Merck Animal Health/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship


Merck Animal Health and the AVMF are dedicated to preserving and improving the health and well-being of animals as well as honoring exceptional veterinary students. Merck Animal Health is proud to show its dedication to veterinary technician students by providing $2,000 scholarships to veterinary technician students in their final year and attending an AVMA-accredited veterinary technician school in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Merck’s partnership with the AVMF over the last several years has provided scholarships for nearly 400 veterinary students, many of whom, have gone on to become young leaders in the veterinary field.

Merck’s partnership with the AVMF over the last several years has provided scholarships for nearly 400 veterinary students, many of whom, have gone on to become young leaders in the veterinary field.

Congratulations to the 2023 Merck Animal Health/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship Recipients!

Columbia State Community College

Jeanie Ballard

“I feel so lucky and honored to be the recipient of this scholarship. It is a huge help to push me to the finish line of becoming a Veterinary Nurse while being a full time student and mother.”

Macomb Community College

Allison Booth

“I am incredibly grateful and honored to be joining the other technician students in accepting this scholarship. My dream to pursue a career as a veterinary technician is able to move forward due to scholarships like these. To me this scholarship represents more than financial aid; it is a vote of confidence in my ability to make a meaningful impact in the veterinary community. I am eager to seize this opportunity and use the knowledge and skills gained through my education to better the lives of animals and those who care for them. Beyond the academic realm, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities, challenges, and triumphs that lie ahead.”

Volunteer State Community College

Jazzmine Boyer

“I am beyond grateful to be awarded with the AVMF scholarship. You will never think you will get anything unless you take a chance on yourself and go for what you want. This Scholarship is proof that I am not giving up on myself and I am doing what I need to do to succeed in my goals. Thank you AVMF!”

Macomb Community College

Sarah Brill

“Words cannot express how much this scholarship means to me. I would like to thank everyone at Merck for giving me the opportunity to continue my education to ultimately reach my goals. This scholarship will allow me to learn more about the veterinary field to help me become the best veterinary technician I can possibly be. I absolutely love this field and look forward to attending classes everyday. With this scholarship, I am able to dedicate my efforts even more to this field. I am exceptionally grateful for this award and grateful for the opportunity to continue my education. Thank you for giving me this chance to improve my knowledge as well as skills.”

Coastal Alabama Community College

Alexis Burr

“I am forever grateful for this scholarship! Being able to further my career in Veterinary Medicine is extraordinary.”

University of Puerto Rico -Arecibo

Fabiola Cabrera

“I am truly honored and grateful to have been awarded the AVMF grant, as this profession is not just a career choice, but a lifelong mission for me. Every learning opportunity that has come my way has fueled my inspiration to do more, and I am constantly driven to become the best veterinary technician possible. Witnessing the positive impact we have on the health and well-being of animals only intensifies my desire to serve with excellence. This grant not only relieves the financial burden but also reinforces my commitment to service and inspires me to reach new heights in my career. Thank you, AVMF, for investing in my education and supporting my mission to make a positive impact in the world of veterinary medicine.”

San Diego Mesa College

Andrea Calles-Virgen

“I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship as it will help fund my career in becoming an RVT (which has been a lifelong dream). Thank you.”

Harcum College

Meghan Campolongo

“I am incredibly grateful for this prestigious award. As a first generation student with no preceding academic reputation, I have had to work hard to achieve my goals, and I intend to go far. This scholarship will help me to fund my 2024 practicum, which will enable me to graduate with my Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing and take my board exam in November. Additionally, I will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree and specialization following obtaining my license. Thank you to the AVMF and Merck for making such an impact on my education and career in veterinary medicine.”

Holyoke Community College

Damanir Carrasquillo

“This scholarship means that I will have the privilege to fully engage in my education and do what I love without the added stress of worrying about finances.”

Pima Medical Institute - Renton

Shyanne Carter

“Being a recipient of the Merck Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship gives me the push to be the best possible technician I can be. It has given me the opportunity to put more focus into my studies and obtain the knowledge needed to pursue this career path. I am one step closer to being able to help and care for animals to improve their quality of life to its fullest potential.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Shelbe Cochran

“This scholarship means I get to continue reaching my goal, and my dream of becoming a licensed technician with an emphasis on the equine industry. I recently was accepted into hagyards equine internship program, the Merck scholarship will be a huge help In making the move, and me being able to soak up every ounce of information I can from this opportunity. I am extremely grateful I was a selected recipient.”

Columbus State Community College

Josie Cundiff

“I am honored to have been chosen for this scholarship among the many amazing upcoming vet techs around me. Animals deserve all we can give them as they always give their all to us. Their love is truly unconditional and I am grateful to feel it every day from all of my patients! I look forward to furthering my education in the veterinary field to better serve my community and the animals that are a part of it.”

Central Carolina Community College

Sarah Dolley

“I am so thankful to receive this scholarship as it gives me more opportunities to continue my education in the vet field. I have loved my time in vet tech school and cannot wait to continue to learn and grow in my skills as a technician.”

Purdue University

Caroline Doyle

“Thank you so much for this generous scholarship! I greatly appreciate it! It will be extremely useful in helping with my tuition as I finish my degree and live out the vocation of helping animals and respecting the sanctity of all living things.”

Eastern Florida State College (Brevard)

Danielle Dunne

“Being awarded this scholarship feels amazing. It is one more confirmation that I have found my true calling by following my passion for working with animals. I entered into the veterinary field later in life than most people. I was a successful business owner, but I felt like I was living an uninspired life and was craving more from my career. That was when I decided to sell my business and do whatever I needed to do to work with animals. I enrolled in a Certified Veterinary Technician program and began my journey into my new life. A whole new world has opened up for me, and I am so grateful for having the courage to listen to my heart.”

University of Puerto Rico -Arecibo

Karina Esponda

“Receiving this scholarship will allow me to continue my education as a veterinary technician and help the stray animals of my country.”

Genesee Community College

Faith Flood

“Receiving this scholarship means I can continue my education as a veterinary technician student without the financial stress of tuition. Without it I would have to juggle work, school, and an externship so this scholarship allows me to focus wholly on my studies.”

University of New Hampshire

Alexis Gonzalez

“I’m grateful for this scholarship for allowing me to continue to create a promising future for myself and fostering a diverse environment in the veterinary field.”

Westchester Community College

Mariana Gonzalez

“I am so grateful to be an AVMF/Merck Animal Health Scholarship recipient. This scholarship means so much to me, especially as a student about to graduate and starting preparations to take the VTNE. I could focus on what’s truly important to me thanks to this opportunity. While enrolled, I’ve had to work 2 jobs with one of them being overnight. To know I’ve been able to balance work, school commitments, and remain in good academic standing leads me to believe I can accomplish just about everything.”

Purdue University

Jenna Gray

“This scholarship will help me continue to follow my dreams of becoming a veterinary nurse by helping to offset the cost of my last year of school.”

Cape Fear Community College

Maddy Grissett

“I am grateful for being chosen to receive this scholarship. This scholarship allows me to devote additional time and attention to completing my degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. Animal care has been a passion of mine since I was young and I look forward to building on my knowledge of veterinary medicine. This program is preparing me for a fulfilling and long lasting career.”

Eastern Wyoming College

Destiny Hanson

“I am so thankful for the Merck Vet Tech Scholarship! This gracious fund will help me in furthering my education and get me one step closer to my end goal of doing my part in the animal community. I am so excited to be able to take the classes I want and get the resources I need to continue schooling thanks to this extra help.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture-Curtis

Emma Harms

“I am so very thankful to be chosen as a scholarship recipient. This opportunity is going to help me so much financially as I move forward with the rest of my schooling. It will truly allow me to have more time to focus on my studies and not have to worry quite so much about the financial side of things. It has truly lifted a great and heavy weight off of my shoulders for this coming semester. Once again thank you so very much for this opportunity, you truly don’t know how much it means to not only me but to my family as well.”

University of New Hampshire

Hayleigh Hoffman

“I am so honored to receive this scholarship. I have worked so hard by paying for school on my own to achieve my dream of being a vet tech!”

Portland Community College

Emily Jones

“This scholarship is an incredible gift. It allows me the freedom to investigate my passion for working with animals, without having to worry about a huge financial burden upon graduation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to continue my education in veterinary medicine. As a CVT, I hope to advocate for all the good animals do in the world.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture-Curtis

Lillian Kyes

“Thank you for this opportunity! It made my day to find out that I was a recipient. The Vet Tech program is a rigorous and stressful course, however, your generous contribution will help alleviate the financial stress. It is refreshing to know that someone has recognized my hard work and wishes to help. I will continue to do my best and make sure that your contribution will go into making a Vet Tech who can provide exceptional care to the patients, clients, and clinic in my profession.”

York County Community College

Sarah Levine

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to complete my education in Veterinary Technology while still being able to fulfill my commitment to my family and my work. Thank you for your continued devotion to animals and the people who care for them!”

Central New Mexico Community College

Sophia Lombardo

“To me, this scholarship means that I can stop stressing about the cost of school and focus on studying to gain the skills necessary to provide exceptional patient care.”

Mercy College

Madison Lulfs

“I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship. Not only does this recognition signify my resilience and dedication to the veterinary profession within my education, but also is a sign of what is more to come. I look forward to utilizing this scholarship to be able to complete my education to ensure I become a confident veterinary technologist that not only gives back to her community, but most importantly, advocates for the voiceless.”

Mesa Community College/Maricopa County Community College District

Amy Magatagan

“Words cannot describe how appreciative I am to be a recipient of the Merck Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship. This amount of financial support allows me to fully immerse myself in my studies without the financial burden schooling often takes on us. My veterinary technology program is a rigorous but rewarding one that requires a lot of dedicated time to fully understand and apply the skills we discuss. With this scholarship, I have more freedom to put into my studies. As I near the end of my time in this program I will look back fondly on not only the program and field, but those who have supported my accomplishments thus far. I am filled with gratitude for both the acknowledgment of my dedication to the veterinary field and the financial support provided for my education by the Merck Foundation. Thank you again.”

Madison College

Katelyn Major

“This scholarship has helped me move closer to my dream of serving the community through veterinary education. This scholarship is not just about obtaining financial support, but it also signifies that I am perceived as having potential for the betterment of our society in the future. I will always be grateful to everyone who has supported me in my journey. I am particularly grateful for the generous financial assistance that has enabled me to pursue my education. Thank you, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, for the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship.”

Westchester Community College

Demi Marrall

“The honor of receiving the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship has allowed me to continue my academic journey confidently with less financial stress and even more passion and drive for community education and involvement in animal welfare. With coming from a background of diverse occupations throughout my professional career and not feeling the personal and professional growth and recognition within each of those fields, receiving a prestigious award such as this has helped validate my choice to transition into veterinary medicine as a future veterinary technician as a long-term, rewarding, and ever-growing career. I know that this accomplishment is one of many more to come during my veterinary career. Thank you to Merck Animal Health, the AVMF and the AVMA for this opportunity!”

San Juan College

Christina McLean

“After several set backs and delays in my education do to deployments and active duty service, I am finally nearing the end of my chosen degree path. Having gone through the remainder of my financial aid earned by time in service, the rest of my education costs come out of my pocket. Because of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship, I am able to continue my courses without financial worries. I cannot express the gratitude and humility felt in receipt of such a prestigious award; my tenacity and devotion to the greatest quality care of animals will be displayed with every action.”

Columbia State Community College

Paula Mendoza

“It is an honor to be a Merck Animal Health/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship recipient. This is giving me the opportunity to continue my education towards my degree in the Veterinary Medicine field. I want to thank my family, friends and professors for the commitment they give in a daily basis to make sure I stay in the right path. A goal is to make a difference in the field and to teach people what it really is to work in Veterinary Medicine. Being in this field is not only to better my education but also to help those who cannot speak for themselves. As a diverse student I want to let others know that no matter how or when you start, if you are committed everything is possible.”

North Dakota State University

Hanna Myrin

“I’m thankful for this scholarship for allowing me to focus on my academics while having peace of mind that my education is paid for. Having this scholarship available for vet tech students is truly a blessing as they are few and far between.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherts

Kimberly Nguyen

“This scholarship is greatly appreciated to help me financially through my last year of my program. I am excited to showcase the hard work and dedication that I have put into within my education for my career.”

University of Puerto Rico -Arecibo

Andrea R. Nieves López

“This scholarship will help me with my goals by expanding my education, so I can work toward my professional goals in the veterinary medicine.”

Blinn College

Sandra Nunn

“This scholarship is very much appreciated by both me and my family. As I waited until both my kids were in college to return to school it is very much needed! Carrying 3 tuitions on a vet tech salary has definitely required some creative strategies but it also gave me some new insight. I hope that more people will look into the hybrid/blended vet tech programs as I think it is a great way to get people working in the profession already, to become credentialed. I would sincerely like to thank Merck and their wonderful team both for many years of vet support when needed during my career and for this recent financial blessing.”

San Juan College

Stephanie Peasley

“This scholarship will be very helpful as I finish my degree in veterinary technology. I’ve been working towards this goal for a long time, volunteering and working in shelter care, horse rescue, small animal hospitals, and specialty surgery clinics. I’m excited to bring more knowledge and personalized care to each of my patients on a daily basis.”

Northeast Community College

Samantha Pike

“I am extremely grateful for this scholarship because it almost covered my entire semester tuition. Which allowed me to not work for the months of November and December so I can focus on school. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to not stress about my finances and focus on become an amazing Veterinarian Technician!”

Columbus State Community College

Heather Pirrone

“I wish to thank you for choosing me for this scholarship! I’ve put my heart and soul into my education and it is so gratifying to be recognized. I also want to thank my teachers for their patience and dedication because, were it not for them, I would not have made it this far. Just to give you some background on me: I had been working unfulfilling office jobs for the past twenty years, but when I lost my job during the Covid pandemic, I used that opportunity to reset my life and get an education. Becoming a full time student mid-way through life was daunting, but I continue to rise to the challenges and come out successful. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! I am looking forward to attending externships next semester, where I will be able to observe various disease states. Since my school’s colony is healthy, we don’t get to see abnormalities in class. These funds are a blessing that I will use to pay my school expenses, and I am so grateful I don’t have to worry about funding now; I can just focus on the externships. Thank You again so much!”

University of Puerto Rico -Arecibo

Darmaraliz Quintana Perez

“I am honored to have received this scholarship. Your award is allowing me to reach my goals and dreams. I’m grateful for your amazing support. I will use it to the best of my ability for my future. Thank you for supporting the effort I have put into my Veterinary Technician career. I look forward to someday being able to help other students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Thanks!”

Mesa Community College/Maricopa County Community College District

Angelica Ramon

“This scholarship means I can pay my tuition, fees, and books with peace of mind. Next semester, I won’t have to make that tough decision on paying rent or buying books for class.”

Madison College

Olivia Remm

“Thank you so much for allowing me to receive the AVMF Merk Animal Health Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship. It is such an honor to accept this scholarship. I am a second-year student at Madison College. By receiving this scholarship, I am able to pursue my passion for providing the best care to animals without having to worry about any financial burdens. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

Crowder College

Hayle Robbins

“Finding the words to express my gratitude for the generosity of the AVMF is near impossible. Being a non-traditional student, a mother, a wife, a farm owner, and working at a veterinary clinic all at the same time has proven to be a challenge. But it is one that I would do a million times over. I love this profession and everything it stands for. This scholarship is the icing on the cake. It allows me and my family one less thing to worry about. It also shows all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices I have made thus far are paying off. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to represent my veterinary technology program by being the recipient of this scholarship. I hope to use your generous award as an example to the up-and-coming veterinary technicians that they are valued, and their hard work is appreciated. Thank you AVMF from the bottom of my heart!”

Ross College-North Canton

Krista M. Robertson

“Being awarded this scholarship means the world to me! Not only does it help me pay for school for myself, but it frees up funds for my children to go further in their education! Also, it shows me that all my hard works has been noticed and makes me want to keep climbing up and up!!”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Alexandria Rose

“As a full-time student who strives for perfection in school, it is very hard to focus when worrying about finances. My purpose for going to school is to truly learn and retain the material that will eventually make me an amazing technician. With a full class schedule, I have been splitting my time between two different jobs in order to have some amount of income. This scholarship will help take some of the weight and stress away from my finances so I can put more effort into my education. I greatly appreciate being chosen for this scholarship.”

Bergen Community College

Sara Sabella

“I am very humbled and extremely appreciative to have received this scholarship. This scholarship will help me accomplish my goals in the veterinary field. My veterinary medicine dreams started when I was a little girl and my passion for helping animals continues to grow the more, I learn. This scholarship allows me to continue gaining knowledge for me to provide the best care for my patients.”

Western Colorado Community College

Layna Schmit

“I am honored and grateful to have received this scholarship. Thanks to your generosity I can pursue my lifelong veterinary goals to the fullest extent. This scholarship is not just financial support, but an amazing opportunity for my education. Your generosity is making my dreams come true. Thank you immensely!”

Suffolk County Community College

Megan Slawkawski

“I am deeply appreciative of being awarded the Merck Animal Health Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship for my educational and future aspirations! It is with this donation that I will be further equipped to achieve my ambitions of becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician within the next year! Rather than feeling anxiety in my chest, I feel excitement and determination.

In all honesty, the awards I have won in my life are few and far between; the last time I received an award was in 2019 for “Most Competitive Female” in my stage combat class. This scholarship is a testament that I have and will continue to grow upon my physical strength with mental potentiality. Following the successful completion of my curriculum and passing my boards with flying colors, the projection of my life and career will finally begin in fields where my heart can only feel joy, literally with birds and raccoons, and figuratively in experiencing the love that words cannot express. Again, I am and will never cease to be profoundly grateful for your donation. My academia, future, and the lives I will be able to so humbly effect, will be proof of my ongoing commitment to being the absolute best I can be. Thank you!”

University of Puerto Rico -Arecibo

Katiushka Soriano

“Your scholarship is the bridge that connects my love for animals with my dream of becoming a veterinary nurse. Just as a rabies vaccine protects our four-legged friends, your support shields my journey, ensuring I can care for them with knowledge and compassion. Thank you for making this special path possible.”

Macomb Community College

Erin Sornig

“This scholarship means everything to me! It will allow me to continue my education in a manner that aligns with my interests and the interests of animals!”

Pima Community College

William Stelma

“This scholarship award not only provides me with an opportunity to pursue the degree of my dreams but will benefit many animals in the future. As a veteran with PTSD and panic attacks, I never thought I would be able to go back to school, and to continue my college courses towards becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My goal is to open my own animal hospice house. After taking in Freya, a local rescue with cancer, we were able to provide a loving home and comfort her while she finished her journey. Freya’s House will allow me to rescue local shelter animals who are dealing with serious end of life conditions. I will be able to provide a loving home with care and comfort for animals during their hardest transition. Becoming a DVM would allow me to provide optimal care at home without adding to the stress by bringing animals into a clinical environment. I also plan on specializing in large animal medicine so I can contribute to the health and welfare of cows, horses, and other animals that are too large to fit inside a house. This scholarship brings me one step closer to achieving my goals.”

Gateway Technical College

Hannah M. Swanson

“I am incredibly thankful for this very generous scholarship! Veterinary medicine is my passion. I was never into sports or music like my sisters were. I, instead, chose to spend my time learning everything I could about animals. It was always my dream to become a Vet Tech. Being in the Veterinary Technician program is helping me accomplish my lifelong wish to help, care for, heal, and protect animals. I love learning and I have put my heart and soul into learning everything that I possibly can in my classes so I can give animals the best medical care and patient care possible. I am forever grateful for this financial help to help me accomplish my dream, but I am also very thankful for the recognition of my hard work.”

Macomb Community College

Bayley Sweet

“I feel extremely honored and humbled to be a recipient of this scholarship. The financial burden tuition puts on young adults like myself is extremely difficult when trying to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. To have my hard word and dedication to my education be recognized, especially from such an amazing foundation, is truly a blessing. I want to thank the AVMF and Merck Animal Health for not only believing in me but giving me this opportunity to continue my education. I’m so proud to be apart of the veterinary community and this award is going to allow me to continue to grow and prosper while finishing my last year in the Veterinary Technician program. Thank you!”

Columbus State Community College

Jenna Swiger

“Having the honor to receive this scholarship means so much to me. I have been at Columbus State Community College in the Veterinary Technology program for three years now, and have put so much effort and time towards school. Along with that, I have also been attending The Ohio State University in the animal science program. With attending two different universities, I also have a veterinary assistant job at an animal hospital. Due to the amount of time I spend towards my classes and schoolwork, it leaves me little time to work. With this scholarship it gives me some relief, and allows me to put more of my effort towards my schooling and studying in preparation for my VTNE this upcoming year. I am so grateful that I have been selected out of the many qualifying candidates, and I will use this money towards my tuition and textbooks to help me get ready for my VTNE.”

Palo Alto College

Dominique Valdez

“This scholarship proves only a fraction of the amount of hard work and dedication that has been put into my education in this field. It takes away stress of education costs, and allows me to focus on my education and gain more veterinary experience.”

Tulsa Community College

Emily Wallace

“I want to thank Merck for offering such a generous scholarship to the people who work so hard in this field. This scholarship will help me continue my journey of education in the field that I’ve dreamed of working in my whole life. This scholarship means more to me than just financial support, it means that I have chosen the right career path and I am so excited to see where it takes me.”

San Juan College

Sunny Wilderman

“This scholarship is very meaningful to me because it helps to ensure that I am able to complete my program despite being diagnosed with multiple physical disabilities this year that have made it difficult to do my schooling. This is motivating to me, inspiring me to finish my program against the odds.”

Bangor, University of Maine at Augusta

Allison Winship

“This scholarship isn’t about how much the award is, but what the award truly means. This scholarship gives courage, determination, and hope that others like me can truly make a difference in veterinary medicine for the good of the patient. This scholarship allows me to believe that despite challenges, people will come together to do good for the veterinary community and the patients we serve.”

Gwinnett Technical College

Briana Woullard

“My education, development of vital skills, and ability to help animals is immensely important to me! This scholarship is so supportive and allows me the chance to continue through school without added financial stress! Thank you, Merck!”