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Ambassador for Animals

Ambassadors for Animals is a way to show and share your support of AVMF and the good work that it does on behalf of animals every day. This program provides a way for you, as a veterinarian, a member of the veterinary community, animal care giver, or pet owner to come together and share in activities for the care, health and benefit of animals.

Feel like you are the part of something greater, something that, with others' contributions, can make a greater impact in the lives of animals.



  • 'Like' AVMF on Facebook
  • Share stories about the difference my veterinarian has made in the lives of animals with AVMF, via social media sites, and with colleagues and friends.
  • Promote AVMF Ambassador program via e-mail with colleagues, clients, and friends.
  • Call on others to join this program.
  • Support AVMF programs and events through other financial contributions, endowment opportunities, volunteering, and other ways.
  • Identify and schedule an in-person public, community presentation to a school, civic organization, or social group on an AVMF prepared message.
  • Promote and utilize (when appropriate) AVMF Memorial and Tribute program.
  • Consider participation in AVMF Ambassador rally(s).
  • Coordinate/Host an AVMF Ambassador event or activity in your area.
  • YOU are impacting American Animals simply by supporting the work we do.
  • AVMF email newsletter, invites to annual and recognition events.
  • Receive an Ambassador Card, decal and information to share with others.
  • Meet new people that have the same interest and care of animals.