AVMF provides $10,000 grant for midwest flooding

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation issued a $10,000 grant to the Nebraska VMA to help veterinarians and others who provided care for animals affected by the historic flooding in the Midwest this spring.

Nebraska was hit hard by the flooding, and towns were turned into islands. Rescuers saved dozens of animals from flooded homes, and many veterinarians stepped up to provide care for pets who were left behind as their owners evacuated the rising flood waters.

“After hearing and reading about the stories of the devastation in Nebraska, we were compelled to support our veterinarian colleagues,” said Dr. Michael Topper, AVMF Board of Directors chair. “The grant provided to the Nebraska VMA will be used to help those who provided care and shelter to animals during this crisis.”

If you’d like to help veterinarians and animals affected by disasters, please donate using the AVMF Code “Disaster Relief.”