NC state veterinary association leader receives AVMF “PAWS UP” award

In fall 2018, Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael brought catastrophic flooding to the Carolinas, causing billions of dollars of property damage and shattering all-time rainfall and flood records in both states. In addition to the flooding, power outages and road closings, hundreds of animals and people were displaced by the hurricanes.

Before, during and after the hurricanes, Claire Holley, Executive Director of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, helped coordinate disaster relief efforts with local, state, and federal organizations, and local and interstate shelters.

To recognize her exemplary disaster preparedness, response coordination, and communication skills, and her assistance to protect animals and public health, the AVMF Board of Directors presented Holley with the AVMF “PAWS UP” Award.

“Ms. Holley is a well deserving recipient,” said Karen Davis, Chair of the AVMF Board of Advisors. “She not only met the criterion for the award, but she went above and beyond.”