2024 AVMF/Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship


The American Veterinary Medical Foundation believes that by investing in the education of America’s veterinary students we play a role in ensuring that future veterinarians have the skills and training necessary to treat our pets, safeguard our food supply and protect public health. The scholarships below are designed to help students achieve their goals and go into the world and accomplish great things. Students are encouraged to consider both traditional and non-traditional careers as they move forward in their education to understand the many options that the veterinary profession offers.

  • AVMF/Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship
  • The Michael and Gail Ames Scholarship
  • The Panzero Family Scholarship
  • Julie and Wayne Anderson Scholarship

Meet the 2024 AVMF/Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship recipients

University of Arizona

Joshua Henkel

“Arizona is extremely special to me because it is the only state I have ever dreamed about practicing in. I have lived here my whole life and I wanted to go to a college here because it means I am a part of a much brighter future for my home. I wanted to be somewhere that would give me the best ability to help out my community with the unique diseases that common in the state of Arizona. Receiving this scholarship means more than financial support, it validates that I am on the right path and there are many dedicated individuals who care about the future of veterinary medicine in Arizona.”

University of Arizona

Tiffany Lam

“I am honored to be a recipient of the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship. I am incredibly grateful to be pursuing my veterinary degree in Arizona, where the veterinary community has been exceptionally encouraging and invaluable to my education. This scholarship not only provides financial support but also inspires me to continue giving back to the community.”

University of Arizona

Janice Rowitt

“As a future veterinarian and a current Tucson resident, supporting my community is an important piece of my personal and professional goals. I am honored to receive this scholarship as I continue my veterinary education. I am invested in building resilience against extreme heat in southern Arizona. This scholarship allows me to continue work on extreme heat resilience while I finish my DVM degree, and I am excited to continue to investigate the effects of extreme heat on people and pets to build a stronger Tucson community.”

Midwestern University

Kiarra Tarver

“Serving those in need in veterinary medicine has been deeply fulfilling and motivates me to broaden my impact, underscoring the invaluable role the AVMF Scholarship will have in supporting my journey. This scholarship empowers me to further my commitment to serving marginalized communities and advancing animal welfare.”

Washington State University

Anila Tynan

“This scholarship means more than just financial assistance to me; it symbolizes support for my veterinary career, belief in my goals, and an opportunity to make a difference. I am very grateful to know that others value my career enough to invest in it and support my journey. I am so excited to graduate in a year and begin giving back to my Arizona community by serving as a veterinarian. This scholarship empowers me to strive for excellence and do everything I can to serve both animals and their people with compassion and dedication.”

Meet the 2024 Michael and Gail Ames Scholarship recipient

University of Arizona

Rebecca Morales

“Being selected as a recipient for the Michael and Gail Ames scholarship is such a blessing and I am extremely honored to have been chosen to receive it. With clinical year starting this fall and being in a distributive model there are added costs associated with school. These added costs create a financial burden for my family in an already financially challenging program. This scholarship allows my family to be able to alleviate some of those burdens. We cannot wait to finish this program and give back to our Arizona Community!”

Meet the 2024 Panzero Family Scholarship recipient

University of Arizona

Dianna Torres

“The Panzero Family Scholarship signifies new opportunities and opens a door for me to continue my eagerness to learn and educate not only myself, but my Arizona community. This scholarship inspires me to continue pursuing my goals, helping veterinary patients, and also educating the public. As a recipient, I will continue to provide my time and knowledge to younger generations, especially those who may be disadvantaged due to socioeconomic factors, race, or ethnicity. I believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to further their education so that they can provide society with positive changes and make meaningful contributions.”

Meet the 2024 Julie and Wayne Anderson Scholarship recipient

The Ohio State University

Christian Frazier

“I am very grateful to be receiving this scholarship. It is not only an investment in me, but an investment in a future Arizonian veterinary practitioner. I look forward to coming back home and giving back to the communities that gave so much to me. My love for veterinary medicine grows bigger every year. This scholarship gives me more opportunities to pursue the art of clinical practice. Thank you for your support and I look forward to making my mark in veterinary medicine.”

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