Empowering the future of veterinary pharmacology through student fellowships

In a remarkable collaborative effort, the Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation (VPRF) and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) joined forces this year to champion a noble cause: the advancement of veterinary pharmacology research. Their shared vision is to not only increase the number but also enhance the quality of trained veterinary pharmacology researchers, fostering a brighter future for animal health and well-being.

Through this partnership, a standout recipient has been selected to receive a the Veterinary pharmacology research fellowship grant, securing a one-year fellowship that encompasses a wide array of opportunities. This grant is designed to empower the chosen graduate student, whether pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D., by providing financial support for their training, professional travel, stipends, and various scholarly activities.

The excitement surrounding this initiative is palpable, and the recipient, Michelle Buckley, has expressed her profound appreciation for the unwavering support extended by the VPRF, AVMF, and the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (AAVPT). In her own words, she shared, “This is such a great honor, and I am very appreciative of the support of the VPRF, AVMF, and AAVPT for funding this fellowship.”

Michelle’s dedication to her field is nothing short of inspiring. She envisions using the resources provided by the fellowship to embark on a journey of exploration, broadening her knowledge by traveling to other universities and delving into various aspects of pharmacology. Her intent is to extend her horizons beyond her current focus at Iowa State University.

This journey of personal growth aligns with her noble goal – Michelle aims to expand her network and experience within the field of veterinary clinical pharmacology. Her ultimate aspiration is to develop a robust arsenal of practical, clinically relevant insights that will not only benefit her fellow researchers but also have a positive impact on drug use in food animals. She is determined to improve engagement with students and the general public, sharing her knowledge and passion for the field.

But Michelle’s ambitions do not stop there. She recognizes the pressing global issue of antimicrobial resistance and has set her sights on cultivating a deeper understanding of this challenge. Her commitment to antimicrobial resistance monitoring and research underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions in this vital area.

Michelle Buckley’s journey and dedication exemplify the remarkable potential of these fellowships to nurture the next generation of veterinary pharmacology researchers. By investing in the education and growth of exceptional individuals like Michelle, the VPRF and AVMF are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of veterinary pharmacology.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of partnerships and investments in education and research. It promises to be a driving force behind advancements in the field of veterinary pharmacology, fostering a community of dedicated researchers who will make a lasting impact on animal health, public welfare, and the global fight against antimicrobial resistance.

As we look forward to Michelle’s journey and the transformative contributions she is bound to make, we are filled with optimism and gratitude for the incredible work being done by the VPRF and AVMF in shaping the future of veterinary pharmacology.

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