Auxiliary to the AVMA Scholarship Program


The AVMF is extremely proud to offer the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship Program, which was created in recognition of the AVMF’s long-standing relationship with the Auxiliary to the AVMA. We are committed to helping offset the cost of veterinary medical education. The Auxiliary will be awarding $1,000 scholarships to students meeting the criteria below.

The application cycle for this scholarship is now closed. Check back here or watch the AVMF Facebook page for more information.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 scholarship recipients!

Colorado State University

Jasmine Blattner

Scholarship in veterinary medicine is a key to unlocking the door to compassionate care. Amidst the burden of high student debt, it is the beacon of opportunity, providing the freedom to focus on learning, growing, and excelling as a well rounded professional. It signifies a commitment to the well-being of animals, empowering the journey to become a skilled and compassionate healer while decreasing the amount of overwhelming debt.” 

University of Missouri

Maggy Bowling

“I appreciate the willingness to help me so that I may dedicate my life to the pursuit of helping others.” 

Michigan State University

Cecelia Brandt

“This funding will allow me to immerse myself in the curriculum, participate in extracurricular activities, and explore avenues that enrich my understanding of veterinary science. The scholarship bestows a sense of responsibility and gratitude, igniting a desire to give back to the community that has invested in my education by providing affordable, quality veterinary care to rural communities in need.” 

Virginia-Maryland CVM

Michelle Brennaman

“I am so grateful to AVMF for this scholarship. I am beginning my clinical rotations this summer, so it is wonderful to have the financial support. I am passionate about equine sports medicine, and this scholarship will give me the financial flexibility to travel to clinics I have dreamed of seeing to better my practice!” 

Cornell University

Francesca Buchalski

“I am so honored and grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship. I am hoping to participate in several out-of-state equine veterinary externships this upcoming year, and this scholarship will go a long way towards offsetting travel and housing expenses. I want to thank the AVMF and scholarship donors for their support for veterinary students like myself!” 

University of London

Madison Burns

I currently work part-time to help balance out the costs of living and paying for my tuition. This scholarship gives me the ability to pursue veterinary opportunities I wouldn’t have considered before as well as makes my goals that much more attainable. I hope one day I can give back to veterinary students that which you have given me, both professionally and personally.” 

Oklahoma State University

Ryan Carson

“I am incredibly honored to be chosen as a recipient of the AVMF Auxiliary Scholarship. Scholarships like this are so essential in helping students offset the financial burden of veterinary school. As a wife and mother of 3, my family and I are so grateful for the added financial support this scholarship will provide. I am extremely proud to be among the 2023-2024 winners!” 

University of Illinois

Jacob Dalen

“Scholarship is the constant motivation to learn and contribute to a field of science that enriches the lives of organisms, whether it be animals, plants, or humans. It may not always lead to success, but individuals with scholarship will strive to make an impact on the field of expertise in which they study.” 

The University of Edinburgh

Veronica Erofeeva

“Going to veterinary school internationally is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I dreamt of ever since I could remember! This funding will enable me to make the most out of my externship placements in clinics all over the world in the upcoming months. I will be able to focus on applying the content and skills I’ve learnt, rather than stressing over financial planning and situations!” 

Oregon State University

Ashley Guerra

“I feel so grateful to be awarded this scholarship. This scholarship will help me as I navigate through externships and present my research at conferences. Veterinary medicine has given me so many wonderful experiences, and I hope to give back in the future as a veterinary pathologist. Thank you so much for the support!”

North Carolina State University

Ankita Gupta

“Thank you AVMA and AVMF for this honor and your continued support! This award is an investment in my future and allows me to pursue my goal of becoming a clinician-scientist.” 

Louisiana State University

Cody Hanna

“To me, a scholarship is a rewarding acknowledgment of effort and academic success.  I am very thankful for the support this foundation has provided me and for being selected as a recipient for this scholarship.” 

Purdue University

Jesus Hernandez

“As a minority, the additional economic challenges we face can significantly impact our academic development and success. This scholarship not only alleviates some of my financial burdens but will enable me to increase my participation in extracurricular activities, fostering a deeper understanding of wild and exotic animal medicine and further enhancing my surgical expertise.” 

University of Minnesota

Hailey Hunter

“Receiving the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship means the absolute world to me. This scholarship will help me to pursue my career in small animal emergency medicine as well as aid in the development of my leadership skills.” 

Texas Tech University

Sarah Cate Hyde

“The financial support that has been provided to me through this scholarship allows me to accomplish my dreams with less financial burden, which is a gift and a blessing that the phrase  thank you  cannot fully encompass my feelings of gratitude for. I am extremely appreciative for the support and generosity of the individuals that contributed to this scholarship. Thank you for this generous gift, and for believing in me.” 

University of Georgia

Håkon Jones

“I am incredibly grateful for the gift of this scholarship, as it will allow me to further the breadth of my education by opening up international experiences and seminars I would otherwise never be able to afford.” 

Lincoln Memorial University

Maryam Kabir

“Prior to receiving this award, I felt limited as to what summer externships I could pursue involving aquatic medicine and surgery. This scholarship will allow me to shift my focus from finances and more towards improving my clinical knowledge and growing as a professional in this field. Some day I hope to give back to the veterinary community in a substantial way and make a difference in our beautiful world.” 

Midwestern University

Grace Koury

“Winning this scholarship has had a significant impact in my life, not just from a financial standpoint, but a personal perspective as well. Winning this scholarship has proven that my goals and aspirations can be more than just that. That they have the potential of becoming reality. Winning this scholarship is not just a personal success for me. It is one of the first ripples in the effect I hope to have in my community.” 

Tufts University

Kirsten Krause

“As a first generation student who relied heavily on scholarships to complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees, this scholarship means to me the continued ability to pursue my interests in veterinary medicine with a lessened financial burden on myself and my family. Scholarship has been a crucial asset to my ability to progress through higher education, and something I am continually grateful for as opportunities to apply become available to me.” 

University of Arizona

Tiffany (Dana) Lam

“This scholarship will greatly support my continued veterinary education. I’m enthusiastic about furthering my understanding to enhance the well-being of animals and their owners, and to share this knowledge for the betterment of the communities I aim to serve. It brings me great joy to see the impact that companion animals have on people’s lives, and I look forward to being a part of that connection for many years to come.” 

Ross University

Sarah Lambert

“I am incredibly honored to receive the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship. Through this financial support, I am able continue my studies and move towards my professional goal of becoming a board certified anesthesiologist, with some of the financial burden at ease. I could not be more grateful for this program and the dedication they have for future veterinarians, such as myself.” 

University of Pennsylvania

Katie Larsen

“I am extraordinarily grateful to the AVMF for granting me this scholarship. This scholarship will help mitigate the costs of externships and conferences, thereby allowing me to pursue opportunities that support my goal of becoming a medical oncologist. Thank you very much!” 

Mississippi State University

Savannah Lavallee

“Receiving this scholarship means that I can worry less about the financial burden that comes with being a veterinary student and focus more on accomplishing my goals! My long term goal is to have the ability to start an organization that allows veterinarians to provide free care to pets that are owned by the homeless in our community. I believe this will make a significant difference in not only the community we live in, but the veterinary profession as well.” 

St. George's University

Linh Le

“This scholarship allows me to pursue new things in my career path that I wouldn’t have been able to do. I will use this scholarship to help me pay for my South Africa trip to work with wildlife as it has always been something I’ve been interested in since I was a little kid. Part of me has always been dreaming of working with big cats and I’m really excited that I will be able to do so next summer! 

University of California, Davis

Palavi Lodhia

Receiving this scholarship means everything to me. I have always given my full energy and commitment into everything I have done to get me where I am today, and this scholarship exemplifies that hard work pays off. Not only does this award provide recognition for my past accomplishments, but it provides both financial and mental support to allow me to continue to pursue my passion to be a veterinarian. 

University of Tennessee

Jordan Mackdanz

Scholarship embodies the relentless pursuit of knowledge, a commitment to continuous learning, and the dedication to contribute meaningfully to the collective wealth of understanding, whether in the veterinary field or others. It is a journey of intellectual exploration, critical analysis, and the generation of insights that shape our understanding of the world and propel progress across so many diverse fields. 

Iowa State University

Megan MacRae

I want to thank the AVMF for choosing to invest in myself and my future. In doing so, it demonstrates their commitment to initiatives that bolster diversity within the veterinary profession and that address the veterinary deserts which further hinder the human-animal bond within under-served communities. I look forward with hope as the veterinary community works to expand spaces that improve inclusivity and accessibility. 

University of Glasgow

Siena Mandy

I am extremely honored to have been selected for the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship. This award will reduce some of the costs associated with my externships, which will provide invaluable experience on my professional journey. Thank you to the AVMF for providing students with this incredible support! 

The Ohio State University

Frank Marrone

This scholarship demonstrates AVMF’s continued support of veterinary students’ financial well-being, and will immensely help fund externship opportunities that I otherwise would not have been able to participate in. 

Tuskegee University

Jamia Mason

Receiving this scholarship for is not just a financial reward; it symbolizes the unwavering support of those who believe in my passion for caring for animals. It is an affirmation of my dedication to the field, a recognition of my potential, and a profound opportunity to transform my dreams into a reality. It empowers me to pursue my career in veterinary medicine and an immense amount of gratitude. 

Western University of Health Sciences

Keely McLaughlin

Thank you AVMF for this scholarship! This award will go towards my certification in veterinary acupuncture. I appreciate the opportunity to continue my education with this scholarship money! 

Atlantic Veterinary College

Anya M. Nowicki

Receiving this scholarship is a great honor and confirms the hard work I have done in pursuing a career in the exotics aspect of veterinary medicine is paying off. With this scholarship, I will continue to be able to apply to programs and experiences through the Atlantic Veterinary College and external opportunities to gain more experience and to become as prepared as possible to enter the veterinary profession. 

Washington State University

Samantha Palmer

I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship. As I reach my clinical rotations, this scholarship will ease the burden of travel for my rotations. I don’t currently live in the state I plan to work in, so this travel is critical for my ability to search for opportunities after graduation. I’m grateful to have been chosen and hope to be able to contribute to student scholarships someday in the future. 

Long Island University

Christine Parascandola

As a rising fourth year DVM candidate pursuing a career in wildlife conservation medicine, I will be completing all of my elective clinical rotations out of state. Receiving this scholarship will not only alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with completing out-of-state externships, but will also allow me to dedicate all of my time and energy on these rotations. I am incredibly grateful to the AVMF for their financial support!

Kansas State University

Harrell Phillips III

I am blessed by the support I have received for my veterinary education. The veterinary profession is amazing in the way that fellow professionals come alongside one another to support the next generation. I am excited to live up to this honor and someday return the same support to others. 

University of Wisconsin

Hannah Stocklein

I am so grateful to have been selected for the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship! This scholarship will offer me the financial support to explore unpaid experiences while in veterinary school, such as research, conferences, and job shadowing, that I would otherwise not be able to do. Thank you so much! 

University of Florida

Courtnie Ulrich

I am so honored to have been chosen to receive the Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship. This generous award will help lessen my financial burdens, which makes pursuing my passions in aquatic animal medicine a little more possible. Thank you AVMA for believing in and supporting me in my veterinary education! 

Texas A&M University

Payton Williams-Ragsdale

This fall I will be moving to College Station from Canyon, Texas to finish the last two years of my 2+2 Veterinary Program. I am eager to explore the new opportunities and the top-tier education that the Texas A&M Veterinary School and Teaching Hospitals provide but that financial strain weighs in the back of my mind. This financial support encourages my ability to focus on my education and my future, something I am immensely grateful for.