Grace's Journey: From Crisis to Recovery with AVMF Support

On the day after Valentine’s Day, a good Samaritan rescued a 12-week-old Shepherd mix found tied to the side of the road in South Carolina. The kind-hearted woman brought Grace to Island Pet Urgent Care for help. The puppy couldn’t keep food down, experienced persistent vomiting, and was suffering from rectal prolapse.

Shortly after her rescue, Grace’s new owners noted that she had defecated a large portion of her collar and tag. Her situation was dire. After careful examination and diagnosis by Dr Laura Maston, it was found that Grace was suffering from a severe intestinal obstruction called intussusception, a potentially fatal condition. Dr. Maston elected to stabilize Grace and coordinate her care.

Surgery was needed to correct Grace’s intussusception. Dr. Maston skillfully performed the surgery to repair the obstruction. The operation was a success, and with the compassionate care of Dr Maston and her team at Island Pet Urgent Care, Grace began her journey to recovery.

When pet owners struggle to pay, REACH is there to support veterinarians

Grace’s new owner was now facing a significant unexpected expense. A REACH grant covered the cost of stabilization “to ease the burden a little for a woman who did a kind deed to help a puppy and found herself a little over her head financially.”

Grace’s story is a shining example of the impact that the AVMF REACH program can have. It underscores the vital role that community support and such programs play in animal rescue and veterinary care. The successful recovery of Grace would not have been possible without the collective efforts of a compassionate rescuer, a dedicated veterinary team, and the financial support provided by the AVMF REACH program.

Your support can help expand our REACH

If Grace’s journey has touched your heart and you wish to contribute to the wellbeing of other animals in need, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the AVMF REACH program. Simply select “AVMF REACH Program” from the “I want to support” dropdown menu on the gift form.

Your gift will help provide critical medical care to animals like Grace, ensuring they receive the treatment they need to lead healthy, happy lives.


This program is supported in part by PURINA through the ProPlan Veterinary Support Mission.