Disasters & Grants

Disasters can strike at any time.  From hurricanes to tornadoes to floods, we are there supporting the animal community.  We help veterinarians provide medical care to the animal victims during and after any disaster.  That's why we also fund the Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMATs), who train veterinarians and others interested in helping animals on what to do in the event of a disaster.  These dedicated volunteers stand ready to assist - but they can't do it alone.  Please consider making a donation today to help support our work. 

If you have recently experienced a disaster we offer grants to help.

  Disaster Veterinary Animal Care Reimbursement - for veterinary supplies used in disaster
  Disaster Veterinary Practice Relief - for reimbursement of veterinary practices damaged in disaster

Mid-Year & Final Reports for State Grants

 Final Report for State Grants
 Mid-Year Report for State Start-up Grants
 Mid-Year Report for Challenge and Matching Grants

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