2022 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship


The AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship is intended to provide support for currently enrolled veterinary students who have previously conducted a summer research project and are seeking to gain a second summer of research experience. Five $6,000 awards have been provided in 2022.

Meet the 2022 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship recipients

North Carolina State University

Ashlyn Heniff

“I am immensely grateful and honored to receive the AVMA/AVMF 2nd Opportunity Research Scholarship! A second, sponsored full-time summer research experience will provide me with a tremendous opportunity for continued personal and professional growth as I pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a board-certified zoological veterinarian. Furthermore, it will allow me to directly contribute to the advancement of amphibian analgesia.”

University of Georgia

Margaret Lemons

“Interdisciplinary collaboration is critical to advance our understanding of sepsis across species. The AVMA Scholarship will enable me to collaborate with clinical laboratory scientists, physicians, and veterinarian scientists to begin understanding the underlying mechanisms of immune dysregulation in sepsis, particularly regarding neutrophil extracellular trap formation (NETosis).”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nick Marino

“This scholarship will allow me to continue work on a project which has already provided me with excellent mentorship, irreplaceable experience, and meaningful relationships with individuals in my field of interest. I look forward to this summer and the influence it will undoubtedly have in propelling me towards a career in veterinary neurology!”

The Ohio State University

Amanda Midkiff

“Post-graduation with my DVM I hope to continue on to complete a residency and to become a veterinary oncologist. I am looking forward to another summer of research to delve deeper into pathogenic mechanisms of the oncogenic retrovirus Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 and to expand my knowledge of research techniques. I am empowered to pursue my goals of becoming an oncologist and continuing research with less worry over the financial aspects.”

University of California Davis

Aryana Razmara

“This scholarship will give me the opportunity to further explore my research interest of improving immunotherapy treatments for dogs with cancer and will serve as the crucial foundation for future work by me or others in this area.”