Pet Nutrition Resources

A key area of focus for AVMF is to provide support for educational initiatives that are important to the profession and to the health of animals. The AVMF helps build strong relationships between the veterinary care team and the pet owner. 

The AVMF is proud to support the Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA) and their efforts to promote the importance of nutrition. PNA is a worldwide collaboration of nine veterinary organizations that offers valuable resources to the veterinary healthcare team. Learn more.

PNA offers valuable resources for the entire team, such as:

Calorie calculator tools

Make nutritional assessments and recommendations. These tools can help you share vital information along with a take-home worksheet.

Calorie Calculator for Dogs

Calorie Calculator for Cats

Extensive Library

Quickly search and find answers for a wide range of nutrition-related issues.

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Related resources

Perform a diet history, assess patient’s body condition score and muscle condition score with PNA’s useful forms.

Assess the Patient

Provide a complete, balanced, and individualized diet and help pet owners choose the appropriate pet food.

Create a Nutrition Plan

AVMA policies and resources

Educational Outreach Partners

The AVMF would like to recognize and thank the partners who have contributed to our efforts and are working to provide critical outreach to veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Premier Partners


Signature Partners

Thank you to these partners for working with the AVMF to bring tools and resources to provide healthy diets for pets to larger audiences. Together we build bridges of knowledge and information for veterinary professional(s) and the pet owning public.