AVMF Resources and Materials

Please feel free to download and use the following posters and flyers in your practice. You can share them with colleagues, clients and friends. 

Veterinary Care Charitable Fund® Practice Resources

The AVMF provides enrolled practices with the necessary resources (brochures, posters, tear-offs, etc.) to promote the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund® to family, friends and clients.

Download AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund Practice Resources

Pet Memorial and Tribute

Print this flyer and/or poster. Share with clients AVMF's pet memorial and tribute program and how they too can participate.

Taking Care Posters

Show your support for AVMF in your practice or clinic and recruit others to share in your support.

Sample Window Cling for Individuals

Sample cling to communicate Pets Inside to be used for first responders.

Window Cling for Practices

Sample cling for Ambassador for Animals Support to display in practice windows.