2021 Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship


The American Veterinary Medical Foundation partners with the Harold Wetterberg Foundation to award scholarships to current or former residents of New Jersey who are pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 AVMF/Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarships!

Michigan State University

Ryan Hopper

“Thank you for awarding me the Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship. I intend on pursuing an internship and residency following graduation making it difficult to begin making payments on my student loans. With the generosity of the Scholarship, the financial burden becomes a little lighter allowing me to pursue further medical training!”

Michigan State University

Elena Rizzo

“I am incredibly grateful to Harold Wetterberg Foundation and AVMF for their continued support in my academic career. The financial assistance provided allows me to diversify my learning experiences on clinical rotations, which will help me develop into an experienced and well-rounded clinician.”

North Carolina State University

Ankita Gupta

“Thank you Harold Wetterberg Foundation and the AVMF for this honor and your continued support! This award allows me to turn my dreams of becoming a clinician-scientist into a reality.”

Tufts University

Eva Gurian

“I am honored to be chosen as a recipient of the Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship. This award will support me as I work toward my goal of becoming a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, and I am grateful to the AVMF and the Harold Wetterberg Foundation for their generosity along my journey of becoming a veterinary professional.”

University of California-Davis

Maya Schlesinger

“It is a great honor to be chosen as a recipient of the Harold Wetterberg Foundation Scholarship this year. To be supported by organizations such as the AVMA/AVMF and this Foundation conveys the importance of supporting the education of future veterinary leaders. Specifically, this scholarship allows me to pursue more externships at multiple diagnostic laboratories, which is critical to my growth as an aspiring anatomic pathologist and researcher, a career in which I will work every day to contribute to the advancement of veterinary knowledge.”

University of Missouri

Kaylee Elizabeth Motter

“I am unbelievably grateful for the generosity of the Harold Wetterberg Foundation in choosing to grant me the means necessary to continue pursuing my goals in veterinary medicine. This award will allow me to continue to diversify my experiences in companion exotic animal medicine in a manner that would otherwise be financially impossible. Thank you!”

University of Pennsylvania

Lauren C. Palena

“I am deeply grateful to have been selected by the AVMF and the Harold Wetterberg Foundation for this scholarship award. It is an honor to know that such a prestigious organization has invested in my future as a veterinarian. This scholarship significantly alleviates my financial stress as an out-of-state student and affords me the ability to continue working towards advancing my career. Thank you so much for supporting my goal of contributing to wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine as a whole.”