As Worldwide Vets looks ahead to future endeavors, it does so with gratitude for the incredible team of professionals and supporters who make such impactful work possible. Their tireless efforts continue to make a profound difference in the lives of animals and communities around the world.

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