AVMA/AVMF Scholarships

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation awards scholarships to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students attending accredited colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States.  (2nd and 3rd year students may apply for the AVMF/EveryCat Health Foundation Scholarship and 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students at the international AVMA accredited schools may apply for the AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for Veterans.)  Students are encouraged to consider both traditional and non-traditional careers as they move forward in their education to understand the many options that the veterinary profession offers.

The application cycle for the following AVMA/AVMF Scholarships opens in March 2022

AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for Veterans 
** The application cycle for the 2021 AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for Veterans is now closed. **

In honor of the 100th anniversary of President Woodrow Wilson's signing of the National Defense Act of 1916, and the creation of a Veterinary Corps within the U.S. Army, the AVMA and AVMF established a special scholarship for military veterans pursuing an education in veterinary medicine.  $5,000 scholarships are available to veterans of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy currently in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of veterinary school at any AVMA accredited school.

2020 Recipients:

name here

"The AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for Military Veterans has provided an amazing opportunity to my family and I. An opportunity to go farther, be better, and achieve more. For all those involved, thank you for providing veterans with this awesome opportunity! God Bless!"

Cody Blalock, Oklahoma State University

"I am so grateful to the AVMA/AVMF for continuing to support veterans in veterinary medicine. It is such an honor to receive this support as I continue to serve my community and pursue a career in veterinary research and education."

Kimberly McFarlane, MS
University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

“It is an honor to receive the AVMA/AVMF Scholarship for Veterans. This scholarship affords me the opportunity to pursue my veterinary career and continue my service to the community.”

Katherine Howser, Iowa State University

“I am both humbled and honored to have been selected by the AVMA/AVMF for this scholarship. This will provide me the opportunity to pursue areas of interest and achieve more than I would have otherwise been able to, in my continuing veterinary medicine education. Organizations that support the military and its veterans are invaluable. This scholarship will allow me to better give back to the community by providing me the resources necessary to meet their needs. Thank you again for this opportunity; I’m truly grateful for this blessing!”

Peter Wiedmeier, Washington State University


AVMF AzVMA Scholarships 
** The Application Cycle for the 2021 Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship is now closed. **

Through a partnership with the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, five $1,000  awards are given to veterinary students with a strong connection to the state of Arizona.

2020 Recipients:

Lauren Allison
"I am beyond honored to be a recipient of this year's scholarship. It is such a blessing to be able to do the work we do in veterinary medicine, and I am so grateful to the AVMF for helping me achieve my goals and make the biggest impact I can in the lives of those who need us most. I cannot thank them enough for this opportunity."

Lauren Allison, Midwestern University

Kaitlin Goldstein

"I'm so appreciative to be selected for this scholarship. Choosing to go to veterinary school in Arizona was one of the best decisions and I love being part of such a great veterinary community here in Arizona. This scholarship will help tremendously to relieve the stress associated with the costs of attending externships during my clinical year."

Kaitlin Goldstein, Midwestern University

Sara Hefferan

"Thank you to the AVMF and the AzVMA for their incredible generosity in awarding me with this scholarship.  To have my hard work and dedication to the field of veterinary medicine recognized by the VMA of my home state of Arizona means a lot to me.  I look forward to returning home at the end of my training to serve both the people and animals of Arizona!"

Sara Hefferan, Washington State University

Janae Saffold

"Working in veterinary medicine is often difficult and sometimes hard to do, but being awarded this scholarship is an incredible honor, and reminds me that my work in this field does not go unnoticed!"

Janae Saffold, Midwestern University

Jessica Strautman

"Thank you so much for this generous scholarship; I am humbled to receive it. It will enable me to focus fully on my studies during my final year of school to help me achieve my goal of helping animals and humans in need. I plan to devote my veterinary career to providing care to under-resourced populations in Arizona and across the globe."

Jessica Strautman, University of California - Davis 

AVMF/EveryCat Health Foundation Foundation Scholarship 
** The Application Cycle for the 2021 AVMF/EveryCat Health Foundation Scholarship is now closed. **

A $2,500 scholarship is available to a 2nd or 3rd year student who demonstrates an interest in feline veterinary medicine. The recipient of this award must be able to document a history of participation in activities that benefit the health and welfare of cats, including research, shelter work, cat clubs and other community service programs. A strong GPA and financial need are also considered for this scholarship.

2020 Recipients:

"I sort of stumbled upon a deep passion for research during vet school thanks to wonderful mentorship, but now I know that asking questions and looking for answers will be a large part of my career. My ultimate career goals are to combine passions for surgery and oncology with clinical research to hopefully advance cancer care for cats."

Mary Coleman, The Ohio State University

"I am incredibly grateful to the AVMF/EveryCat Health Foundation for this honor. This scholarship will help me pursue my goal of becoming a feline specialist and advancing the health and welfare of cats. Thank you for supporting me in this journey and giving me this opportunity to contribute to feline medicine."

Rebecca Rosas
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Mildred Sylvester Scholarship
** The Application Cycle for the 2021 Mildred Sylvester Scholarship is now closed. **

This $1,000 scholarship, established by the estate of Mildred Sylvester, is available to an outstanding 1st, 2nd or 3rd year veterinary student with a connection to the state of New Jersey (current or past resident, high school or college graduate). 

2020 Recipient:

“I am honored to have been selected as recipient for this year’s scholarship in part due to my pride in the state of New Jersey, but also, as an affirmation and recognition of the time and commitment it takes in learning this magnificent profession. Thank you to the Mildred Sylvester Foundation for this scholarship!”

Dominic Gentile, Iowa State University 

Dr. Elinor McGrath Scholarship 
** The Application Cycle for the 2021 Dr. Elinor McGrath Scholarship is now closed. **

Juliette Fassett, founder of Dr. McGrath's, partners with the AVMF in offering a $500 scholarship to a veterinary student in his/her 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of veterinary school. Born in 1888, Dr. McGrath graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College in 1910 and went on to practice veterinary medicine in Chicago.  She was the first female admitted in to the AVMA. The recipient of this award will be selected based on his/her story of how he/she achieved her veterinary goals with the strength and determination of Dr. McGrath.

2020 Recipient:

"I am immensely grateful to be the 2020 recipient of the Dr. Elinor McGrath Scholarship. It is an honor to have been selected for a scholarship inspired by such an influential woman in veterinary medicine. Dr. McGrath’s tenacity & passion for this field is the reason why I am in the position to pursue medicine while serving as a leader in organized veterinary medicine. Thank you to Juliette Fassett and the AVMF for supporting me in my journey towards helping my community."

Razyeeh Mazaheri, University of Illinois

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