Merck Animal Health

Veterinary Student Scholarship Program


Merck Animal Health and the AVMF are dedicated to supporting exceptional veterinary students. Merck Animal Health is proud to show its dedication to veterinary students by providing $5,000 scholarships to second and third year veterinary students. Students attending international schools with 5 and 6-year programs should contact their administrative office to determine the school's eligibility requirement.

Merck's partnership with AVMF over the last several years has provided scholarships for over 100 veterinary students, many of whom have gone on to become young leaders in the veterinary field.

**APPLICATIONS for the 2018-2019 Merck Animal Health Scholarship are no longer being accepted. **

Scholarship Informational Flyer

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Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Merck Animal Health Scholarship Recipients



Kelley Black - Western University - California                                                                                 

  Jessica Levine - Tufts University
  Alicia Bonke - Michigan State University     Carl Magnusson - University of Wisconsin


Jordan Briggs - North Carolina State University

    Emily Mangan - Oregon State University
  Jessica Buchy - University of Florida     Alex McFarland - Colorado State University
Robert Buntz - Colorado State University     Michael McKinney - The Ohio State University
  Rheannon Burris - Michigan State University     Ori Nagasaka - University of California - Davis
  Michael Caplan - University of Montreal     Renee D. Saxton - Oregon State University
  Crystal Cardona - Iowa State University   Trinity Scanlon - University of Pennsylvania
  Maria Esefania Colon - Tuskegee University     Sahar Sheikh-Ahmad - North Carolina State University
  Katherine Crocco - Midwestern University     Joel Steckelberg - Iowa State University
  Melissa Dalton - Colorado State University     Ashley Ulmer - Virginia - Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

Abbey Earle - University of Pennsylvania

    Brittney Vaughn - Colorado State University
Samantha Eder - Auburn University     Emil Walleser - University of Wisconsin
Lacey Ellingson - University of Minnesota     Hailey Watlington - Lincoln Memorial University
  Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez - Auburn University     Jessica Weirich - University of Illinois
  Holly Grams-Johnson - Colorado State University     Taylor Wickware - The Ohio State University
  Rachel Griffin - Michigan State University     Rebecca Wilson - University of Guelph
  Alexi Haack - University of California - Davis     Jessi Wixtrom - Michigan State University
  Kristine Hill - Ross University     Alexis Wohl - Western University - California
  Amy Kraus - University of Pennsylvania     Greg Wojciechowski - Colorado State University
Kyndel Lann - Midwestern University   Michelle Yamashita - Washington State University
Tristan Darrel Agustin - University of the Philippines   Homaira Pervin Heema - Chittagong University
Trisha Alina - University of the Philippines   Harrah Grace Magsino - University of the Philippines
Mehedi Hasan Ashiq - Bangladesh Agricultural University   Manik Mia - Bangladesh Agricultural University
Julienne Fe Butic - University of the Philippines   Jannatul Nyema - Nikia Sylhet Agricultural University
Mehedi Hasan - Bangladesh Agricultural University   Nigar Sultana Poly - Chittagong University
Sujon Hasan - Bangladesh Agricultural University   Gabriel Tumamac - University of the Philippines
Rakib Hasan - Bangladesh Agricultural University   Saif Udden - Bangladesh Agricultural University