Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMAT) serve as first responders to ensure high quality care of animals during disasters and emergencies. When requested by a state, VMATs provide operational emergency response programs to state animal health authorities and preparedness programs to animal health authorities, veterinary medical associations, and other relevant organizations. With assistance, funding and support from the AVMF, VMATs provide treatment and aid to animals used in search-and-rescue efforts and animals hurt or endangered by catastrophic events such as floods, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. Comprised of highly trained veterinarians, veterinary technicians and support personnel, VMATs are organized regionally and can be deployed to any state or U.S. territory within 24 hours. 


VMATs supplement the relief efforts already underway by local veterinarians and emergency aid providers. VMAT forms a united animal relief system that includes state and local officials and medical associations, the state veterinarian, the local veterinary community, emergency personnel, humane groups, Red Cross volunteers and search and rescue groups. Through AVMF continued support, VMATs are ready to respond immediately and have become a key resource in times of state and local disasters.  
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