2019 Merck Innovation Awards


Merck Animal Health, in partnership with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), has established the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Awards. This award is designed to recognize graduating seniors at each veterinary school accredited through the American Veterinary Medical Association in the U.S. and Canada. Awards are given to students in good academic standing and have demonstrated innovation, entrepreneurship and creative forward-thinking in the development of a project or product that inspires others within the veterinary profession.

Congratulations to the 2019 Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award Recipients

Auburn University
Jacqueline Cobb

Colorado State University
Aaron Wallace

Cornell University
Jon Lou

Iowa State University
Danielle Harrington

Kansas State University
Samantha Boyajian
Brett Montague

Lincoln Memorial
Matthew “Matt” Heydenburg

Louisiana State University
Amber Wallace

Michigan State University
Elton Chan

Midwestern University
William Aqeel
Emmanouil Emmanouilides

Mississippi State University
Alexis Thompson

North Carolina State University
Danielle Mzyk 

Oregon State University
Paige Ganster

Texas A & M University
Sam McDonald

The Ohio State University
Eba Kim

Tufts University
Makoto Sakamoto

University of California - Davis
Tricia Nguyen

University of Georgia
Brigette Hoang

University of Guelph
Macy Holliday

University of Illinois
Brandi Jean Burton

University of Minnesota
David Pillman

University of Missouri
Seth Williams

University of Montreal
Jean-Pierre Richard

University of Pennsylvania
Amy Kraus

University of Prince Edward Island (Atlantic)
Ann Oakes

University of Saskatchewan
Ian Niu

University of Tennessee
Greg Vernon

University of Wisconsin
Stefanie Newhouse

Washington State University
Casey Watt

Western University
Edward Vasquez

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