Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship


Through the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship Program, AVMF and school leadership will identify outstanding veterinary technician students who can help address our changing world and the health, food, and welfare needs of the U.S. veterinary community.

This scholarship program is made possible through the support of the Zoetis Foundation.

This scholarship program is made possible through the support of the Zoetis Foundation.

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship Recipients!

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

Shana Adcock

“This scholarship will help me continue to grow in shelter medicine and to help animals who were treated so poorly and deserve a second chance. I want to thank the Zoetis Foundation for this amazing opportunity. I also want to thank my teachers and AB-Tech for allowing me to learn under such good leadership in such an amazing program. ”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Arianys Álvarez

“As a future veterinary technician, I will give back to my community by providing quality care for the animals in my community. I will also educate pet owners on the importance of preventive care and the proper care of their pets. I believe that by providing quality care for the animals in my community, I will make a difference in the lives of the people in my community.”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Alicia Angilley

“Receiving this scholarship means I am able to focus more on my classes and stress less about work and money. This will help me pay for school and things related to my classes. I have spent many semesters stressing about money and work as much as I can to be able to pay for school without student loans. I appreciate being chosen for this scholarship.”

Yuba College

Robyn Armstrong

“I feel so blessed and I am extremely grateful that I have been chosen for this amazing scholarship.”

Lone Star College

Zora Askaryar

“Scholarship”, to me, means awarding students for academic achievements and helping students in financial need.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Paola Aviles Morales

“This scholarship opportunity is very significant for my academic and personal career as it provides a means to further develop myself into an excellent practitioner in the veterinary medicine field as well as the ability to acquire better tools needed to apply my knowledge and skills.”

University of Tennessee at Martin

Eva Bailey

“The scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies and spend less time worrying about funding for my tuition.  I also see this as reinforcement that I am on the right track with my future and chosen field of study.”

Gaston College

Lindsay Baker

“This scholarship means that I can worry a little less about my family while I continue to follow my passion.”

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Ande Balson

“I am so grateful to receive this scholarship because it will help ease my loan burden as I enter into equine practice, a sector of vet med that desperately needs new veterinarians but is also generally less profitable.”

Columbus State Community College

Britton Banning-Arndt

“Being awarded a scholarship from the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF not only provides financial aid as I enter into my final (and likely most rigorous) semester but also provides a personal sense of confidence and acknowledgement of the effort I put into my academics as well as my work. I am very excited to kick off my final semester and to enter the field as a registered veterinary technician.”

Foothill College

Rosemary Barajas

“Thanks to the Zoetis foundation/AVMF vet tech scholarship I can continue pursuing my dream of becoming the first in my family to graduate college and work as an RVT.”

Columbia State Community College

Elizabeth Beasley

“If someone asked me 7 years ago where do you see yourself today, I would have never imagined finishing up Vet Tech school. Becoming a Vet Tech has always been a dream for me. One of my biggest supports recently passed away in October 2022, my grandmother. After her passing I knew I had to push myself to be even better than I already am to not only make her proud, but for me.”

Muscatine Community College

Mariah Behrens

“This scholarship will help me to reach my goal to become a RVT! I enjoy working with animals big and small and I look forward to continuing to learn about what it takes to care for the various types of animals. This money will help to cover my books and lab fees for this upcoming semester as well as helping to fill my gas tank to allow me to continue attending my classes!”

Suffolk County Community College

Mande Bellantonio

“Taking on the program was something I had been thinking about for years.  As a single mother, I did not have the time or the financial stability. This scholarship alleviates some of the financial strain. I can’t wait to apply the skills I am learning and contribute to the well-being of animals. I am truly thankful that my efforts have proved worthy to receive this investment into my future as a veterinary technician.”

Ridgewater College

Ashley Bertram

“Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship! This scholarship will help me pay my bills and allow me extra time to put into my studying and schoolwork to better prepare myself  to pass the VTNE.”

Tulsa Community College

Erica Bilby

“I am grateful and honored to be selected to receive this scholarship. Because of this generosity, I will be able to focus more on school and less on having to work while completing my degree. Veterinary medicine has always been my passion, and being recognized in this field through this scholarship gives me great pride. Thank you for this scholarship as well as your support of my chosen career.”

University of Tennessee at Martin

Mary Bradford

‘To me, the scholarship means more than just obtaining money; it also means that I’m viewed as having potential for the future of our society.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College

Colleen Bragg

“Owning my own business, going to school full time, and training & competing with my dogs is pretty demanding. This scholarship will ease some of the financial burdens and stress. I will be able to focus more on school and studying than my business for this semester. Thank you to the AMVF for this scholarship opportunity.”

Morehead State University

Briley Brink

“By receiving this scholarship, I am able to continue my education at Morehead State University and work towards earning my LVT while reliving some financial stresses.”

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill

Telena Brookshier

“I am so grateful to be awarded the Zoetis Scholarship. It means so much to be to be recognized for my hard work and I am very proud and honored to accept. Thank you so much.”

Northwood Technical College

Erika Brown

“A scholarship is an opportunity to not only help me with studying for my dream career, but also helps me with other aspects of my life.”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Maddie Brown

“This scholarship means a lot to me in a sense that the people who put the scholarship together, can see how much i dedicate myself to this career and how I can continue my education to care for animals even more and build my knowledge. Thank your for this great opportunity.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Riley Brown

“To me, this scholarship means new opportunities in my education and career path as a veterinary technician, allowing me to achieve my dream of helping animals.”

Kent State University-Trumbull

Jolene Brunk

“To me this scholarship means opportunity to not only continue my education but also branch into other personal interests in the veterinary field that I would not have been financially able to explore before.”

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Samantha Bumanglag

“When the lessons being taught in school are ones that fascinate you, scholarship is easier to attain than when only chasing a GPA. I feel incredibly blessed to be educated in the field of veterinary medicine.”

University of Maine at Augusta Bangor campus

Rebecca Burgess

“Receiving this scholarship means my hard work and dedication to my vet tech degree are paying off. This scholarship means I can go into the next semester of school stress-free and ready to soak up as much knowledge as possible. This means I’m one step closer to making a difference in veterinary medicine: one step closer to achieving my dream.”

Carrington College-Stockton

Jenna Burk

“This scholarship means more to me than just getting free money, this shows me that there are people who believe in me and trust me to be apart of the veterinary community. This scholarship relives some of my financial stress so I can focus on my school work.”

Sinclair Community College

Taylor Bush

“As an individual with Cystic Fibrosis, my life has been positively impacted by the compassion of nurses and doctors alike. Until recently, I was not healthy enough to attend college or pursue a career. Modern medicine has allowed me the chance to dedicate myself to my own patients! I hope to bring that same compassion I experienced from my healthcare team to each and every case I am involved in.”

Los Angeles Pierce College

Carolina Caldas Faria

“This award represents a light of hope after many years of persistence and an open door to many other opportunities that will come. It is the bridge that will ensure smooth sailing toward veterinary school. Thank you for supporting me and pushing me toward my goals!”

Miami-Dade College

Paola Campos

This scholarship is a blessing for me. It means a lot because it means the hard work has really paid off, especially from my family who have supported me from the beginning. The scholarship, for me, is not the end but just the beginning.

Delaware Technical and Community College

Kylie Candelet

“This scholarship not only made me comfortable with the $547 book cost this semester, but also affirmed that my hard work is paying off, and that I am noticed! These programs can be so mentally taxing and its great to feel like I’m doing good!”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce

Tatiana Caraballo

“I feel very grateful to have been chosen, it is a great help to achieve my personal and university goals. This scholarship contributes financially to my studies and motivates me to continue with them until I become a veterinary professional. This organization is undoubtedly part of my achievements. I will continue until I reach my dreams. Thanks.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Ashanti M. Carlos Perez

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me economically for my studies, that way I will be able to become a professional vet technician.”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Jessica Castro-Aguilar

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me. Not only does this scholarship lift the financial burden of school, but it shows that other people, other than my immediate family, see my potential and believe in my dream of becoming a veterinary technician. I greatly appreciate the generous financial support I have been given to pursue my education. Thank you!”

Owensboro Community and Technical College

Kelsea Cauley

“I cannot fully express how much this scholarship means to me. This not only helps me, now, but will help me for when I sign up to take the VTNE. Once I graduate, I plan on doing more to help the animal shelter, while looking into positions that focus on exotics and lab work. Thank you for this opportunity to allow me to continue to follow my passions.”

Essex Campus of the Community College of Baltimore County

Catherine (Catie) Chase

“I am extremely grateful to be awarded this scholarship! Knowing that the hours and dedication I have put into my education and furthering my career are paying off is so rewarding. I love this field and am so excited to play a larger part in it!”

Vet Tech Institute at Fox College

Urszula Chrobak

“To me, scholarship means I am taking steps in the right direction and they are being recognized. It gives me the opportunity to do more good things within my field. It also allows me to catch my breathe and focus more on achieving my goals while worrying a little less about the financial aspect of achieving them.”

Mercy College

Jackelyn Chuquitaype

“As I am reaching my last year in college, I want the Zoetis Foundation to know that I will not take this honor for granted; instead, it will be motivation and an opportunity to work hard to follow my dreams of saving animals. I dedicate my scholarship to my very supportive mother for always inspiring me to work my hardest. That we may struggle in the beginning, but that it will all be worth it in the end.”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce

Sahrai Cintron

“This scholarship for me means a great help to continue with my studies and to be able to fulfill the dream that I have always had, which is to have my own clinic and shelter for the charity of animals.”

Purdue University

Kayleigh Clevenger

“For me this scholarship will provide some financial relief, as well as help me get the tool necessary to continue my education in Veterinary Medicine. With less stress, I can focus more on taking in every experience and all the information my leaders are proving me with. I am so grateful, and proud, to have been selected for this opportunity.”

Mercy College

Diandra Coke

“I am extremely grateful to be receiving this scholarship as it will help me to continue my education and become a part of the world of veterinary medicine. This scholarship will only continue to allow me to further blossom into the best professional that I aspire to be. Our animals are so important to us and all that I strive to do is to show people that their pets mean as much to us as well.”

Delaware Technical and Community College

Hannah Conway

“This scholarship will be an incredible help to me as I finish out my college career. It is a huge financial weight off my shoulders, and I am so thankful for this opportunity.”

Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology

Amanda Cook

“Personally I have payed for my school out of pocket by working as veterinary assistant since I was 16 years old. being accepted for this scholarship is such a blessing and has truly proven that all this work has payed off…. I truly love what I do and can’t wait to further my career working with animals.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Amanda Cook.”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce

Julianne N. Cortes Rivera

“This scholarship means so much for me because it will give me the opportunity to continue fighting to reach my goals in order to serve the animals and the community.”

Foothill College

Brynne Cua

“This scholarship ensures I can afford to pay for textbooks, tuition, and transportation without having to juggle school in addition to a full-time job. I pride myself on my attention to detail and my straight A’s, but it is impossible to focus properly on school while also working a full-time job. This scholarship will allow me to still put my full effort into school while working only part-time as a veterinary assistant.”

Iowa Lakes Community College

Michelle M. Cuevas Beltran

“Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge.  Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

Foothill College

Wendy De La Torre

“I want to be able to put all my time and effort into school. Thanks to this scholarship I will be able to stay focused in my classes. This helps me to get one step closer to achieving my goal to help animals. I am very thankful for the opportunity this scholarship is giving me.”

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

Casey Dechant

“A career in veterinary medicine has been a lifelong dream of mine. By awarding me the Zoetis Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: learning. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Purdue University

Jessica DelBovo

“This scholarship means that I am just one step closer to achieving my dream of working with animals. I want to help as many animals as I possibly can with the degree that I am working hard for. I strive to be the best I can be in my education and this scholarship will help me financially to obtain this degree and see my goal be realized.”

State University of New York-Canton

Katherine Denner

“This scholarship is going to help me cover the cost of the VTNE as well as getting me started in this career. I’m very appreciative of this opportunity and the recognition of the achievements I have made throughout college.”

Johnson College

Laura DiMenichi

“This scholarship is very important to me because it will help me pay for my schooling. I pay all of my education expenses out of pocket so it is a huge relief knowing that I will be able to work less hours and focus more on my studies.”

Kent State University-Trumbull

Chelsea Doebereiner

“It took me years to determine what my path in life was and once I realized being an RVT was it, nothing was going to stop me. Being awarded this scholarship helps me reach that goal and solidifies that this is what I am meant to be doing in life.”

Portland Community College

Jessie Dohse

“I am so proud to have been awarded the Zoetis Scholarship.  It reinforces that I have found my passion in animal health and that I am on the right career path.  As I approach the final stretch of my academic journey, this scholarship will allow me to lessen my work load and focus on preparing for the VTNE and obtaining my license.  I wish the best to my fellow awardees and look forward to the day when we are all CVTs!”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Aleana Duncan

“I am honored to receive this scholarship so I may continue to expand on my dreams of becoming a Veterinary Nurse. I ve loved animals for as long as I can remember and I m so grateful to have the chance to develop a career in such a innovative and supportive community which is veterinary medicine.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Kelsey Durant

“This Zoetis scholarship means less worry about the financial burden of a higher education, meaning more time invested in my studies as a veterinary nursing student, as I strive to give the upmost compassion and medical care to my patients, clients, and peers.”



Muscatine Community College

Grace Ealey

“Receiving this scholarship is a great honor for me. I do not only see this scholarship as money; it tells me “I am seen as having potential for the future and our society. It feels like a reward for all the hard work I have done throughout high school and college. I am truly thankful for this scholarship as it has allowed me to put all my energy and focus on pursuing a career in veterinary technology.”



Michigan State University 

Icela Eubanks 

“Receiving this scholarship has not only eased the financial burden I have been facing, but it also eases some of the stressors related to those financial burdens and allows me more time and energy to focus on my studies. I intend to put my best foot forward in putting this scholarship to good use while finishing out my bachelors degree.” 

University of Tennessee at Martin 

Ella Fagin 

“This scholarship is proof that hard work pays off! I am so grateful that I have been selected! It will be put to good use and will help me continue to work hard!”

Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom 

Mackenzie Fate 

“I am incredibly thankful for just getting a chance to earn this scholarship. The money will help lift a bit of the financial burden off my shoulders and for this I will forever be grateful to the AVMF and Zoetis Foundation.”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce 

Astrid Fernandini 

“This scholarship has made my dream of working with animals, one step closer to my future success and I will always be grateful for that. Your contribution to my education is so important to me and will allow me to focus on my studies, maintain my GPA, and complete my degree. I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals on my veterinary profession.”

Mississippi State University

Kyra Foster

“To most, the word scholarship is merely an opportunity to get ahead financially or some achievement to signify an academic standard. To me, scholarship is the road to which I will achieve, not only my academic goals, but my lifelong goals. Every opportunity such as this, to achieve something in a field I am so passionate about, is a sign that I have chose the right path for my career in my life.”

Ridgewater College 

Moriah Frame 

“I am honored to receive this scholarship in order to finish my AAS degree in Veterinary Technology at Ridgewater College! After the obstacles I have overcome throughout my time here, it is a relief to know that students entering veterinary medicine are welcomed with open arms. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey through school and especially Zoetis/AVMF!”

Portland Community College 

David Frias 

“A scholarship means so much. A scholarship is an opportunity to lift up your community. It means that I get to not only represent my school but my family and friends that have supported me all throughout my career. A scholarship provides the financial support that my family is not able to provide, and as a first generation Latine person thank you for helping me reach my dreams and goals.”

Vet Tech Institute at Fox College 

Georgia Frost 

“This scholarship means more potential and opportunities to advance in my future career and society.”

Holyoke Community College 

Camren Gallegos 

“It feels a little unreal that I was selected to receive this scholarship but through all my hard work and commit I was able to get to this point. All in all, I’m very grateful because I know that a lot of other students that applied may have not been chosen so I shouldn’t take this for granted.”

Arkansas State University-Beebe

Cody Gates

“Many people would say that scholarship means “free money”. I disagree. People have to “go out of their way” to apply for, and “spend their own time on”. People are often consumed with doubts they will not receive anything, so the attempt is never made.  Having the faith that something good will come of all sweat, tears, and hours spent is one of the last steps… Might as well take it.”

Northwood Technical College 

Hannah Germain

“I am very honored to be able to receive this scholarship. I have so much passion for this industry and this scholarship is going to help me pay for my last semester of college. Thank you very much, it means the world to me!”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Grace Glaser

“This scholarship means a future with opportunities. The scholarship will help me pay for college, so I can continue my education, graduate, and go out in the world and make a difference. This is a great opportunity, and I am very grateful for it.”


Kent State University-Trumbull

Fernanda Goncalves Martins da Costa

“This scholarship means a lot to me! It means that all my hard work and dedication are being noticed. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor, and I am deeply appreciative of your support. The scholarship will help me a lot with my tuition, and I will keep doing my best in the Vet Tech program, job and life in this field! It is very rewarding working with animals!” 




Carrington College-Stockton

Jaime Goodpasture

“I have worked so hard to not only complete my education with an A average but also to be the best nurse I can be while working two jobs, (I work at a general practice during the week and an emergency hospital on the weekends).  I have a real love and compassion for animals and feel honored and inspired to have been recognized for all the hard work I have put toward achieving my goals.”

Portland Community College

Jessica Harp

“With this scholarship I can continue working towards a certification to help save and improve so many animals lives and that means the world to me. I can accomplish dreams and not stress as much about the financial part.”


Gwinnett Technical College

Kristina Harris-Brown

“The degree I am currently completing is the last step I have to reaching my dream of working with animals. I have had the desire to actively contribute to the betterment of animals – particularly wildlife – from before I can even remember. This scholarship will be used to fund my very last semester and I can’t be more excited for what is to come next.”

Jefferson College

Taylor Hicks

“With this scholarship, I am able to help with the expense of tuition and any other fees for my schooling, such as any books I may need. Since I am going into my last semester of college, I am mainly going to utilize this scholarship to help ease the stress of conjuring up thousands of dollars for my tuition. Once again, I am very thankful to have been chosen for this opportunity.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo

Lesirie Hidalgo

“This scholarship serves as a tool in helping me achieve my goals of becoming a veterinary technician, and with my knowledge and education be able to promote animal welfare.”

YTI Career Institute

Chloe Hightman

“I am incredibly honored to be awarded a Zoetis Foundation/AVMA Veterinary Technician Scholarship. This award not only alleviates educational finances, but it also aids in my development of becoming a CVT. I am now one step closer to reaching my dreams of helping pets, their families, and veterinary staff; I look forward to giving back to my community once I complete my educational journey.”

Angela Hill

“Thank you for investing in my future!”

Black Hawk College

Nicole Hill

“I am honored to receive this generous scholarship from the AVMF and the Zoetis Foundation to help alleviate some of the cost from my education in veterinary medicine. This scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to take more classes in my last semester of school, which will give me the tools to be the best veterinary technician I can be.”

Kent State University-Trumbull

Krystal Hinkle

“This opportunity allows me to focus on excelling in the vet tech program and becoming a technician that others can look up to and aspire to be.”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

Randi Hockenberry

“This scholarship means so much to me. Being a single mom, working all but full time, and putting myself through school full time has been a rough road. That being said, every little bit helps me to better support my schooling and being able to use the money towards materials and books and anything else I would otherwise need to pay for.”

Genesee Community College

Lydia Hofmann

“I have applied for multiple scholarships throughout my collage career, but was turned down at every turn. I became frustrated as I realized that it didn’t matter how high my grades if I wasn’t within the desired demographic. I lost faith in putting in anymore than minimal effort into my studies. However, thanks to the Zoetis Scholarship, I realized that hard work does, eventually, pay off.”

Florida A&M University

Corliss Holland

“At times, school can get difficult and you may be tempted to give up. But this scholarship shows that I am willing and capable of being an excellent Tech. This will incline me never to give up and remember that, even when things are difficult, you can get through it and come out the other side better than you were before.”

Yakima Valley College

Joslyn Hudson

“To me scholarship means to apply yourself to your studies at the highest level. Scholarship is a way to invest in your future. This scholarship will help me continue on my journey to become a veterinary technician. Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to work with animals. Now that I work with them on a regular basis, I know that this is where I’m supposed to be.”

University of Tennessee at Martin

Sabrina Janis

“I chose to study Veterinary Technology as my major for the sole purpose of helping animals and providing the best quality care that I can. I feel that this award is extremely validating, and highlights all of the hard work and hands-on experience that I have accrued throughout my college career. I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship.”

Vermont Technical College

Dylan Jenks

“This scholarship means a great deal to receive and I will continue in the pursuit of excellence in the veterinary field.”

Columbia State Community College

Emily Johnson

“I made this journey with love and passion in my heart for this field and this scholarship helps me accomplish finishing my education. I hope to help my community and teach aspiring vet techs the importance of treating your patients like they were your own pet and find the patience to work with them.”

University of Tennessee at Martin

Lauren Johnson

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it is recognition of my hard work that has brought me this far. This also shows that people see the potential that I have to succeed in my career working with animals.”

University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College

DeJah Jones

“By obtaining this scholarship it means to me that this is proof that if i put my mind to anything it is a possibility I can achieve any goal. This scholarship is not just about collecting money, but it is viewed as a stepping stone to reach my dream to become a RVT. This scholarship will also help me pay for the resources that I need to accomplish this goal.”

Columbus State Community College

Tosha Jones

“The timing of this scholarship comes at a time when financially I have been concerned about whether I would be able to go through the internships needed to complete the veterinarian technician program at Columbus State Community College. This scholarship ensures that I will be able to cover the cost of tuition for the remainder of the program, even when I am able to work less paid hours at my job.”

Eastern Wyoming College

Syonia Jordan

“The gratitude of this scholarship and the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF members supports my pursuit of my Veterinary Technician degree, supplied fully with the necessary books and supplies to become successful. In addition, with my successful education, I will be able to seek a career where seen fit for the benefit and health of animals seeking care.”

Central Carolina Community College

Madalyn Justice

“I am so grateful to Zoetis and AVMF for selecting me for this scholarship. I am on the home stretch of completing my degree in Veterinary Medical Technology at Central Carolina Community College. These funds are granting me the opportunity and assistance to complete this program to the best of my ability so that I may go on to receive my registration as a Veterinary Technician.”

Nash Community College

Jenny Kapur

“Thank you to Zoetis and the AVMF for selecting me and supporting Veterinary Technology students. This scholarship will help ease the financial burden so that I can focus on my studies as well as passing the VTNE. As I transition into my career, I hope to work in the shelter/rescue arena and be part of innovative and excellent medicine being done there.”

Gateway Technical College

Dominique Kasper

“By awarding me this scholarship, my financial burden has been lightened, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. The generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as this scholarship has helped me.”

Crowder College

Lanie Kauffman

“I couldn’t be more grateful, and I couldn’t be more excited to see how this scholarship helps me achieve my dreams.”

Pima Medical Institute-Chula Vista

Ava Kelemen

“This means the world to me! It not only gives me the opportunity to focus on my academics but encourages me to keep pushing forward! I have sacrificed my workload to maintain honors at Pima to be the best I can be in the veterinary field. Thank you!”

Pima Medical Institute-Seattle

Gina Kim

“This scholarship means a lot to me, it really showed me that I have people who believe in me. I will continue to do my best to provide the best care for any pet that comes my way.”

Coastal Alabama Community College

Isabella King

“As I am on the end stretch of my education journey, I am very proud of the hard work and dedication I have put into the career that I am so passionate about.”

Michigan State University

Kady Kocsis

“Becoming a veterinary nurse is a dream come true for me, this scholarship will help me fulfill that dream in my homestretch of my college career, it is truly a blessing to my life.”

Ridgewater College

Alayna Kolb

“I am very grateful for receiving this generous scholarship. This scholarship will help me by offsetting the cost of tuition and supplies. I am excited to start my career as a veterinary technician. Thank you.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Ashley Kowalski

“This scholarship means a head start and paying back my loans for school. A weight off my shoulders, and a growing excitement to continue growing and learning in this field.”

Gateway Technical College

Jason Kramer

“It means a lot less financial stress for me while I finish school.”

Joliet Junior College

Amber Kunold

“I am honored to receive this award. This scholarship will be going toward a study abroad externship to Guatemala for wildlife rehabilitation, as well as finalizing my certification to become a veterinary technician. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and explore new opportunities!”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Callie Landauer

“In receiving the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Scholarship it relieves my family from aiding me in paying for my schooling and allows me to pay for my last semester of college. Thank You for giving me this scholarship.”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Ashley Laramie

“This scholarship is incredibly generous. This will help relieve the worrying about making ends meet with school and living cost. I can focus more on my classes rather than being focused on making hours at work in order to cover school cost. This scholarship has a huge impact on my success while in school. Thank you so much for choosing me for this scholarship.”

Pima Medical Institute-Chula Vista

Taylor Lebahn

“This scholarship is affirmation that my hard work I put into my technician program is paying off.”

Gaston College

Brooklyn Lewis

“Receiving this scholarship is a huge honor to me. It means that I am viewed as having the potential to make a difference in veterinary medicine.”

Platt College-Alhambra

Phoenix Liu

“This scholarship allows me to broaden my knowledge base and work towards becoming the best technician I can be. It reminds me to believe in my potential and not doubt my abilities as a veterinary technician. Applying for this scholarship and winning it is a way to express my gratitude for all my family’s support.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Xyanlee Nicole Lopez 

 “This scholarship would help me accomplish my goals and will help me come closer to have my dream job. this means dedicating my life to honor my passion for animals. It’s an opportunity for new growth and improvement on this field.”

Columbia State Community College 

Katelin Lovett 

“This scholarship means peace of mind and security for me. I will not have to worry about if I can purchase various supplies and materials I will need for my program. I am very grateful for this opportunity given to me.”

Kent State University-Trumbull 

Kayla Lowery 

“I am very thankful to be one of the recipients of this scholarship and thankful to everyone who chose me as a recipient! I have so much love for this profession and I have worked very hard to get me to where I am today. This scholarship helps me with this semester’s tuition by covering all of my out of pocket expenses. I am beyond thankful to the AVMF to receive this generous scholarship!”

Arkansas State University-Beebe 

Katelyn Lucey 

“This scholarship means that I get to continue to go to school to be a vet tech and also work part time in a clinic. This means that I get to continue to work part time and go to school with out having to stress about having enough money to pay for it. Y’all have no idea what this means to me!”

Mercy College 

Madison Lulfs 

“Not only does this recognition signify my resilience and dedication to the veterinary profession within my education, but also is a sign of what is more to come. I look forward to utilizing this scholarship to be able to continue my education to become a confident veterinary technologist that not only gives back to her community, but most importantly, advocates for the voiceless.”

Essex Campus of the Community College of Baltimore County 

Michelle Lund

“This scholarship makes it possible for me to move forward in my final semester, focusing on externships in the areas of internal medicine, oncology, general and emergency medicine, including deeper research into nutrition and stem cell therapies. I can pursue my dreams of becoming a highly knowledgeable and skilled veterinary professional, dedicated to animals and the people that love them.”

Portland Community College

Olivia Manzano

“Receiving this scholarship not only means the lifting of financial stress, but it also shows me that I am valued as a student and as a future Veterinary Technician. Veterinary Medicine is a demanding field and I knew that when I began my journey, but something I have learned during my studies is that there is an incredible amount of support that comes from within the Veterinary Community.”

Pima Medical Institute-Colorado Springs

Ivan Martinez

“This Scholarship means so much to me. As a full time student and part-time worker this scholarship helps me out a lot. The funds from this scholarship will help me cover my tuition for a few months, and I could not be more grateful.”


Madison College

Brianna May

“A main goal of mine is to extend my reach and knowledge to the community, and this scholarship rewards giving back to our pet-loving community! It will also mean a lot to me to have less financial burden while I focus on my last semester and further personal studies on cat behavior. Thank you so much for promoting community involvement and rewarding plans for client education!”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center 

Aliyah McComsey 

“I believe a scholarship is very honorable to ones academic career. Being selected shows that it is not going unnoticed that you are growing and becoming successful in your academics. In no way is a scholarship about the money however, it is very appreciated and I am extremely grateful to be able to utilize this money to support the costs of tuitions, books, fees etc.”

University of Tennessee at Martin

Skylar Mcdonald

“This scholarship means an absolute ton to me. This scholarship takes some financial burden off of my shoulders and helps keep me enrolled as a UTM student. It means a lot that I am receiving this scholarship since I will be a veterinary technician. I appreciate this scholarship so much!” 



Vermont Technical College

Kierstin Melius

“This scholarship helps me grow one step forward in the right direction to becoming the best Veterinary Technician I can possibly dream to be.” 



University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Ariana N. Mercado Perez 

“This scholarship opened my doorway to new knowledge and learning.”

Manor College 

Madison Messick

“This scholarship has motivated me to continue pursuing my passion of being a certified veterinary technician and shows that there are others in the community that recognize my efforts and believe that I can succeed. I feel honored to have been given this opportunity and will continue to work hard toward my goals.”

Yuba College 

Beth Michels 

“This scholarship means more to me than just the money. To me it means that I have been given the opportunity to make a positive impact on the field of veterinary medicine.”

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture 

Emily Miller 

 “I am honored to receive this scholarship. This financial assistance allows me to focus more on my studies and grades. It also helps me advance into the veterinary field that I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember.”

Morehead State University 

Kaylin Mitchell 

“I am thrilled to have received this scholarship. It will let me further my knowledge in the veterinary field and help me achieve my dream of caring for animals.”

Blue Ridge Community College 

Heather Moneymaker 

“This scholarship will aid me in being able to focus on my studies more versus finances. I am very eager to finish my last semester out strong, graduate from the program, and finally be able to work in a career I am so passionate about as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I have recently been offered a position as an LVT upon graduation in May of 2023.  I cannot wait to give back to the community around me.”

Pima Medical Institute-Chula Vista 

Karen Mosby 

“I am incredibly honored to have been selected for the Zoetis scholarship award. This scholarship solidifies that I am on the right path to fulfilling my purpose, serving my community, and giving back to my profession. I am thankful for the support Zoetis and AVMF have shown me.”

Vet Tech Institute at Fox College 

Erin Motyl 

“To me, this scholarship means being able to afford things that will help me with my education. While in school, I have been also working but that money goes to bills, rent, grocery, and other expenses. I will be able to afford subscriptions to services such as @Dove and other learning platforms. I am mostly excited to purchase a stethoscope to help me in my schooling and future career.”

Manor College 

Tatiana Mullins 

“A scholarship to me means that many students are given great opportunities to improve their schooling and strive with excellence and an assured boost of confidence, all with the help that is received from being noticed for doing extra curricular activities and taking bigger strides to do better things with their schooling and career.”

Madison College 

Haven Murdock 

“I am entirely grateful for this scholarship because it means I can stress less on my financial situation and more on my studies. It’s because of this that I’ll be a better student and technician.”

Volunteer State Community College 

Lillian Nelson 

“This scholarship means so much to me. Becoming a veterinary technician is a huge dream of mine and soon it will be time to take the big VTNE. This past 1 and 1/2 years I ve been working so hard to become the best technician I can be. Thanks to Zoetis, the price I am paying to become a technician has been drastically lowered . I will be forever grateful.”

Kent State University-Tuscarawas 

Alexandria Newbold 

“This scholarship means the world to me and is going to allow me to pursue the CE courses that I wish to complete to better my work. I am so excited and honored to be chosen to accept this scholarship and have the ability to go further in my learning journey.”

Cosumnes River College 

Ngoc Nguyet Anh Nguyen

“When I attended the Veterinary technology program orientation, I was so excited and also felt very scared. I was born in a different country and speak different languages. This scholarship provides me a means to continue to gain more knowledge. It will help with the costs of books as well as gas for my car to drive to school everyday. I’m so appreciated of the opportunity to receive the scholarship.”

State University of New York-Canton 

Elizabeth Nichols 

“To me this scholarship means that I am being seen and recognized for all of my hard work and dedication to the veterinary industry. This scholarship will be applied toward my schooling which will alleviate some of the financial burden that I will still carry with me after I graduate. It will also hopefully alleviate some of the stress that school financially puts on college students, like myself.”

Wilson College 

Ariel Noel 

“The word scholarship means much more than just receiving money, it signifies a commitment to learning and shows dedication in my field of study.”

La Guardia Community College 

Villiandra Nugroho 

“Being awarded a scholarship means a lot to me as a full-time student and mother of two children. Receiving this scholarship for me is not just receiving the money, but also means that I am seen as having potential, and this boosts my confidence to pursue my veterinary career in the future. Thank you for your generosity and support!”

Kent State University-Tuscarawas

Madelyn Nutter 

“A life lived unexplored is a life not worth living” -Kirk Hammet (lead guitarist). If I hadn’t taken a chance on this scholarship or even in the veterinary field, I would not be where I am today academically. This scholarship will help me progress in my veterinary career as well as education. I could not be more grateful than to have received this wonderful scholarship.”

Western Colorado Community College 

Rebecca Ogden

“Educationally and personally, a scholarship would add value to my degree by removing financial barriers, and making my education and career goals easier to obtain. A scholarship would reduce the financial stress allowing me to focus on my studies and maximizing my college experience.”

La Guardia Community College 

Christina Ortiz

“As I delve deeper into school and the veterinary world, I’ve come to love it more. I look forward to earning my license. Once I can work in the field as a licensed Veterinary Technician I plan to put my talents towards helping animals in need. I enjoy the thought of working in a field that is ever evolving, moving forward, as I assist in helping those animals.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Alexandra Ortiz Cosme 

“When I received the news that I won the scholarship, I was so happy that I could barely contain the excitement. This scholarship will be of great help by allowing me to continue with my studies and become a veterinary technician. This means a lot!”

Wilson College 

Myla Owens 

“Receiving this scholarship means the opportunity to pursue my dreams because I am believed in. It  provides me the opportunity to explore my potential and pursue my education. The veterinary technician career is rooted in a loving community focused on the goal to aiding in the betterment of pets lives. I feel so valued and supported from that community with this generous financial support.”

Colorado Mountain College

Cheyanne Parker 

“Scholarships are a big deal to future veterinary profession students as we are known to have a lot of student loan debt, so being able to prevent that as much as possible is so helpful! I am working towards my Vet Tech degree right now and hope to work in Large Animal Medicine or as a Sales Representative. This scholarship is going to help me towards my long term goal of being debt free.”

Lone Star College 

Stephanie Peinado 

“This helping hand is a generous push for students to continue their education. A scholarship is not a participation award, it is awarded to those who meet an academic merit therefore it is a grand accomplishment to be awarded such achievement.  Essentially, a scholarship is a pat on the back and motivation to move forward and accomplish more.”

Mesa Community College

Maria Tereza Pereira Barros

“To me scholarship is a lifelong process, always striving to know more and have a deeper understanding of your field. I appreciate the opportunity this scholarship award is providing me to continue my own pursuit of knowledge.” 

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Yamilet Perez

“This scholarship means a lot to me because after graduating from veterinary technology I will continue my studies to become a veterinarian. It would help me with my college expenses.” 

Mesa Community College 

Amanda Perry 

“I am honored to be a recipient of the Zoetis Foundation / AVMF scholarship, because it means I am getting to make my childhood dreams become a reality. I ve put so much of my heart into working with animals and with my education, I can give back to my patients, their families, and animals in need in our communities.” 



Purdue University 

Katherine Perry 

“This scholarship is meaningful to me in two ways. Working, studying, and funding an education is a tricky balance! But perhaps more importantly, this scholarship is an acknowledgement that the working, studying, and balancing I’m doing is meaningful to the wider world. Feeling valued in this way has recharged me and given me new impetus to keep striving!”

Lancaster County Career & Technology Center 

Justine Pfaff 

“Receiving this scholarship means I get to pay off my loans at a faster rate and will become able to further my education which will in turn lead me farther down my career path.” 



Colby Community College 

Alison Pierce 

“I am blessed by this opportunity, to be able to help as many as I can moving forward.”

Colby Community College 

Abby Piercy 

“I love using and sharing the knowledge I have gained from my vet med classes to help the animals in my community. I owe a ton of my hands on learning and experience to the team from Fur Family Animal Hospital in Manhattan, KS! This scholarship will help me continue my education to becoming a veterinary nurse and continue helping my community!”

Murray State College 

Stevie Pigeon 

“This scholarship is a sign that I am following my passion for animals and getting to further my career for the better!”


Pima Medical Institute-Seattle 

Princess Polintan 

“This scholarship helps instill my own faith and motivations that my goals are attainable and others believe in me to succeed as well.”

Gaston College 

Emma Ponivas

“Getting a scholarship means a lot to me in the way that yes, I am a full time collage student so money is really tight so getting a cash “reward” is great and all to help me financially, but in reality what means the most to me is the recognition behind the scholarship. Knowing that an outside group sees my hard work and accomplishments and recognizes that.”

Pima Medical Institute-San Marcos 

Gabrielle Powell

“This scholarship means less struggling for me financially and the ability to catch up on my payments. This scholarship is also a sign for me to continue to pursue my career despite the difficulties I face.”

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill 

Daria Prebilic Cole 

“I’ve found myself immersed in this program, learning the ins and outs of veterinary technology, supervised and instructed by some of the best in the industry. I have a newfound respect for the people who do this job–as it is a tough and albeit grueling position some days–with the over-arching goal of improved patient care and well-being keeping me going. I would not be who I am today without the animals I’ve treated and helped heal, nor the nursing staff and doctors I work alongside in this industry. This scholarship offers me the ability to learn and do more in my daily life to better the lives of those around me, animal and human. I aim to take the knowledge and experience from my education and positively transform the lives of those that I work with to bring a better understanding of their animals for a brighter future. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to achieve my dreams!” 

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College 

Sarah Puskas 

“This scholarship to me means that I am able to further in my education.”

Carver Career and Technical Education Center and the BridgeValley Community and Technical College 

Katherine Ramey 

“This scholarship means that I can further my education and get closer to my goal of  not only becoming a RVT but also specializing in Pathology or critical care after I graduate.”

Foothill College 

Laurissa Ramirez 

“Scholarship means to me an achievement, not just a sum of money but an achievement for doing great in my academics and doing the best I can to achieve my goals. Receiving this scholarship will help me do great things on my road to becoming an RVT! This scholarship means a lot to me and will help me with my academics, thank you again for the recognition I truly appreciate it!”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez-Barceloneta 

Kiara Ramos 

“Without a doubt, opportunities like these are one of the things that motivate us to continue giving our best every day for animal and public health. When I received the news that I had been selected I was very excited. This scholarship means a lot to me as it will help me continue fulfilling my dream of completing my studies in veterinary technology.”

Portland Community College 

Vishnu Reddy

“As an international student that has had to navigate a myriad of obstacles to be accepted into the veterinary technology program, being selected for this scholarship is a key indicator to me that I am in fact on the right track and belong in this field of study. Receiving this prestigious recognition is an honour and a strong motivating factor to continue to cultivate my passion for work with animals.” 

Morehead State University 

Tyanna Reid 

“With this scholarship I am able to continue furthering my education to become a licensed veterinary technician. I will also be able to purchase any textbooks needed for my classes this next semester. I have always loved learning about his good care for animals and how to learn and communicate with clients do with this scholarship I am able to learn these things.” 

University of Puerto Rico - San Juan 

Ishah Reveron Colon 

“To receive a scholarship means an opportunity to improve my professionalism, achieve the desired and open doors to new goals.”

Sinclair Community College 

Jennifer Richards

“I am incredibly honored to be chosen for this scholarship and am proud of my commitment to the field of veterinary medicine, and this will allow me to continue learning and growing. Thank you.”

Windward Community College 

Haley Rivard 

 “To me, scholarship is opportunity. Opportunity for those who may be at a disadvantage to be given a fair chance. Opportunity to expand our knowledge and continue the work set before us. Opportunity to give back to the communities. I have been fortunate enough to receive this scholarship and continue on to contribute to the pool of knowledge that builds our world today, and the world of tomorrow.”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce 

Kelly Rivera 

“This scholarship represents the opportunity to access experiences, books and materials that bring me closer to reaching my goal of completing my degree in Veterinary Technology. During this learning process I feel motivated. I appreciate having been selected and I will work hard to return this great opportunity with professionalism and commitment like you strengthen the career.”

Suffolk County Community College 

Jaylene Rodriguez 

“This scholarship inspires me to continue helping animals every day, and shows me how important good veterinary care is to our loving pets.” 

Holyoke Community College 

Meagan Rodriguez 

“To me, this scholarship represents the support from the veterinary community in pursuing my passion and and the building up of community from within. This scholarship means that I am better able to set myself up for success in my studies and grow into the best veterinary technician I can become. I am eternally grateful to all who have made this scholarship possible, and hope to continue to pay it forward and support the veterinary community through my studies and career.” 



Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce  

Vanessa Rodriguez 

 “Being awarded with the AVMF scholarships is an honor since it recognizes my efforts as a student veterinary technician. I’ll be able to pay my tuition and other expenses thanks to this grant. This award serves as a showcase for my academic success and commitment to my community.”

Fort Valley State University 

Michaella Rubio 

“My aspirations in my career are realized because of my hard work and ambition. There is always more to learn and I am willing. I hope to one day inspire others to realize their dreams whether that be becoming a specialist, (like I hope to achieve), a travel technician, or a veterinarian. This scholarship grants me the support from the community and the ability to move forward with my goals.”

Holyoke Community College 

Michelle Russell 

“Scholarships provide an opportunity to students to focus more on academic and less on the financial burden that higher education can often cause. They are not only helpful but sometimes imperative for some students to complete their degrees. Thank you to all the donors for this amazing opportunity.” 

Madison College 

Megan Schmidt 

“It is such an honor being able to accept this scholarship, especially from a company such as Zoetis. The contributions that they make to the veterinary field have helped medicine come a long way. Receiving this scholarship proves to me that I am also able to do great things in the veterinary field.”

Madison College 

Emelyn Schoeller 

“I am extremely grateful for the generosity shown with this scholarship and hope to continue to strive for excellence in the Veterinary field.”

Gaston College 

Shana Scott 

 “The Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician scholarship is going to help me focus on finishing up my education without worrying about financials as much! This scholarship means so much to me and I am just so very thankful!”

Colby Community College 

Sarah Seifert 

“Though it may not seem like it, every bit of support behind a person’s dream is enough to help them believe in themselves even more. I have worked hard throughout my schooling to reach a goal of helping to better my community and others around me. I am so happy to see that some of my hard work has paid off and I cannot wait to see what I can really accomplish long term.”

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Yarimar Sierra 

“This scholarship means a lot to me as it proves how hard work always pays off. Also, it means that I can finish my degree academically and Professionally successful. As a future veterinary nurse, It means a lot to me to be part of a scholarship that helps students succeed in their careers.”

Colby Community College 

Jordan Signer 

“I am extremely thankful for the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to spend more time focusing on my education and furthering my career. I will also have the time to help my fellow students and peers study so we can succeed in our program.”

Vermillion Community College 

Lindsay Sikora 

“This scholarship means a lot to me, it gives me the motivation to keep trying my best in my academic efforts and I am honored that I was viewed as having potential for the future of Veterinary Medicine. I am deeply appreciative of the support.”

Texas A&M University-Kingsville 

Kennedi Silmon  

“I am incredibly grateful to be awarded this scholarship, as it will help me reach my educational goals and future dreams. Veterinary medicine has been in my heart for as long as I can remember, and I am blessed to be doing what I love. This scholarship will relieve financial stress for myself and my family. Thank you for the help in my journey of learning and growing!” 




Fox Valley Technical College 

Marisa Slempkes

“I immediately started crying (good cry, I promise!) when I read that I had received this scholarship because I could physically feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. This is an enormous help and a huge financial relief. Thank you for helping me get the education I have always dreamed of. Being a veterinary technician and working with animals is a dream come true for me!”

Central Carolina Community College 

Corinna Smith

“I am so grateful and lucky to be offered such a wonderful scholarship! This is going to be so helpful, and I m so excited to be and continue on my Vet Tech journey! I am so excited to be learning something I am passionate about, and to be in such a rewarding position.”

Gaston College 

Brione Smith 

 “This scholarship means more opportunity to spend my time focused on schoolwork. I work a full-time job, but I also have to take side-jobs and doordash to afford tuition and the commute to school. With this scholarship, some of that burden will be lessened, allowing me to spend more time learning to my fullest potential.”

Vet Tech Institute - Pittsburgh 

Brooke Snyder

“A scholarship is very important to me not only because it can help me with student loans but also it makes me feel important in the veterinary community. This reward gives me some relief of how I am going to pay off my first couple student loan payments. Yes, a scholarship is money but it isn’t just that and it shows the hard work and dedication that I have put into school thus far.”

Universidad Ana G. Méndez -Ponce 

Denisse Aynara Soto Matos 

“This scholarship has taught me that I am doing well and that I am on the right path and that there will be no obstacle that can stop me from doing everything I ever dreamed of. This scholarship means a lot to me, since it will help me to finish my last semester in the veterinary technical associate. It opens the doors for me to be known so that they see my potential and that I am ready for this veterinary career.”

Manor College 

Anthony Sozio 

“To me, receiving a scholarship allows me to ease so much of the stress that comes with trying to become a certified Veterinary Nurse.”

Central Carolina Community College 

Lauren Sparrow 

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me to be able to complete my last semester of my Veterinary Medical Technology program and obtain my degree! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of this scholarship and being a recipient. This scholarship will get me one step closer to being able to achieve my goal of becoming a Veterinary Technician!”

Murray State College 

Cheri Stampley 

“This scholarship means to me that I have achieved enough and did the best of my ability in my educational journey to receive such scholarship. I have always made my education a priority and will continue to do so. This scholarship will help go towards my current college tuition to continue my educational journey as a Veterinary Nursing student.” 

Carrington College-Pleasant Hill 

Nicole Stark 

 “Thank you for this outstanding opportunity to further my education! This scholarship reassures me that I will be able to continue my career in the veterinary field, with the support of AVMF!”

Hillsborough Community College

Alexis Kaye Sterner 

“I am immensely grateful and proud to be awarded this scholarship. By vastly reducing the financial burden in the final semester of my veterinary technology program, I’m able to give more of my time to learning, absorbing, and giving back to my community. I’m deeply thankful to Zoetis and the AVMF for seeing me as deserving of this scholarship and helping me to get one step closer to achieving my goals.”

Wilson College 

Mazie Sterner

“By awarding me the Zoetis Foundation/AVMF Veterinary Technician Student Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, allowing me to focus on the most important aspect of the school: my learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to my community.” 

Kent State University-Trumbull 

Haley Stewart 

“Being awarded this scholarship means a lot to me. It makes me even more eager to graduate college, take my VTNE, and continue my longterm education in veterinary medicine. I am very excited to see where this career path takes me.”

Columbia State Community College 

Nicole Stiffler 

“This scholarship means so much! With being in school and having limited hours to work, I was worried about how I was going to pay for my final semester. Now, thanks to this amazing opportunity, I don’t have to worry. Thank you!”

Columbia State Community College 

Maggie Strickland 

“Getting this scholarship is a tremendous honor. I did not expect that I would be chosen to receive it as I know there were many other applications submitted. Since starting my college education, I have paid the majority through loans and out-of-pocket. This scholarship means a great deal to me and will help me out financially in the long run.”

Western Colorado Community College 

Celia Strommenger 

“I wear many hats in my daily life including that of a mom, student, wife, and employee. My role as a Veterinary Technician as become one of my favorites. This scholarship not only allows me to be more financially stable while I finish school, but it enables me to continue chasing my dreams and be a provider for my family.”

Tulsa Community College 

McKenna Sutter 

“What this scholarship means to me is that it provides extra financial security and that I can focus more on school and not stress as much about having to work while going to school full time.”

Volunteer State Community College 

Deborah Sykes 

“Between school, running a wildlife hospital, being on multiple vet tech-related committees, and working three jobs I could not devote as much time to really learning the material. This scholarship allows me to quit 1 job, so that I can have that extra 6 hours a week to really focus on learning the material, and recharging. I am feeling good about my future.”

Foothill College

Cristin Thompson 

“I am delighted to be awarded this scholarship. My goals are to work in small animal emergency while continuing my advocacy for community cats. Receiving the scholarship shows me that my goals are seen as important and worthwhile by others in veterinary medicine and that drives me to continue on my path. Thank you!” 

Nash Community College 

Cheyanne Thorne 

“Being a full-time college student with no income this scholarship means everything to me. I plan to use this money to go towards being part of the change in vet med and with the low numbers of vet techs in large animal plan on adding to the numbers.” 

Northeast Iowa Community College 

Brianna Tieden 

“This scholarship is a blessing for me as my internship for school comes up. I will be out of work for a month in order to complete my schooling, and this scholarship will help me stay financially sound while I am doing so. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do the internship, but being out of work is a major setback. I am very grateful to be selected for this scholarship, it is truly an honor.” 



Ancilla College of Marian University 

MacKenzie Tilleraas 

“I am very thankful to be receiving this scholarship and it means the absolute world to me. I am very thankful to this foundation and all that made it possible. Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me as it enables me to continue my education in a promising career path.” 

Foothill College 

Stephanie Toma

“Receiving a scholarship is an achievement that helps benefit my career goal of becoming a Veterinary Technician. This scholarship not only helps with school expenses but is also a motivation and reminder that I am doing well in school and pursuing a career I have always wanted to do.”

Black Hawk College 

MacKenzie Vahle 

“This scholarship means so much to me, especially coming from the Zoetis foundation and the AVMF, both major components of veterinary medicine. I feel very honored to be one of the selected veterinary technology students to be awarded this scholarship.  This scholarship will help me finish my final semester of school, thank you Zoetis!”

Eastern Florida State College 

Alana Valiengo 

“This scholarship will help me continuing my education and pursuing my higher education with a bachelor s degree once I complete my upcoming semester which I can t do while maintaining employment to pay bills while full time. This will allow me to graduate quicker and get into the workforce to start providing for myself while living my dreams.”

Hillsborough Community College 

Lorena Valle 

“I am honored to have been chosen for the Zoetis foundation Vet Tech Scholarship. Money should never be the thing to Stand between you and your dreams. Thanks to this scholarship I am able to continue my education and get my certification doing what I love most.”

Vermont Technical College 

Brianna VanAmeron 

“I am a full-time student, commuting over an hour and a half to and from campus all the while working 2 different jobs, paying bills, balancing demanding schedules, making sure my high energy dog River has the best life he could have, as well as keeping myself healthy. This scholarship provides me with financial stability and stress relief, but more importantly it grants me the opportunity to focus on my education.”

Yakima Valley College 

Annalysa Vaughn-Villa 

“This scholarship means a lot to me. Not only does it aid in my education but I am grateful to have been recognized by the AVMF and Zoetis for all my hard work.” 

University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo 

Joemi Vazquez Alicea 

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue helping animals. They deserve a happy and quality life, alongside good health and a warm home that provides them as much love as they can give. In addition, it helps me to continue my studies and thereby achieve the goals that I have set for myself and to contribute what I can offer to my society so that there are communities free of stray animals.” 

Madison College 

Karen Veenhof 

“After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in zoological veterinary technology. Receiving scholarships such as yours not only helps me achieve my educational goals, but it also allows me time to continue volunteering at various facilities such as animal sanctuaries and zoos by allowing me to keep my employment hours to a lower extent.”

Purdue University 

Josefina Velasquez 

“As a mother, wife, student, and member of the veterinary team, this opportunity will lighten the financial burden and allow me to continue to focus on my studies. I hope to help others in veterinary medicine and the public understand the importance education plays in this crucial role and strive for continued growth and development within the field. Thank you again for your generosity and support.”

Northwestern State University of Louisiana 

Haily Wade 

“I’d like to make a difference in this field and bring back the compassionate side that once fueled all of our hearts to help animals. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and will continue to push on to my RVT license as well as continuing my education to become a veterinarian to be that change in this field of work, to bring compassion, love, and genuine care back into Veterinarian Medicine.”

Maple Woods Community College 

Abbey Whisnant 

“This scholarship means a lot to me. I feel that I have worked hard to get to where I am, and being recognized and rewarded for what I do means so much to me. This scholarship allows me to continue my education, which will be beneficial to me in the future.”

Madison College 

Rachel White

“I am proud to show that it is never too late to start over and pursue your dreams! It does not feel like work when you are doing what you love and with that comes happiness. It feels more like exciting experiences, and I am here to experience all that I can in the veterinary field. I am learning that this field has many different roads to turn down but, before I choose, I will soak up all the learning I can.” 

Kent State University-Trumbull 

Janie-Marie Williams 

“I want to thank you for your contribution to my educational and personal development. I am beyond grateful.”

Miami-Dade College 

Caridad Winant 

“This scholarship is a steeping stone to help me reach my dreams. As Steve Jobs once said, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

Midwest Institute 

Kortni Wuelling

“What a scholarship means to me is that it gives me more of an opportunity to continue learning and moving forward on what I love!”

Yuba College 

Jessica Young 

“This scholarship means that I can continue working towards my goals for my education, and the dreams that I have for my future in this field. I have only been able to work part time. This money can help pay for the cost of books, badges, and other things that go along with this program. Soon I will be able to take the VTNE and become the RVT that I have dreamed of becoming.”

University of Massachusetts-Amherst at Mount Ida Campus 

Molly Young 

“I originally attended a college that closed after my freshman year thus forcing me to transfer schools. As a transfer student I was unable to get any scholarships which was discouraging because I am also an out of state student and tuition is expensive. This scholarship made me feel good about myself, that I can still get scholarships because of my academics.”

Los Angeles Pierce College 

Júlia Zepka 

“This scholarship will allow me to continue pursuing a career as a certified Veterinary Technician and helping animals live in health and comfort. It acknowledges my accomplishments, my potential, and it inspires me to keep pushing beyond the difficulties. I have countless individuals to thank for supporting me through my professional journey, and I greatly appreciate the investment trusted in me.”

Pima Medical Institute-Seattle 

Madeline Zerg

“I feel recognized for pursing my education. This scholarship opens more opportunities for me to advance my career in veterinary medicine.”