Charitable care for service animals of military heroes

Sir Jaxon gets the care he needs so he can continue to help

Service dog(November 1, 2021) After returning home from a tour in Iraq, a U.S. military hero required a service dog to help support his treatment of PTSD. Sir Jaxon, a white Boxer mix was ready to serve. When Sir Jaxon began suffering from extreme neck pain, his owner knew he would require veterinary medical care. His treatment plan included pain medication and steroid injections, an expensive but necessary option.

Thanks to a charitable care grant for the veterinary services provided to service dogs of veterans, the costs of Sir Jaxon's treatment were covered.  He was honorably discharged home so he could continue providing support to his veteran owner. Your gifts toward veterinary charitable care truly make a difference for service animal owners who may not otherwise have the financial means to seek treatment for their animals and pets. 

AVMA members providing charitable veterinary care to animals whose owners are military veterans, victims of domestic violence, or who have been impacted by COVID may be eligible to receive a grant under the National Veterinary Charitable Care Grant program of the AVMF. Learn more >>

Thank you to the Harold Wetterberg Foundation for their support in the amount of $10,000 directed to the charitable veterinary care of service animals for veterans.

If your clinic has a charitable care story that you'd like to share, please email Patti Gillespie at

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