Helping Nama: A case of Hypothyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus

Nama, a beloved companion to her military veteran owner, recently presented to Oregon Humane Society Community Veterinary Hospital with concerning symptoms including low appetite, decreased energy, and loss of vision. After a thorough examination and diagnostic tests, she was diagnosed with two conditions – hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus.

Understanding the urgency of Nama’s situation, the veterinary team wasted no time in formulating a treatment plan. Nama was started on Levothyroxine to address her hypothyroidism and Vetsulin® to regulate her diabetes. Managing these conditions require ongoing care and intervention, resulting in significant financial implications for her owner.

“Through our hospital, Mr. Byrd qualifies for a military veteran discount to help offset the costs.” Dr. Ashleigh Reis also took advantage of the Wetterberg Foundation grant for veterans available to veterinarian members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). “This grant goes a long way to help offset the cost so that Nama can continue to receive the treatment she so desperately needs.”

Nama’s situation highlights the hurdles encountered by dedicated individuals striving to offer optimal care for their cherished pets. As a compassionate veterinary community, we can unite to provide support during their moments of need.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that Nama receives the treatment she desperately needs to regain her health and vitality. By working collectively and extending our compassion beyond the examination room, we can provide hope and support to families facing financial obstacles while caring for their beloved pets. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being of Nama, Mr. Byrd, and countless others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Thanks to the Harold Wetterberg Foundation and generous donors like you, financial support is available to help with the cost of veterinary medical treatment when a pet owner is a military veteran. Your gifts matter! Help us honor military veterans and reach even more service animals with a financial gift. Be sure to select “REACH Animal Care Program” when you complete the giving form.