Merck Animal Health

Veterinary Student Scholarship Program


Merck Animal Health and the AVMF are dedicated to preserving and improving the health and well-being of animals as well as honoring exceptional veterinary students.  Merck Animal Health is proud to show its dedication to veterinary students by providing scholarships to second and third year veterinary students.

Merck’s partnership with the AVMF aligns with the AVMF’s strategic initiative of supporting the enhancement of students of veterinary medicine.  To ensure the excellence of veterinary medicine in the future, the AVMF and Merck believe in, and support, the quality of education and training of future veterinarians.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the current year.  Please revisit our website in November 2014 for next year's awards availability announcement.

2014 Merck Scholarship Recipients
Mr. Joseph Caldwell - Tuskegee University
Ms. Brandi Flanagan - University of Georgia
Ms. Kelsey Gerbig - The Ohio State University
Mrs. Julia Herman - Colorado State University
Ms. Katlin Hornig - Colorado State University
Ms. Tracy Huang - University of California - Davis
Ms. Molly Johnson - Kansas State University
Ms. Shannon Kells - Texas A & M University
Ms. Teresa Linder - University of Wisconsin
Ms. Tiffany Makowski - University of Tennessee
Ms. Maggie McQuillan - North Carolina State University
Dr. Elena Millard - Michigan State University
Ms. Jennifer Munhofen - University of Georgia
Mr. Eric Nickerson - University of California - Davis
Mr. Brett Rabe - University of Minnesota
Mr. Eric Shepherd - University of Georgia
Ms. Sarah Will - University of Tennessee
Ms. Cynthia Wise - University of Wisconsin
Mr. David Worth - Texas A & M University
Ms. Stephanie Zec - University of Illinois