Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship


Through the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship Program, AVMF and school leadership will identify outstanding veterinary technician students who can help address our changing world and the health, food, and welfare needs of the U.S. veterinary community.

This scholarship program is made possible through the support of the Zoetis Foundation.

This scholarship program is made possible through the support of the Zoetis Foundation.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship Recipients!

Central Oregon Community College

Daisy Altamirano

“This scholarship allows me to progress in my education in hopes of using my learning in my community to provide a great quality of life to pets, which means so much to me. It will support me in reaching my dream goal of becoming a veterinary technician. Again, I would like to thank you for providing me with this scholarship and I appreciate your support in my education.”

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Hanna Bailey

“Receiving this scholarship is both an honor and a major achievement for me. I have worked very hard throughout my education and am overjoyed to see that it has been recognized by the AVMF and Zoetis. I would like to thank my teacher at Northwestern State University of Louisiana for believing in me and for pushing me to be the best veterinary technician I can be.”

Portland Community College

Christina Bartlett

“For a long time, financial considerations kept me from pursuing my degree, and it has been a challenging journey to come this far. This scholarship will grant me more financial autonomy in my pursuit of this degree. The funds will make it easier for me to reach a point in my life where I am empowered by my education with greater means to improve the lives of the animals under my care, and also the lives of the people who care about them.”

State University of New York-Delhi

Rebecca Battisti

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me achieve my goal of becoming a veterinary technician so I can help my community and beloved family pets.”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Yeira Berkheiser

“I am so thankful for this scholarship as it allows me to work less and focus on my studies while continuing to grow in knowledge and experience. Thank you Zoetis and AVMF for giving us this opportunity and investing in the next generation of Veterinary Technicians.”

Austin Community College

Emily Bethke

“Thank you for taking the time to invest in my future. Thank you for allowing me to pursue my academic dreams.”

Columbia State Community College

Lexie Blair

“Thanks to this scholarship I am able to continue my education post graduation and specialize in equine rehabilitation to follow my dream! To me this scholarship means gaining the ability to help more animals and improve the field of veterinary medicine as a whole. I am so grateful to be chosen to receive the 2024 Zoetis scholarship!”


Baker College of Muskegon

Jessica Bloos

“This scholarship is not only about not having to decide between paying rent or tuition, but it also reminds me that I am where I am meant to be. It shows me that someone has faith in me, even in those moments I do not. Receiving this scholarship shows me that someone is advocating for me so that I can learn to advocate for my future patients.”

Macomb Community College

Allison Booth

“Receiving this scholarship holds profound significance for me, as it represents more than just financial support for my education. To me this scholarship is a validation of my hard work, dedication, and commitment to academic excellence. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to earn this scholarship.”

New England Institute of Technology

Marco Botelho

“This scholarship is a huge weight off my parents shoulders, who work hard to provide me with the education I need to chase my dreams.”

Northeast Community College

Haley Bovee

“This scholarship will help me immensely in continuing my education in Veterinary Technology. It is a reminder to never give up and good things will always come to those that work hard and keep their end goal in sight. I appreciate being considered and chosen for this scholarship.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Lydia Bowden

“This scholarship will help me to have more time to fully invest in learning and studying instead of working while in school. I hope this extra time will allow me to better my skills and knowledge and put my best foot forward when I begin working. I think pursuing veterinary technology and equine health science will grow my passion and equip me to excel in this industry.”

Nash Community College

Alexandra Bridgeman

“I have always known animals were my passion and that one day my goal would be to work in the field in any way possible. Receiving this scholarship will help me in numerous ways achieve that very goal. Thank you for supporting me towards reaching my fullest personal and professional potential.”

Macomb Community College

Sarah Brill

“This scholarship will help to provide me with the tools that are necessary in order to become the best veterinary technician I can possibly be. I cannot thank Zoetis enough for this scholarship to allow myself to grow upon my knowledge and skill sets. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education without the added worry of a financial burden. Thank you again to everyone at Zoetis. I am beyond grateful for this scholarship.”

Fox Valley Technical College

Holly Brosig

“I cannot thank you enough for this scholarship. They mentioned it to us last September and applied for it as a shot in the dark because I had recently found out I was pregnant and due in March not thinking I would get it. This scholarship means more than you know for all these reasons and more and I cannot thank you enough for what it will help me to pay for in the near future.”

Sinclair Community College

Brianna Brown

“This scholarship will help minimize my debt upon graduation allowing me to allocate more of my time and resources to help my community TNR local cat colonies and mitigate the kitten season that never seems to end.”

Delgado Community College

Lauren Brown

“This scholarship will assist me in completing my educational aspirations and better equip me in becoming a skilled veterinary technician. I look forward to making a positive impact in the world of animal care.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Michaela Buchwalter

“This scholarship allows me to go after a lifelong dream of mine without worrying about how I’m going to cover the finances. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.”

Suffolk County Community College

Lisa Burton

“The scholarship will allow me to do what I’ve always wanted to do in helping animals, without having to be in debt to do so. It has taken me a long time to get to the point of continuing my education and now this scholarship is helping make my dream come true.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Fabiola Cabrera

“This scholarship presents a valuable opportunity for me to pursue my dreams and excel in my profession. I am determined to give it my all and hope that one day I will have the help others through my own clinic.”

Tidewater Community College

Jill Caccia

“This is such a blessing to be given the chance to receive such an amazing scholarship to be used for my education towards becoming a licensed veterinary technician.”

University of Maine at Augusta Bangor campus

Michael Chalmers

“This scholarship is proof and a reflection of my hard work that I have put into my education and passion of working with animals. I am so thankful to Zoetis and the AVMF for this opportunity!”

Morehead State University

Katelyn Chapman

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it allows me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a veterinarian technician, something I have wanted to do since I was 8 years old. I also know how much this accomplishment would make my dad proud, and I know he is up in heaven smiling down on me.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Shelbe Cochran

“This scholarship is helping me reach a huge goal of mine! To further my technician skills all together, and earn a higher understanding and more valuable set of equine related technician skills. My goal is to work in an equine facility, and I was placed with an opportunity this year to attend an internship at hagyard equine medical! ”

Mercy College

Diandra Coke

“This scholarship is an honor to receive as it ensures that I may further my education towards being an amazing veterinary professional. As someone who is always open to constantly learning, I am eager to continue my journey in the realm of veterinary medicine, and give the best care to our patients. Veterinary technicians are such an important piece of the puzzle that includes the dedication given to everyone’s pets, and using the necessary knowledge and skill to assist animals in their times of need.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Amanda Colecio

“This scholarship means that I am able to continue to better myself and expand my knowledge in the Veterinary field. Being passionate about this profession is something that I am proud of, and this scholarship allows me to continue to further my education.”

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Elise Contreras

“This scholarship brings immense joy and aid to me as one who has to juggle school and work full time. Thank you for investing in me and helping me along my academic journey. Thank you for enabling me to be successful and assisting in my education to make me a stellar technician and role model.”

Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

Olivia Cordle

“As I embark on my journey toward becoming a future veterinarian after technician school, this scholarship serves as a guiding light, empowering me to overcome obstacles and fulfill my calling to nurture, protect, and heal animals in need.”

Moberly Area Community College

Katherine Corey

“This scholarship is not just about funding, this scholarship represents that I have my potential for my future career in this field was viewed.”

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Leslie Cortes

“One step closer to helping animals in need.”

Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

Charli Cowan

“Scholarship means the freedom to pursue my goals so that I can accomplish more than I could before. It offers me a chance to focus on my studies without being distracted by debt. Gaining this scholarship allows me the opportunity to succeed in making this world a kinder and healthier place for animals and humans alike.”

Morehead State University

Whitney Craft

“I feel extremely lucky to have been chosen to receive this Zoetis Scholarship to support me in my education of Veterinary Medicine at Morehead State University. I now know that the long hours of work I have put into becoming a LVT are paying off, which is very rewarding to me! I personally want to thank my family, my friends, my professors at MSU, those at Morehead Veterinary Clinic, and most of all, my veterinary patients for encouraging me to become a better technician each day.”

Central Oregon Community College

Hannah Crenshaw

“This scholarship means the world to me, I am so grateful, and would like to say thank you for investing in my future and education. I am in my second year of this program, I have worked incredibly hard, and I can see the end coming near. When I begin my career as a certified veterinary technician I will be forever thankful for each and every person who contributed to my success.”

Morehead State University

Malaya Cunningham

“This scholarship gives me the confidence to continue pursuing my career in the veterinary field. I look forward to a successful future that aids in advancing veterinary medical care to all species big and small. To Zoetis and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, thank you for believing in me.”

Foothill College

Olivia da Silva

“Earning this scholarship means that I can focus on finishing my vet tech program while continuing to gain experience working in the exotic and equine fields, all with a bigger exhale. Being supported in this way is truly encouraging that I have made the right choice in pursuing my passion for my career. I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Yakima Valley College

Donna Davis

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me with tuition and expenses during my externships which will make the time less stressful money-wise and mean I can focus my full attention on applying everything I have learned from school to start my career.”

Colorado Mountain College

James Davis

“I really want to do vet tech without borders type thing soon after I pass my VTNE so this scholarship is huge in helping me pay off my student debt sooner and make this dream more readily attainable.  Thank you so much!”

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Ally Davitt

“This past year it has been extremely tough to meet the financial needs of my program.  I am so grateful to this group and appreciate the value they see in supporting students in our field to reach their goals.”

Harcum College

Alanah DeJesus

“Receiving this scholarship means everything to me. Since being in college I have worked two jobs and multiple work-study jobs trying to decrease my student loan amount. Receiving this scholarship has taken a huge financial burden off my back and has allowed me to be able to enjoy college without worry.”

Kent State University-Trumbull

Kamri Deley

“This scholarship is a very amazing achievement! Due to this, I will be able to continue my education in veterinary medicine without the stress of financial struggles. I appreciate the kind help of Zoetis in allowing me to do what I love!”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Jeilyham Diaz

“To me, this scholarship embodies the commitment to the hard work, the dedication, and to the love I have for this field of work. I believe this great opportunity will help me pursue my future in Veterinary Medicine.”

University of Maine at Augusta Bangor

Kaylee Domigan

“This scholarship means being able to complete my journey in becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician with a little less stress taking up my mind, leaving room for more knowledge to learn and animals to aid.”

Mississippi State University

Emily Donaldson

“The Zoetis Scholarship is something that I will forever be grateful for. This scholarship will assist me with funding for books and classes to continue my education in Veterinary Medical Technology. A career in Veterinary Medicine has always been a dream of mine and it is because of amazing foundations and scholarships that I am able to turn my dreams into a reality.”

Dakota County Technical College

Ariel Doran

“I have known since I was a little girl that veterinary medicine was what I was born to do, and this scholarship is a huge help in making my dreams a reality. We all know this career isn’t something you do for the money, and school has really cut down on the number of hours I can work, and it’s worth it, but it has been really difficult financially. This scholarship takes a ton of weight off my shoulders and helps me have the peace of mind I need to focus on my studying so I can become the best tech I can be, and pass the VTNE!”

Macomb Community College

Jennifer Dorrance

“This scholarship is giving me the opportunity to put my full focus on to my studies and learning everything I can during my internship, helping me to excel in my education and become a stronger technician.”

Harcum College

Taylor Douglas

“This scholarship has aided me greatly in furthering my education, and I am a step closer to following my greatest passion: taking care of animals in need. This has been a lifelong goal of mine, and I am truly thankful for this opportunity. I am so excited to start my career in the veterinary field!”

FoothiUniversity of Maine at Augusta Bangor Campus

Paige Dudley

“I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship, it means a lot to me that my hard work and determination have been acknowledged! This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my education and stress less about affording supplies and tuition. Thank you Zoetis Foundation and AVMF for supporting me in my journey to become an LVT!”

State University of New York-Canton

Tylan Emch

“I am currently working as a veterinary assistant at a vet clinic near my hometown when not at college.  This scholarship will allow me to graduate with my Associate s degree and begin working as a vet technician where I can advocate for the animals and help provide knowledge to owners for better care.  This scholarship will also help fund future online and in-person college classes as I work to complete my bachelor s degree while working full-time.  Due to your amazing generosity, I will also become the first-generation college graduate in my family.”

Hillsborough Community College

Jordan Epstein

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Vet Tech Student Scholarship. With this opportunity, it will open many doors for my continued growth in a career field very important to me. I feel very privileged and touched to receive support in my educational endeavors. With your contribution and encouragement, I will continue to strive for excellence in all of my future plans to become not only a veterinarian, but a mentor to provide top quality animal welfare and public education. Thank you again.”

La Guardia Community College

Michaela Escarcega

“I would say I can’t believe I am where I am, 2 years after suddenly pivoting to a career in animal medicine, but when I look at who is surrounding me, supporting me, and cheering me on, I can! My partner, my friends, my peers, my professors, and my doggo are a constant reminder of why I am doing this, and I know this is just the beginning. Thank you for this resource and this investment into the community as a whole. It is not just a relief for my own need to work outside of school, but helps me to support my peers as we are on this journey together to build a better world for our animal companions.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Jade Escobales

“This opportunity showed me that all the effort, sweat and tears are worth it. This is such a motivation for me to move forward in the industry of Veterinary Medicine. Seeing that Zoetis saw something in me fills my chest with pride. I feel so grateful for my family who always supported me and my pets who always let me practice on them. I am so excited about what is coming my way in the future, always guided by God every step of the way.”

Dakota County Technical College

Jocelyn Escobar

“It has been a rough journey to make it this far. I was always told that good things will come eventually if you work hard. I am honored to receive this scholarship as a return for my journey to becoming a vet tech and I’m so very thankful to be receiving this scholarship.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Karina Esponda

“I am honored to be among the students from Puerto Rico selected for this prestigious scholarship. It will enable me to support the animals in my community and pursue further education as a veterinary technician.”

Cuyahoga Community College

Monaie Farmer

“This scholarship means a lot to me. Last year was a harsh year for my family. I’ve been through so much hardship and disappointment in the last year while trying to struggle to go to school and working full time has been a lot for me to handle. With this scholarship, I don’t have to worry about working so hard to cover my very last semester and I can now focus on my schoolwork. Getting accepted for this scholarship means that all this hard work is going to something and this helps prove to me that no matter what good things will come my way.”

Manor College

Sonny Feng

“This scholarship enables me to bring my dreams to fruition. I feel encouraged to work even harder towards my goals and not let this opportunity go to waste!”



Universidad Ana G. Mendez-Ponce

Astrid Fernandini

“I am sincerely honored and blessed to be one of the recipients of this award. I am so excited and motivated to continue giving my best every day for the animals. I am proud of my commitment to the field of veterinary medicine, and this will allow me keep learning and growing academically and personally.”



Genesee Community College

Faith Flood

“This scholarship means I can focus on my work and not have to worry about my finances as much. I can pour more into my academics with less stress of trying to work to pay for college. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship, it will help me to succeed this up coming semester.”

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill

Jennifer Flores

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it recognizes all of my hard work in school for the love of animals, and it provides me with a fantastic chance to continue my achievement. A terrific investment in my future.”

McLennan Community College

Kalashawn Flythe

“Being a Veteran has allowed for me to get my goals started with the GI Bill, but with this scholarship I can continue to be part of the great group of people on this earth that continue to dedicate our time on earth to enroll in higher education opportunities that give us the knowledge base needed to help animals, which I see as equals. I plan to spend a lifetime working towards creating a better environment/ quality of life for the animals we share this earth with, and this Scholarship will allow me to continue to do just that! Thank you to everyone with AVMF and who support students like me!”

Northern Virginia Community College

Alexey Sakke Folkmann

“The scholarship means a world to me because it represents the ultimate achievement for my hard work and dedication through my entire Veterinary Technology Program.”

Bergen Community College

Denise Frullo

“A scholarship strengthens my ability to gain the knowledge needed so I can provide the best care possible to all animals in need.”

University of New Hampshire

Livia Fryer

“This scholarship means a lot, it is a promise to be able to expand my knowledge, thereby becoming able to guarantee good care to my patients. My time in school has taught me so much. Both in the field, and who I am as a person. It is an honor to receive!”

Platt College-Alhambra

Sabrina Fuentes

“This scholarship means supporting and achieving my dream of helping provide nothing but the best care for any animal around me. I’ve always been the girl who had a soft spot for everything big or small, scaly or fluffy. To have this support is a true honor and it is only the beginning of a career I have done nothing but striven for since I was small. I am humbled and greatly appreciative of the opportunity to step up and dream even bigger than previously possible!”

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill

Kylie Gandy

“This was a wonderful opportunity and an amazing step forward in my career and education.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Montana Gardner

“This scholarship means the world to me. It will help me to achieve my goal of completing my associate degree in veterinary technology and allow me to have a successful future in the field.”

Weatherford College

Jillian Garner

“Scholarships offer recognition as much as they do financial support; it feels like my hard work thus far has been validated. I am very grateful to the Zoetis Foundation and the AVMF for this award. Thank you for enabling me to continue my academic journey and for supporting my vision to make a difference in animal care.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Alexis Gehring

“I am honored and especially grateful to be receiving this scholarship as it will further help me achieve my goals in becoming a certified Veterinary Technician.”

Carrington College-Stockton

Emily Glissman

“With this scholarship, I am able to focus more on my passion instead of worrying about how I m going to pay my tuition. It has helped bring a huge weight off my shoulders and has me excited for the future. I love working with animals and developing my knowledge of veterinary medicine. I feel like I have found my purpose and I can t wait to make a difference in my community by utilizing my veterinary skills and knowledge. Receiving this scholarship has inspired me to one day help other students who are struggling through school and build a supportive community for all veterinary technicians.”


Columbia State Community College

Olivia Gongwer

“Thank you guys so much for this scholarship. It is such an honor to not only be considered for this scholarship, but also awarded with it. Vet medicine has been my dream career as long as I can remember. I have loved all aspects of it and have thoroughly enjoyed learning all I can while in school. This scholarship will help me tremendously in the future as I continue my education and work to save lives, both big and small. As my dream is to work in ER/ICU, I am so excited to be able to jump into that role as a vet tech, and this scholarship has put me one step closer to achieving that dream.”




Kent State University-Tuscarawas

Mackenzie Gravo

“I am honored to have been selected as one of the recipients of this scholarship from Zoetis. Thank you so much for your generosity and support. This scholarship will help lessen my financial burden. I couldn’t be more grateful, and I couldn’t be more excited to see how this scholarship helps me achieve my dreams.”

Wilson College

Miranda Hardy

“Scholarship to me is more than just money. A scholarship combines achievements in the classroom, and qualities demonstrated outside of the classroom to find individuals who are working for things much bigger than themselves. It is an honor to receive this scholarship and represent AVMF and the Zoetis Foundation.”


Blue Ridge Community College

Rachel Harrison

“This scholarship will allow me to focus on learning, as well as human and animal health, without having to compromise my finances or cut corners in education. It is a great relief to known that I can learn to make a difference in the veterinary world and not worry about the financial cost of doing so. I am incredibly grateful to be chosen for this award!”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Stephanie Hatton

“As someone who has applied to numerous scholarships throughout their educational career, but has never been awarded any, this scholarship means everything to me. I have worked so hard throughout RVT school on top of working a full-time job in the field over the past 2 years, and I feel like this award is well deserved. I appreciate this organization for providing this opportunity to me and everyone else who has worked just as hard. I am so excited to see where this career takes me in the future.”

Mississippi State University

Dana Hayes

“I am very thankful for the Zoetis Foundation providing me this scholarship. It has taken a huge weight off my financial burdens. Now I am able to focus more on my studies, and less about my tuition.”

Michigan State University

Aliyah Henderson

“I am utterly grateful to be a recipient of this Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Student Scholarship. It provides comfort that the amount to be owed after graduating from my program will not be as high as I anticipated. It provides an even greater push for me to continue working and learning throughout my program to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and be able to progress and become well rounded in this profession. Any ounce of support I receive for my education is always considered a win for me!”

Suffolk County Community College

Morgan Hendrickson

“I am so honored to be receiving this scholarship. This means that my future plans have been heard and acknowledged by people already in the field/higher ups.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Keylani Hernandez

“This scholarship means a lot to me as it facilitates my access to education and motivates me to become a professional in the field of veterinary medicine. Provide care for the health and well-being of animals. Thanks to it, I will be able to play a crucial and important role in the protection of public health for the control of zoonotic diseases.”

Maple Woods Community College

Rachele Hess

“To me, this scholarship is more than the ability to cover the costs of school. The ability to spend evenings home with my family and have extra time spent with my study materials is an incredible luxury that I know a lot of others do not have. I am so grateful for the opportunities that this gift brings and I look forward to improving my abilities and skills even more thanks to the Zoetis scholarship.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Kelly Higgins

“This scholarship not only means financially helping me pursue my passion in veterinary medicine, but also being recognized for the hard work I have put into the veterinary technology program thus far. There are so many goals I aspire to achieve, and I am a step closer due to the generosity of Zoetis and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Grace Holstein

“I am grateful and so honored to be selected for this scholarship.”

Michigan State University

Tabitha Hornbrook

“To me, scholarship means the ability to acquire knowledge that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Knowledge, especially in veterinary medicine, is so important because as a veterinary nurse, it is my job to pass my knowledge onto pet parents so that they can make the best decisions regarding their pet’s health.”

Macomb Community College

Katherine Howard

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity, as it will help support me through my last semester of school. School can be tough for everyone, so to have been awarded this scholarship means so much to me.”

Volunteer State Community College

Megan Illenberg

“This scholarship will be incredibly helpful to me, helping to pay for my tuition, books, gas to clinicals, and other expenses throughout the semester. I’ve had to pay for most of the program out of pocket since I no longer qualify for federal scholarships, so any money that can lessen the burden is always appreciated.”

State University of New York-Ulster (Ulster County Community College

Juliana Jackson

“Scholarship to me is wanting to fulfill my future endeavors throughout Veterinary medicine. I used to be confused and nervous for the future until I discovered my passion for being the voice for the voiceless. Caring for animals is my why and I have used my college education as an opportunity to make my dream come true.  By receiving this scholarship, it will support my studies and assist in achieving my dream and pursue my DVM.”

Pima Medical Institute-Dillon

Brenda Johnson

“Receiving this scholarship Is a profound honor, symbolizing not only financial assistance but also the validation of my commitment to advancing in the field of veterinary medicine. It fuels my passion and underscores my belief in my potential to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Harcum College

Jasmine Johnson

“This scholarship represents more than financial aid; it is the key to unlocking doors in veterinary medicine.  With financial support, I can immerse myself in continuous education, gaining the knowledge to make a lasting impact. Moreover, these funds will empower me to foster inclusivity by creating opportunities and building connections that attract and support African American students on their journey into the field of veterinary medicine.”

Mississippi State University

Mya Johnson

“This scholarship means absolutely so much to me! By receiving this offer, I will now be able to further pursue my academic goals and continue building towards my dream career without having to worry over additional, potential financial issues. With this scholarship, I will be able to further represent Mississippi State University and its amazing Veterinary Medical Technology Program. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and promise to take full advantage of it! I promise to continue striving for my absolute best and being as successful as I possibly can be. Thank you for this amazing offer.”

Ogeechee Technical College

Mary Jones

“This scholarship serves as proof of my dedication, hard work, as well as my desire to learn and improve. It has been a difficult path emotionally and mentally. So many times I have feared I didn’t deserve to be on this path or that I wasn’t good enough. This scholarship is a symbol of the faith and trust that others have in my abilities, a manifestation of their confidence in me. I am truly blessed and thankful to be given such an amazing reward. I will strive to continue improving my skills, and increasing my knowledge of Veterinary medicine so that I may give back to the community and field that have given so much to me.”

Portland Community College

Emily Jones

“This scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to allow me to follow my passion for working with animals without having to worry about a huge financial burden upon graduation. I am grateful to be able to continue my education in veterinary medicine. As a CVT, I hope to advocate for all the good animals do in the world.”

Manor College

Andrew Kaeser

“I am very thankful for this scholarship, it recognizes all of the hard work I have done and the many things that I have accomplished to this point. This scholarship has allowed me to work towards my goal of becoming a veterinary technician and has allowed me to do things I could not do before. I am excited for my future.”

Windward Community College

Jessica Kalsky

“This scholarship provides me the opportunity in pursuit of my dreams of working in the industry I was made for. By giving me the ability to fulfill my educational goals in succeeding with the knowledge to provide care, love, and comfort to animals, and the freedom to go above and beyond. I am immensely grateful.”

Ancilla College of Marian University

Ashley Kelly

“This scholarship means a lot to me. It is helping me reach my goal to become a veterinary technician and someone who can sympathize with clients and their pets who come into the clinic for care. Also, as someone who is bilingual, knowing that I will be able to help my community with my translating and technician skills means a lot to me. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship.”

Kent State University-Trumbull

Ben Kilar

“This scholarship not only supports my education but also jumpstarts my journey towards making a meaningful impact on fellow veterans and their emotional support animals. It goes beyond academic aid, recognizing the potential impact of my aspirations.”

Windward Community College

Maya Kimura

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship. It will help me to be able to focus on my studies, have more preparation time for the VTNE, and  not become burnt out or mentally exhausted while attending school. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”

Madison College

Brooklin Kingsland

“Thank you for selecting me as the recipient for this scholarship. Without the financial burden of tuition, I can focus completely on my studies and prepare for my future in veterinary medicine.”

Madison College

Kayla Klobucnik

“This scholarship means I am able complete my last semester and accomplish my goal of becoming a veterinary technologist. I am incredibly thankful to receive this award.”

Fox Valley Technical College

Aryana Knudson

“This scholarship means to me that I can graduate debt-free and be able to focus on my career without worrying about loans or debts from school. I also don’t have to work as much which means that I can focus on school and studying rather than trying to manage work and school together. This scholarship also helps my mental health because it gives me more time to be able to do the things I love and still have a social life. This also helps reduce the risk of burnout quickly in this field. Overall, this scholarship means I can overall be better for myself and for others.”

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College

Autumn Koelling

“My received scholarship resembles the start to a bright future for myself in Veterinary Medicine.”

Dakota County Technical College

Megan Kohel

“This scholarship allows me to focus on studying during my last semester of college and allow me to prepare for my national certification exam. Through my education and thorough understanding of diseases, I can offer sympathy and compassion to owners during their pets’ emergencies. As a pet owner, I know how much a kind veterinary technician helps when your pet is sick. I want to be able to offer this to people when they need it the most. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to worry less about paying for college and focus more on obtaining an excellent education and giving back to my community.”

University of New Hampshire

Brooke Kruspki

“This scholarship has awarded me an opportunity to pursue the career of my dreams!”

Ridgewater College

Jenna Kunerth

“Receiving this scholarship means so much to me because I can further my education at my second year at Ridgewater College in the Veterinary Technology program. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and I really appreciate this scholarship to help me with my financial needs.”

Southern Regional Technical College

Elaina Lee

“I was very thrilled to learn that I had received this scholarship. I am also extremely appreciative of the support from the AVMF and Zoetis behind my educational journey. You are enabling me to concentrate on learning, which is the most significant part of education, by giving me this scholarship. I appreciate all that you have done to support veterinary students like me and our education. In the same manner that Zoetis and the AVMF have benefited me, I aspire to one day support a veterinary student in the same way.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Kristen Lengel

“I have been working extremely hard to maintain a goal that I set for myself when I started this program. That goal was to achieve the highest grades that I could by putting in the work needed to achieve those grades. At some points throughout the first semesters, it felt like it was an unrealistic goal. Especially because I am an older student and have a family at home and a job that I work as many hours as I can around my class schedule. To receive this scholarship means that the hard work has paid off and has also proven that if you want something bad enough and you put in the work, you will be rewarded.”

Windward Community College

Zelma Leonardo

“With this scholarship I have been given the opportunity to achieve my life long dream of being a Veterinary Technician and work along side other skilled veterinary professionals. This scholarship has alleviated me from financial stress so that I can better focus on learning and providing better care for my future patients.”

Northeast Iowa Community College

Jacob Leuchtenmacher

“I have had the distinct privilege of being exposed to many facets in the veterinary medical field and this scholarship will help me to expand my horizons even further. It is through generous donations such as this that I am able to pursue a rewarding career in the field I am the most passionate about. College can be very daunting with the immense amount of pressure and stress applied to students, not only academically but also financially, and with opportunities such as this, I am able to shift more focus to my studies and be reassured that others are also invested in my future and see the potential that I hold.”

Northcentral Technical College

Gracie Look

“Thank you for choosing me to be a recipient for the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Scholarship. I was delighted and grateful when I received the email.  I will be using this scholarship to help pay for my spring tuition. I am attending Northcentral Technical College to become a Vet Tech. Your generous gift will help the upcoming spring semester be less stressful.  I will continue to work at my jobs to help pay for upcoming semesters and study hard to be the best vet tech student.   Once again, thank you for choosing me to receive this wonderful gift.”

Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom

Gracie Lucas

“This scholarship is more than financial support; it’s the steppingstone to the path of my future career. It is a testament to the belief that education has the power to transform not just my future, but the future and wellbeing of animals in need.  AVMF and Zoetis have been able to help me achieve my dreams and aspirations. I m incredibly honored to be chosen as one of the 2023 recipients.”

Macomb Community College

Vittoria Madonna

“I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship, with this money, I will be able to continue my journey of obtaining my veterinary technician license.”

Madison College

Katelyn Major

“This scholarship is an excellent recognition of all the hard work I have put into my studies over the years, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. I am incredibly blessed to have been chosen, and I am excited to use this opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills in veterinary medicine. With my newfound knowledge and diverse background, I am determined to make a positive impact in the veterinary community.”

Maple Woods Community College

Christina Maki Linville

“I am so honored to have been selected as a Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship recipient. Receiving this aid will allow me to fully focus my energy on my final semester at Maple Woods and preparing for the national exam. My dream is to go on to achieve a VTS in Behavior to help strengthen the human-animal bond between pets and their caretakers. In addition to helping me finish my education, receiving this award will allow me to help keep families together and save so many lives in the future, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Zoetis and the AVMF for their part in giving me that privilege.”

Colorado Mountain College

Ingrid Mansilla

“This scholarship means I can focus more on my last semester of Vet Tech school without the weight of having to figure out how to pay for it all. These past few years were tough to get through but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and am extremely grateful for this scholarship! I can’t wait to continue learning and giving back by volunteering my time to my community and animals in need.”

Westchester Community College

Demi Marrall

“This scholarship award came to me in surprise! What an honor to receive another scholarship towards my future veterinary technician career. I am truly motivated to make great use of this scholarship during my final semester as a veterinary technician student in the Spring of 2024 and will continue to strive for greatness and never-ending personal growth throughout the process.”

Baker College of Muskegon

Jossilyn Maycroft

“This scholarship means I have the financial stability to pursue my dreams and goals to the best of my ability, to help animals in my community get the best care and stay with their forever families. I will now be able to focus on obtaining my license and completing school.”

Baton Rouge Community College

Wesleigh McLeod

“Winning this scholarship gives me confidence that I made the right decision leaving my previous career  to start over in a completely different field. This scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my dream of helping animals in my community.”


University of Massachusetts-Amherst at Mount Ida campus

Amaia Melo

“I love working and helping animals, but going to school for veterinary technology was intimidating for me despite my passion due to the financial strain it would cause. Despite this, I chose to follow my passion and get my education anyway. By receiving scholarships such as this one, it allows me to continue my education without having to worry about huge student loans or financial burdens. Becoming a veterinary professional has always been my dream and I am extremely grateful to be receiving this award as it helps me make this dream a reality.”

North Dakota State University

Breanna Metzenhuber

“Thank you for choosing me for the scholarship! It means the world to me and gives me the chance to really dive into improving the lives of animals down the road. I’m super passionate about making a positive impact, and this scholarship will help me so much. Thank you for believing in my mission to make things better for our animals.”

Morehead State University

Shelby Milam

“I am honored to receive the AVMF scholarship due to it aiding in my goal of achieving my veterinary technologist degree. As well as helping ease some of the burden of college tuition.”



Pensacola State College

Crystal Mills

“This scholarship is specifically very special to me because it came to me when I needed it the most. With the rising cost of living and the lack of financial support, it has been very difficult to maintain housing and everyday essentials to take care of myself. Being a full-time college student leaves little time to work and earn extra money. With that being said, this scholarship means I can focus on my last semester of college without worrying about where my next meal will come from. It means that I can focus on my dreams not only for myself but for the ones I have lost along the way.”



Harcum College

Lithza Miranda

“To me, this scholarship means I can continue moving forward doing what I love. It gives me the encouragement to keep advancing my knowledge further and getting a better grasp on my understanding of what makes this career so fulfilling!”

Mesa Community College

Miranda Mitsis

“I am so immensely grateful to be one of the recipients of this scholarship, especially as an older student. When I decided to return to school at 28 years old, I was surprised to find how few scholarships allow older applicants. Without assistance from scholarships like this, I may not have been able to finish this degree program without also working full time (or more). Thank you for helping me pursue my passion!”

Columbia State Community College

Abbye Moore

“Receiving this scholarship has lifted a weight off of my shoulders. Being in school full time makes it difficult to have steady income due to time/schedule restrictions. I am beyond excited that I was chosen for this scholarship so I can continue my education and gain more experience. The industry is growing and continuing to change; more technological advances, more family pets, more opportunities for veterinary professionals. I couldn’t be happier to be apart of present and future success of the veterinary medicine industry.”

Mercy College

Maria Mora

“If I were supposed to describe what this scholarship means to me in one word that would be ”opportunity.” An opportunity to keep pursuing my veterinary career to advocate for my four-legged patients while providing the best medical care to them.”

Mesa Community College  

Michele Moreno

“There is nothing I would rather do than take care of animals. I do whatever it takes to ensure the well-being of animals in my care, from husbandry to grooming to administering medications; I love it all. I will never leave animals in distress and always do a welfare check to be sure they have food, water, bedding and blankets, where appropriate, prior to leaving them alone. In order to enhance my ability to care for animals, I enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Mesa Community College (Mesa, AZ). It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to graduating in May, 2024 and becoming a CVT.”

Milwaukee Career College

Paige Morgan

“I am grateful to be given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. Not only does this help me get one step closer to paying off my student loans; I found new platforms to learn from where I can better educate myself and others in the field of vet med. Veterinary medicine has opened so many doors for me to learn, see and do new things!”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst at Mount Ida campus

Shannon Muhr

“The Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship is pivotal in supporting my education as a Veterinary Technician student. It holds significance in empowering me to concentrate on my studies by alleviating the financial burden associated with higher education. I am sincerely grateful for this invaluable support, recognizing that this contribution helps pave the way towards my successful graduation as a Veterinary Technician.”

Genesee Community College

Andrea Mundt

“Animals bring so much love and happiness into the world of so many. This scholarship ensures that those who want to help your loved one, have a chance to pursue that passion. This scholarship secures a little more love in the world.”

Middlesex Community College

Tina Muniz-Jones

“This Zoetis Foundation AVMF Vet Tech Scholarship isn’t just financial support; it’s a testament to my dedication to veterinary care. It symbolizes a bridge between passion and education, propelling me towards a future where I can make a meaningful impact on the well-being of animals.”

Yuba College

Jen Naranjo

“This scholarship means I am able to focus on my education in Veterinary Technology, without the worry of financial stress. I am beyond grateful for being picked for this scholarship and I am so excited to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Jadine Navarro

“This scholarship means that with this financial support, I can pursue further my education in a Veterinary career and, as a soon-to-be certified vet tech, give back to my community and its animals. I am truly honored to receive this award from Zoetis. I want to thank my family, who have supported me thus far. I would not have gotten far without them.”

Michigan State University

Aleisha Nealy

“Veterinary medicine is what I live and breathe. It’s my life, and I love it. Pursuing my bachelor’s degree in veterinary nursing has been a lot of hard work though. I work 3 jobs while going to school full time. I absolutely cried after finding out I was receiving this scholarship, because it was such a huge financial relief. It means more time dedicated to my studies and getting extra experience in the field. I am so thankful to have been chosen as a recipient.”

Lehigh Carbon & Northampton Community Colleges

Madeline Nebel

“I am incredibly grateful to have received this scholarship. I would not be here today without all of the amazing people and pets who have helped me along the way. I know my future is bright and I will continue to strive each and every day.”

Ancilla College of Marian University

Christina Nelson 

“Scholarship allows me to stress less about money, so I can focus more on studying. This takes some of the weight off my shoulders to allow me to move forward in study what I love.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Andrea Nieves Lopez

“This scholarship will help me achieve a big dream.”

Northcentral Technical College

Josie Otto

“I am honored and thankful to be a recipient of the Zoetis Scholarship. As an individual pursuing a career in the veterinary profession this award is truly valued. The career path I have chosen is already fulfilling and worth while, however receiving this scholarship means so much more knowing it is coming from professionals that share a passion in caring for animals. I plan to continue my education in veterinary medicine by working towards a veterinary technician specialty. This financially helps me complete my education goals and become a more knowledgeable and valued technician.”

University of Puerto Rico - San Juan

Valeria Padilla

“Thank you for the fantastic opportunity you have given me with this scholarship. With this scholarship, I can alleviate the burden, allowing me to concentrate on my studies and achieve academic excellence. Your support will help shape my future and contribute to my broad goals of positively contributing to my community. Your scholarship is moving me closer to my academic goals of becoming a veterinary technologist and being a helping hand for animals in distress. Grateful for the scholarship awarded.”

Mount Wachusett Community College

Felicia Page

“As a mom of two this scholarship not only proves to me that I am capable of doing anything but it also goes to show that hard work pays off and my children see that each day.  This scholarship will help me as I continue on this journey to be the best version of myself; a better student, a better Veterinary Technician and a better mother.”

University of Puerto Rico - San Juan

Maria Pellot

“This scholarship means a lot to me, as I do not have the necessary financial help to afford my studies and it requires a lot of sacrifice to keep my dreams alive. Having this scholarship means hope and the opportunity to continue fighting for a place in veterinary medicine. It also means one more step towards contributing to the longed-for goal of creating a better place for education, compassion, and understanding towards animals. I am immensely grateful for what the future holds for me and to Zoetis Foundation for giving me the peace of mind to successfully face the challenges of this profession.”

Bergen Community College

Kimberly Pena

“A scholarship to me is like a key unlocking doors of opportunities; it’s a recognition of my determination.”

Northeast Community College

Samantha Pike

“I am so grateful to be selected for this scholarship because I am supporting myself through college and paying for my own living. Financially I have been struggling tremendously this semester. Instead of stressing about money I can now put my focus on my classes and my grades can be in my control. This scholarship means so much to me and my parents, they are always worried about me financially and this scholarship helps them relax. Thank you for this opportunity to explore veterinary medicine further.”

Madison College

Cerise Pipson

“It means that I will be able to have some financial relief and it makes me proud that I’ve been doing well enough in school to receive a scholarship like this.”

Windward Community College

Emma Pitt

“For me, a scholarship is like an investment where someone gives me the opportunity to succeed and in return I get to benefit the community that helped me.”

Mesa Community College

Kassidy Porter

“I am honored to be chosen as one of the aspiring veterinary technicians to receive the AVMF scholarship. This scholarship will assist in my ever growing knowledge of veterinary medicine where I wish to make a difference in not just animals lives, but those that own and love them.”

Morehead State University

Leah Preston

“I am honored that I have been chosen to receive such a generous scholarship. This scholarship allows me to continue my education without incurring significant financial debt and I am very grateful.”


Iowa Lakes Community College

Allison Probst

“The scholarship I am receiving is an act of financial relief for me. This scholarship will be used towards my student loans that I have taken out at the college I attend. With this scholarship, I can focus on my career as a Veterinary Technician, and prepare for the VTNE. I feel honored to have been selected to receive this scholarship.”



Michigan State University

Emilie Rabbers

“Scholarship to me means an opportunity to achieve academic success without the worry of financial burdens. In this instance, my hope is that scholarships are awarded to students like myself who have exhibited characteristics deserving of recognition but also who have aspirations to create change especially through education.”

Platt College-Alhambra

Bianca Ramirez

“This scholarship means I will continue on my path to contribute to animal and public health comfortably and without constraints due to personal circumstances. I no longer have to financially restrict myself to great lengths while being a student and part-time worker, and can instead focus on being a better nurse for my furry friends.”



Mesa Community College

Angelica Ramon

“What this scholarship means to me is financial comfort while I complete my degree. I will have the financial support to focus on my career goals. Without the support of this charitable foundation, I would not have had the opportunity to better myself and my cat’s lives and enrich all the lives of animals I come into contact with. Thank you.”

Kent State University-Tuscarawas  

Lauren Reed

“I am grateful to be receiving this scholarship, as this eases the financial burden of tuition and expenses for the VTNE after graduation. This allows me to better focus on my schoolwork, and become the best veterinary technician that I can be.”

Foothill College

Alexandra Repetto

“Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship! It validates the hard work I have been putting into my program to further my knowledge and skills in the veterinary medicine field. It helps ease the financial burden of pursuing a degree. I am excited to finish my program and pass the VTNE so I can begin working as an RVT. Thank you again for this scholarship!”


Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Maelene Riehl

“This scholarship will help me get a leap start on my career after graduation in May 2024 by assisting in paying back my loans, as I won’t be able to work whilst doing externship in the summer months. I am truly thankful for the AVMF and Zoetis organizations for their generosity in helping not just me, but other future CVTs/LVTs not have to worry about monitoring expenses as much with how inflation has gone up. We can rest assured that we have less money from our paychecks to have to pay back in the small window we have before interest starts. Thank you all for the amazing work you do!”

Mississippi State University

Jasmine Rillen

“Being able to receive the Zoetis/AVMF scholarship means so much to me because it will help not only me out in paying for school and books but also help my grandfather and mother out by give a them a little break on paying for my school expenses. It will also allow me to focus more on my school work without having to worry so much about how I will buy things I need for my classes.”

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Melissa Rios

“As a student who had to move far away from home to follow her dreams, this scholarship means the world for me. Being able to receive this scholarship due to my academic record, it makes all my effort being valued and appreciate it.”

La Guardia Community College

Brianna Rivera

“Since working towards my license, I had made the tough decision to pursue my schooling full-time over working so that I could absorb the information and learn as best as I can without the distraction of working 30+ hours a week. This scholarship means the world to me and proves that I had made the right decision to fully dedicate myself to my studies. With this scholarship, I will be able to relieve a great deal of pressure now knowing that I have the funds to keep me afloat and buy the materials I need to succeed. Thank you so very much for starting my year off on the best foot possible.”

Mesa Community College

Malia Rodgers

“With this scholarship me, and brings me great amounts of honor, to be part of the community, and being part of the veterinary field. It means that with dedication and passion anything is possible when you put yourself out there, doing something you enjoy doing.”

Camden County College

Alejandra Rodriguez

“Life changing to say the least. Helpful!”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Melanie Marie Rodriguez Caban

“Receiving this scholarship will not only invest in my education but also empower me to contribute to the well-being of our pets, ensure the safety of our food supply, and protect public health. This scholarship inspires me to explore diverse paths within the veterinary profession. With this invaluable support, I am equipped to achieve my goals and make a lasting impact on the world of veterinary medicine.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Keyshmel Rodriguez Montijo

“I am incredibly passionate about my field, particularly because I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact that veterinary technicians can have both on our community and with our beloved pets. The Zoetis Scholarship means open opportunities to take care of other animals, to work and understand them. And personally, it’s a new open path for me to work on clinics, hospitals, visiting farms to work with big animals like cows, bulls, horses, sheep’s, goats, etc. But besides that, it’s an honor for me to be one of the elected recipients of this scholarship granted by the amazing organization that is AVMA.”

Manor College  

Mia Roldan

“Working in the veterinary field while also being in a rigorous veterinary technology program got difficult at times, but I persevered and I believe that this scholarship is a reflection of all the hard work and dedication I have put into my education as a veterinary technician. I am so grateful to have earned this scholarship and will use it to continue educating myself so I can be the knowledgeable veterinary technician that I have strived to become. All the hard work you put into yourself is valuable and with immense dedication for something you love, you will always succeed!”

Suffolk County Community College

Carolyn Rosario

“Receiving this scholarship will mean the world to me as it will resemble a piece of all of my hard work I have put in during the past year, on top of working towards my career as a veterinary technician and continuing to help animals.”

Wilson College

Erin Roszkowiak

“Scholarships help me able to live out my dreams and goals by supporting me through my journey in veterinary medicine.”

Pima Medical Institute-Colorado Springs

Jose Ruiz

“These last few years have been challenging in so many respects and led to a serious reevaluation of my priorities after being granted a second chance at life.  After many years with the desire to work in Veterinary Medicine, I have finally been afforded the opportunity to begin school and transition into a new and rewarding career. I am deeply honored to be selected to receive this scholarship and hope I can make a positive impact moving forward. This scholarship will aid so much in beginning my new career and feels representative of a welcoming and amazing community.”

Platt College-Alhambra  

Chyanne Sanchez

“This scholarship will allow me to become less financially constricted and will open more availability for me to help my community without the constraints of financial hardship”.

Madison College

Makenzie Schaal

“This is my fifth year in college and my college fund is drained. Since I was a child I have put money into this “fund” via raising and showing livestock at my county fair. I would put all money I made from selling and showing livestock into a savings for college. This money has been a relief to rely on in the past, but is now used up. Which is why I appreciate your generous support in the last leg of my education. With this scholarship I will finish my two degrees in animal sciences and become a veterinary technician in a mixed practice clinic.”

Central Oregon Community College

Mikayla Schaecher

“This scholarship means so much to me and my future. I will finally be able to pay off some of my student loan debt and be able to feel more stress free about my debt. But not only does this help me with my financials, it helps me become confident in my schooling and skills. Also, that once I am finally done with school I will become a great veterinary technician dedicated to caring for all animals of all sizes. Thank you Zoetis!”

Delaware Technical and Community College

Kayla Schaen

“This scholarship would mean a lot to me in helping me achieve my academic and career goals in veterinary medicine. I’ve been short on funds for a while and I need to pay for my applications for the VTNE and the VTNE itself. I will not be able to afford to take the VTNE exam this summer like I would prefer to do without the scholarship. I also have an internship and class where the scholarship money would be extremely helpful in paying for this summer.”



Lone Star College

Kelsey Schlesinger

“This scholarship means that I will be able to finish Vet Tech school and have my dream career.”

Western Colorado Community College

Layna Schmit

“I am deeply honored to be granted the Zoetis scholarship! This award will help me pursue my education in zoo animal medicine. With the generosity of the Zoetis scholarship, I can attend pre-veterinary studying abroad in South Africa! I greatly appreciate the support in my academic pursuits, and I am so excited for the adventure that awaits me.”

Northwood Technical College

Katherine Schmitt

“Receiving this scholarship in my final semester of tech school means more than just financial support. It is the validation of the hard work and dedication I’ve poured into my education. This scholarship propels me to the finish line, empowering a confident leap into my next career phase. It also means I can continue to focus on my academics rather than worry about finances as much. It’s not just an award; it’s a symbol of belief in my abilities and a reminder that my dreams are within reach.”

Fox Valley Technical College

Lily Schwartzbauer

“Receiving this scholarship is a tremendous honor. Not only does this scholarship help ease my financial burdens, but it also allows me to pursue my dream career. It means a great deal to be recognized for my hard work and dedication during college. This scholarship empowers me to keep pursuing my goals. Overall, I am extremely grateful for this scholarship, and the opportunities it has presented me with.”

Colorado Mountain College

Lacey Seago

“This scholarship will allow me to continue on my journey of pursuing my degree in Veterinary Technology, which has always been my dream. Due to this scholarship, I will be able to provide care to animals that need it. With the help of this wonderful foundation, I will have the funds to help pay for my tuition and housing while I am in school. Any amount helps when it comes to the costs of school, but the significant amount available from this scholarship is more than I could have hoped for, and it means so much to me to have been chosen.”

Manor College

Arianna Seals

“This scholarship means so much to me. because now I will have paid down enough of my student debt that I’ll be able to have my wedding without worry.”

Mississippi State University

Jenna Marie Sica

“This scholarship will help me achieve my dreams of having a career in veterinary medicine. Receiving this scholarship will give me the freedom to focus on my studies. Instead of having to pick between work and academics, this scholarship will allow me to devote all of my energy to bettering the welfare of local animals. This scholarship really stuck out to me because it shows that Zoetis is committed to investing in the future of veterinary medicine.”

Portland Community College

Brittany Simler

“This scholarship will help me a great deal and allow me to focus on my final classes and externships before graduating the PCC Vet Tech Program.”

Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

Courtney Slice

“I am honoured to have received this scholarship. I have been waiting a long time to be able to pursue my dream of becoming of Veterinary Technician and now, as I near the end of my studies, that dream is finally becoming a reality. I am very excited to be a part of the vet med community and to have the skills to help the animals who need it.”

Portland Community College

Shelby Smith

“I can’t express how thankful I am to be receiving this scholarship. This will help me pay for all the student loans I have had to take out over the years. I deeply appreciate the support from the AVMF on my journey to becoming a certified veterinary technician. I can’t wait to be officially licensed and give back to the veterinary community just as it has done for me! Thank you again for the support!”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Katiushka Soriano

“Your scholarship is the bridge that connects my love for animals with my dream of becoming a veterinary nurse. Just as a rabies vaccine protects our four-legged friends, your support shields my journey, ensuring I can care for them with knowledge and compassion. Thank you for making this special path possible.”




Austin Peay State University

Jordan Spencer

“This scholarship allows me to not only change my future but also the future of any patient or wild animal that I get the chance to help. I am able to better reach my goals of graduating next spring and traveling to educate the world on not just companion animals but all of those without a voice: the species on the brink of being lost to us forever. I want to learn how the general population can coexist with wildlife that are finding themselves forced closer and closer to our backdoor. This scholarship allows me to continue taking classes where I can be a part of the conversation on how we can continue to give the best veterinary care possible.”

Genesee Community College

Hannah Spicer

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it shows that there are organizations that care about the future of vet tech. This scholarship does not just help me but the community of people. By helping the future vet techs with school.”

Purdue University

Stephanie Stewart

“As a non-traditional student supporting myself through school, this scholarship means so much to me. It will lighten my financial load and allow me to focus more on my studies. It will help me gain a high quality education that I will take with me to rural communities where I can help contribute to an increasing standard of care for clients and patients alike.”

MedQuest College  

Crystal Stinson

“Receiving this scholarship is recognition of my hard work and dedication to provide quality care to animals. It also gives me the self-confidence to continue in my veterinary medicine. I am both honored and appreciative of the opportunity now afforded me through the scholarship. I can t wait to use what I m learning to further help the animals in my community.”

Eastern Wyoming College

Wendy Stookey

“This scholarship is validation of the culmination of many years of dedication, hard work and perseverance. It shows that when you put the effort towards something you love, you will succeed. By receiving this prestigious award, I am going to be able to move my career forward and put my goals into action. Not only will this help pay for tuition, books and related supplies, but will also be able to help with the course required externship expenses. I am honored and humbled to have been counted worthy to receive this.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Sydney Talbott 

“I am so honored to accept this award. I hope to continue my education in veterinary technology and to provide a welcoming environment to those are who entering this field for the first time.”

Great Bay Community College

Jennifer Taris

“It’s hard to put into words what receiving this scholarship truly means to me.  Receiving this scholarship has validated all of the hard work that I have put in over the past year and a half.  There were times when I second guessed my choice to give up what I knew for what I loved.  I am very passionate about working at the animal hospital, traveling to do spay/neuter clinics and volunteering at my local shelter.  Receiving this scholarship has told me that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.  I am shocked, honored and humbled to have received this scholarship.  Thank you so, so much.”

Mount Wachusett Community College

Jennifer Thurlow

“As a hardworking mother of 3, this scholarship is proof and validation of all the dedication I’ve put into my school as a veterinary technician student. As well as graduating in May 2024, I hope things like earning this scholarship inspire my children about their future careers! & show that that hard work really does pay off. I’ve fallen in love with this field of work, & This scholarship makes it that much more possible to further my education, and for that I am thankful.”

Florida A&M University

Alexandrea Toombs

“Being a recipient of this scholarship will reduce my financial burdens and allow me to chase my dreams within the veterinary technology field. This scholarship is greatly appreciated and is my motivation to have a successful semester!”

Northern Virginia Community College

Kelly Unger

“As a working mom in school this Scholarship means so much to me. It allows me to focus more on my studies and passing my VTNE I will take this spring.  I have wanted to have a career in Veterinary Medicine since I was a young child. Now I can finally make that dream come true. I can’t wait to start helping my community and their pets as an LVT!”

Baker College of Owosso

Sara Uribe

“I am very grateful and honored to be a recipient of this scholarship! It truly means a lot and will help alleviate some financial strain in my final semester of my program!”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Samantha Urso

“This scholarship has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I am now able to focus solely on my academics this semester and not worry about how I will pay for it. This scholarship will help me accomplish my goal of becoming an LVT. I appreciate this gift so much. Thank you.”

Purdue University

Mae Varda

“This scholarship is not only important for my future career but also for every animal that I’ll continue to help. Being a recipient proves that I truly am going down the right path and that animals can never have enough help. Having a background in shelter medicine, it’s a priority for me to look out for those who don’t have anyone to advocate for them. This gives me confidence in continuing to urge others to give back!”



Maple Woods Community College

Emily Vega

“Receiving this scholarship is an incredible honor. This financial assistance not only alleviates the burden of tuition but also empowers me to pursue my academic goals and contribute to the Veterinary community. It is a stepping stone towards realizing my dreams of becoming an RVT, and I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. Thank you for investing in my education and believing in my potential.”

State University of New York-Delhi

Nathaniel Velasquez

“A scholarship illuminates the way towards a more promising future, serving as a symbol of hope.”

Arkansas State University-Beebe

Ashley Venable

“Scholarship is the necessity to pursue a degree with financial needs.”

Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

Ke'Auna Watson

“Thank you for choosing me as your Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Vet Tech student scholarship recipient, I am immensely grateful and will use the funds to complete the program and continue my career as a registered technician with more knowledge and care for the industry. I hope that I can stand in as a representation for the black community and can inspire more people like myself to take a chance as a student in going back to college and as a medical professional in veterinary medicine.”

Columbia State Community College

Katie Waycaster 

“This scholarship is a way to give back to my community. I will use this to not only make sure I can go and educate my community where I am originally from, and find ways to ease financial stress and burden on those who cannot afford vet care.”

Yakima Valley College

Vivian Weisbarth

“I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship. Not only does it help me to continue my education, but it helps me financially as it hasn’t been easy to pay for school all out of pocket. Because of this scholarship, I can focus more on studying and preparing myself for the VTNE. I love what I can do, and I love this field of work that I get to be in. Again, I’m thankful so much for this amazing opportunity I have been given and I cannot wait to finish out the school year strong. Also, a big congratulations to my fellow awardees!”

Northcentral Technical College

Karlee Westrich

“As I enter my last semester of vet tech school, I feel validation that all my hard work has paid off through receiving this wonderful scholarship. My financial burdens have been lifted and I can finish pursuing my dream and make a difference in my community.”

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College

Brooke Whitaker

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity this scholarship provides me in pursuing my passion for veterinary medicine. The support that comes with this scholarship does not only offer an investment into my education and career but as an animal-welfare advocate, this scholarship aides in the wellbeing of animals who do not have a voice, nor a home. This scholarship makes a real positive impact on those animals’ lives by allowing me to further my education. Thank you for supporting my journey.”

Baker College of Owosso

Hailey White

“To me, this scholarship symbolizes hope and possibility. It reminds me that there are people and organizations who believe in my potential and are willing to invest in my future. It gives me the courage to keep pushing forward, even when things seem impossible.”

Portland Community College

Kati Wice

“I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, of the last twenty years, into veterinary medicine. I have fallen in love with the field and have this desire to learn literally everything. But there are never enough hours in a day to work, go to class, study and still have some semblance of a life. This scholarship is recognition of hard work and dedication. I am honored to receive the Zoetis nod for my efforts. Switching careers can be daunting, but little things like this help so much in the long run. Thank you.”

Austin Community College

Rachel Widmann

“Scholarship means opportunity to achieve what was thought as the impossible.”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Brooke Wilson

“Not only does this achievement display my hard work within my schooling, but also within myself as the future CVT I aim to be. The road to my dreams has not been easy, but I am proceeding with confidence. The love and encouragement from my family and friends keep me optimistic and determined that I deserve everything I am working towards so I can accomplish all my goals. I am very excited about what is to come in my future, to see all the animals I will one day help and make a difference in their lives. So, thank you again for this opportunity, for supporting me, and for making a difference in my life.”

Wilson College

Jade Wolfe

“This scholarship means that my hard work and dedication to my education are recognized, leading me to success. It gives me an extraordinary opportunity to put my education first as I work towards my goals.”

Volunteer State Community College

Emma Woodall

“This means I get to pursue my dream with working with animals.”

St. Petersburg College

Meghan Woodring

“This scholarship helps me in elevating the veterinary technician field and giving it a bright future. It also allows me to instill hope in others to become certified, licensed, or registered who also have financial burdens. Help will always be given if it is asked for in the veterinary community.”

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill

Catherine Yamasaki

“The Veterinary Technician Scholarship is a transformative opportunity that goes beyond my individual educational pursuits. It is a recognition of my passion for animal welfare, conservation, and wildlife rehabilitation, providing the means to translate that passion into impactful action. This scholarship signifies my commitment to a future where I actively contribute to the well-being of animals, both domestic and wild, fostering a world where every species has a chance to thrive.”

Lone Star College

Yuanyuan Zhong

“Balancing work, school, and volunteering is quite a challenge. I am truly grateful for this award as it serves as a crucial balance point in my hectic life. My venture into veterinary medicine began with small contributions to feline rescue efforts in Texas and Southern China, and it has evolved into an immensely gratifying experience. I am committed to consistently contributing to my community and wholeheartedly dedicating myself to the well-being of all animals.”

Fox Valley Technical CPrevious scholarship recipientsollege

Malia Zoglman

“Receiving this scholarship helps me pursue my passion for animal care without worrying about paying for classes, textbooks, or my commute to school. Apart from the financial relief, it allows me to focus on learning and gaining practical experience. This scholarship gives me the confidence in my path to becoming a skilled veterinary technician, enabling me to concentrate on what matters most providing quality care to every animal I encounter.”