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Our Oath in Action™ programs give veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians, assistants and care team members the opportunity to reach out and connect to the animal loving public.

2017 Our Oath in Action Events

Highlights of the 2017 Events

Massachusetts - Worcester, MA: Free veterinary care was given in a community where financial and transportation barriers limit available veterinary services. Wellness exams, vaccinations and education on pet care were provided.

Ohio - Columbus, OH: At this community outreach event, volunteers provided pet wellness information as well as free exams and vaccinations to local low-income or homeless clients.

AVMA LIFE - Sanibel, FL: Board members volunteered to clean and repair sections of the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). In particular, the pelican flight area was restored, skill treats were prepared for animals living in the center, and general maintenance and landscaping was performed.

2016 Our Oath in Action Events

Highlights of the 2016 Events

-  Ag Heritage Park, Auburn University: Attendees learned about pet wellness and disaster preparedness through demonstrations and hands on activities.

California - Central Park, Davis, CA: Multi-species adoption event that included free vaccinations and exams for newly adopted pets, free exams and microchipping for currently owned pets, demonstrations of agility, service and disaster rescue.

Connecticut - New Britain, CT: Volunteers provided a weekend of free veterinary care for less fortunate pet owners. Services for pets included physical exams, sterilization surgeries, vaccinations, parasite control and heartworm testing.

Kentucky - Bell County Animal Shelter: Volunteers renovated the existing shelter, adding a bathtub, expanding exercise yards, painting and mending fences.

Massachusetts - Worcester, MA: Free veterinary care was given in a community where financial and transportation barriers limit available veterinary services. Wellness exams, vaccinations and education on pet care were provided.

New York - New York State Fair Hall for Veterinary Health: The team revamped its exhibits and improved interactivity in those exhibits.

Ohio - Columbus, OH: At this community outreach event, elderly and disabled pet owners as well as homeless residents of the area were provided pet wellness information and pet care.

Funded by the Banfield Foundation

 2015 Our Oath in Action Events 

Highlights of the 2015 Events


Alabama - "Fall Roundup and Taste of Alabama Agriculture" was held in conjunction with Auburn University's homecoming celebration. Visitors to the event were able to learn more about their pet's wellness and disease prevention, visit the Animal Emergency Response Trailer and watch demonstrations by Canine Performance Science detector dogs.

California -
"Animal Adopt-athon" provided the community of Davis, California the opportunity to give an animal a forever home with a loving family.  Over 1200 attendees participated in the event which provided free veterinary exams and microchips, fun filled family activities and large animal rescue demonstrations.

Connecticut - "The Big Fix" provided veterinary medical care and surgery to more than 120 animals, many of them receiving veterinary care for the very first time.  Most of the animals were owned by homeless or low-income families who lacked the financial resources to visit a veterinarian. The town of New Britain, Connecticut, where the event was held, does not have a veterinary hospital.

Florida - Our Oath in Action in Gainesville, Florida provided spay and neuter services in order to reduce the feral cat population.  These services saved and improved the lives of free-roaming cats and lessened their impact on the surrounding community.  Following the event, local shelters saw a reduction in the number of admissions, reducing the number of cats unnecessarily euthanized.

Georgia - Veterinary care was provided to animals owned by senior citizens living in low-income housing in the Atlanta area.  Veterinarians, technicians and veterinary students not only provided medical care, but established a pet food pantry to provide a nutritional diet for the animals living in the housing complex.

Massachusetts - Two community outreach events benefited homeless and low-income pet owners in the Worcester community.  Over one hundred forty animals were given complimentary wellness exams and vaccinations. The project's volunteers included local veterinarians, technicians, veterinary students, technician students and members of the surrounding community.

Michigan - Meridian Mall in Okemos, Michigan was home to an Our Oath in Action event that taught attendees the importance of proper pet care, including spay and neutering surgeries which prevent unwanted litters.  Families participated in a scavenger hunt that provided a fun way of educating the public about the best ways to adopt a new family pet.

 The History of Our Oath in Action

Our Oath in Action's history dates back to 2008 as the AVMA Annual Convention came to New Orleans and support was needed to continue the veterinarian profession's response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina.  To assist in the recovery efforts in New Orleans, the AVMF organized volunteers including veterinarians, their staff, family and friends, to clean, repair and reopen animal shelters.

In the years that followed, the AVMF hosted veterinary volunteer activities held in conjunction with the American Veterinary Medical Association's Annual Convention. Across the country, from St. Louis to Atlanta, San Diego to  Chicago, veterinary volunteers and their families donated countless hours in service to animals in need.  In 2013, OOIA expanded to a national program.  Today the AVMF's Our Oath in Action program continues to connect members of the veterinary profession with volunteer opportunities in their community. 

 If you are interested in volunteering at a future AVMF event or project, please complete the Volunteer Survey.