Frequently asked questions

Q1—What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Must be a current AVMA member veterinarian – pet owners are not eligible to apply.
  • Have provided veterinary medical care to an animal for illness or conditions requiring immediate
    care and whose owners are experiencing financial hardship.
  • Grants will not be considered for medical care that has not yet been provided and pre-approvals will
    not be offered.

Q2—Can I request funds for any type of veterinary charitable care?
Currently, funds can be requested for medical care provided to an animal for illness or
conditions requiring immediate care due to Financial Hardship Elective surgery (e.g. spays and neuters)
and routine preventative care are excluded.

Q3—Is there a maximum amount I can request?
Grant applicants may be reimbursed for up to $500/request for eligible veterinary care for
financial hardship for a total not to exceed $2,000 per applicant per calendar year (January through
December). These caps allow us to help as many animals and members as possible. Please note: AVMA
members working in the same practice are permitted to combine their individual eligibility to cover
more than $2,000.

Q4—Do I have to enroll in this program?
No, you only need to login and fill out the application and submit it for review.

Q5—How do I apply?
Visit When you click on the login button, you will be taken to your
AVMA member login. Once logged in, you will be able to begin filling out the application.

Q6—Can I apply for recurring care for the same animal?
This program is not intended to reimburse for ongoing care for the same animal for the same
condition. This enables us to help as many animals as possible.

Q7—Can I have my practice or office manager complete the application?
Yes, as long as they know how to login to your AVMA member account.

Q8—How will grant funds be paid?
Payment will be made by direct deposit after a W9 is submitted through our secure online

Q9—What if I have trouble logging in?
Log out of the application portal and Clear browser cache or use another browser to
login. If problems persist, contact administrator.

Questions? If your question is not addressed in the guidelines or the FAQs, email

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