Disaster Preparedness & Relief

Hurricane Katrina, the World Trade Center, and Oklahoma City bombings are just a few of the times AVMFs funding of preparing for disaster were critical in aiding animal victims. American Veterinary Medical Foundation stresses the importance of preparing for disasters which affect animals. Animal disaster preparedness and response is our primary focus, with the goal of delivering a constant level of care on national, state and local levels.

 State Preparedness: ¦  Veterinarian Training Sponsors:

Assuring every state is disaster-ready through education training. Provide animal care and treatment through disaster preparedness programs and Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund assistance. 


 Veterinarians must be prepared to deal with a variety of animal health situations on a daily basis. Due to the frequency and unpredictability of natural disasters, emergency medical training is a key component of veterinary education. AVMF sponsors state, regional, or national disaster-related training sessions aimed at preparing veterinarians to care for animals before, during, and after a disaster.

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Reimbursements to Individual Veterinarians
AVMF has awarded hundreds of grants to veterinarians for their tireless work in aiding animal victims of disasters. 
AVMF accepts requests for aid up to 9 months after the date a disaster strikes.      Apply

Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMATs)


Through generous donations from individuals, companies and other foundations, AVMF supported the creation of disaster preparedness and response guides for veterinarians and pet owners. To learn more about guides:
Saving the Whole Family and the AVMA Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide click here.


  To ensure a continued level of excellence in the face of any tragedy, AVMF needs your help: 
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