2023 Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship


The American Veterinary Medical Foundation partners with the Harold Wetterberg Foundation to award scholarships to current or former residents of New Jersey who are pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 AVMF/Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarships!

University of Pennsylvania

Kara Anderson

“I am extremely grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of the Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship. This award will help ease the financial burden of veterinary school and allow me to partake in additional opportunities during my clinical year such as externships. Thank you so much for supporting me and believing in me as I work toward my goal of becoming a veterinarian!”

Cornell University

Hannah Flamme

“Thank you Harold Wetterberg Foundation and AVMF for this incredible honor and your continued support and generosity! This scholarship will alleviate my financial stress as an out-of-state student and provide me the opportunity to pursue additional educational opportunities during my clinical rotations and beyond.”

North Carolina State University

Ankita Gupta

“With your help, I can continue working toward my dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon while exploring wildlife and shelter medicine. I am excited to continue branching out my experiences this year so that I can one day give back to my community.”

Cornell University

Erica Jackson

“I am beyond grateful for the Harold Wetterberg Foundation and the AVMF for their generous support! This award will help to alleviate my financial burden as an out-of-state veterinary student and allow me to pursue additional clinical experiences in zoological medicine. Thank you so much! It is truly an honor to know that such an esteemed organization has invested in my future.”

Texas A&M University

Morgan Mccord

“I am honored to have been chosen to receive the Harold Wetterberg scholarship. This scholarship funding will allow me focus my time on my classes and upcoming clinical rotations. But beyond the monetary support, I am honored to have the foundation show support for my educational journey and my goal of pursuing a surgical residency after completion of my DVM.”

Tufts University

Hannah Reichert

“I feel immensely grateful to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the Harold Wetterberg Foundation for their generosity. By easing my financial burden, this amazing award will help me pursue educational opportunities that may not have been feasible otherwise. Thank you so much for supporting me as I continue my veterinary journey and work towards my goal of becoming an anatomic pathologist!”