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AVMF is committed to helping offset the cost of veterinary medical education. Donations support outstanding veterinary students who are addressing the health and research needs of society – both today and tomorrow.

"I am honored to be an Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship recipient. While the cost of a veterinary education is high, it is incredibly inspiring to know that there are organizations like the AVMF to assist students with their financial burdens. To me, this scholarship validates my belief that this world provides endless opportunities to those in search of them. I am very grateful for the scholarship - thank you." 
 - Elizabeth Malcolm, Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship 2016-17 Recipient



We believe that by investing in the education of America's veterinary students we play a role in ensuring that future veterinarians have the skills and training necessary to treat our pets, safeguard our food supply and protect public health.

We make an impact on veterinary students by empowering them to achieve their goals in veterinary medicine and by recognizing and rewarding individuals who have made extraordinary accomplishments in their education. Our goal is to build a relationship with veterinary students that lasts a lifetime.

Veterinary student scholarships and grants are awarded on varying criteria that includes academic excellence, leadership, diversity and financial need.  Final decisions on all awards are based on recommendations from the AVMF's Grants and Awards Sub-committee on Student Scholarships.

AVMF Veterinary Student Scholarship Opportunities

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AVMF Scholarship Recipients are Making a Difference!

"Receiving this support allows me to continue the work I know is important and creates opportunities to pursue the experiences that will allow me to become the best veterinarian I can be. This profession is a family, and knowing that support like this scholarship exists for veterinary students shows how committed we are to curating our collective future success. Thank you, Auxiliary to the AVMA and AVMF, for your generosity."

- Brett Montague, Auxiliary to the AVMA Legacy Endowed Scholarship 2016-17 Recipient

"I wish to extend my sincere appreciation as recipient of the 2016-2017 Merck Animal Health Scholarship. The scholarship will impact my veterinary education tremendously because it will help greatly in reducing financial burdens and allow me to focus on my education. Thank you again Merck/MSD Animal Health and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, for your confidence in my abilities, belief in my goals, and support of my future."

- Khali Jones, Merck Animal Health Scholarship 2016-17 Recipient

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