AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Summer Research Stipend


The AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Summer Research Stipend is intended to provide support for currently enrolled veterinary students who have previously conducted a summer research project and are seeking to gain a second summer of research experience. Five $6,000 awards have been provided in 2023.

Congratulations to the AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Summer Research Stipend recipients!

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Kimaya Bakhle

I hope to use this support to continue participating in translational cancer research that will improve outcomes for both human and animal patients with cancer. I have worked on identifying early diagnostic markers of breast cancer and next summer I am excited to learn about testicular germ cell tumor biology and how we can better treat this disease. This scholarship will help me to build the skills I need to pursue a career as a veterinary clinician scientist.”

Mississippi State University

Caitlyn Burke

The AVMA/AVMF 2nd Summer Opportunity Research Scholarship will allow me to continue investigating a therapeutic approach to treating dystocia in cattle to reduce subsequent comorbidities associated with difficulty calving. I am honored to have been awarded this scholarship and look forward to demonstrating the impact that programs such as this have on the advancement and support of veterinary research.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amelia Corona

I am eager to take advantage of the opportunity to continue to grow in scientific research, while contributing thoughtful and compelling work to veterinary medicine. I look forward to collaborating and networking with fellow students and veterinary scientists, as well as continuing my work on optimizing behavioral based sensory tests for dogs.”  

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Emma Marshall

“I am extremely grateful to the AVMF for awarding me scholarship funds to continue my research on the effects of NSAID exposure during embryonic development on neural crest cell development. Participating in the AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship Program will allow me to dive further into my research interests and provide a strong foundation of knowledge and research experience for my upcoming PhD work.” 

Colorado State University

Meagan Rockow

The realm of translational medicine is critical to advancing both human and veterinary medicine, alike. The AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship is directly allowing me to contribute to these sectors through my research on a novel cellular treatment for osteoarthritis. I am incredibly humbled to be granted this opportunity and to use this as another stepping stone towards my goal of becoming a board-certified equine surgeon.