Fotaungyee triumphs over cancer with help from REACH

When Fotaungyee the cat was brought to the radiation oncology service at BluePearl Pet Hospital for a face-deforming nasal squamous cell carcinoma, his owner was experiencing financial hardship. Despite the lack of a vehicle and paid time off, the client chose to move forward with definitive, conventional radiation treatment of the nasal tumor as this gave the best chances for long-term control.

The owner showed commitment above and beyond for her cat. She explained how this cat is a family member. She doesn’t have children, and she received disapproval from other people in her community who didn’t understand the human-animal bond they share,” shares Dr. Jennifer Yee.

The client took three and a half weeks off from work and paid an Uber/Lyft daily to get to and from the hospital. The treatment required 18 days of consecutive daily radiation treatment under anesthesia, Monday through Friday.

Not only was Fotaungyee suffering from the pronounced nasal tumor, but he also had unregulated diabetes mellitus. During his radiation treatment, his blood glucose levels were monitored and intermittent rechecks with the internal medicine service were pursued to ensure the best overall health as well as providing the safest anesthesia during his radiation treatment.

During the almost one-month stay at the hospital, the control of his diabetes improved. Throughout the radiation treatment, the tumor visibly shrank, accompanied by a noticeable reduction in his eye and nasal discharges. A comparison of before and after photos taken around four weeks after the radiation treatment clearly illustrates the marked improvement during his internal medicine recheck.

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