Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund


Disaster can strike at any time with sometimes little and many times no notice. For animals that happen to be in harm’s way during tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters we need to make sure their advocates, health providers and pet owners are prepared.

Veterinarians, the ultimate animal care providers, must be prepared to deal with a variety of animal health situations on a daily basis. Due to the frequency and unpredictability of natural disasters, emergency medical training and preparedness are key components of veterinary education. 

Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund (ADRR) is AVMF’s fund designated to support state and national disaster relief efforts. Grants are provided for immediate disaster needs, but more importantly, to help provide training, disaster preparedness and response planning to ensure those organizations, states and or communities are disaster ready.

There are many ways you play a part in supporting these efforts. To ensure a continued level of excellence in the face of any tragedy, AVMF needs your help:

The AVMF provides several grants each year to veterinarians, Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMAT), state and national organizations for reimbursement, relief, disaster planning, training, and response efforts. We are committed to raising funds to go directly towards the Animal Disaster Relief and Response efforts. If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please click here