Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors and recognizes those who make deferred gifts that help strengthen the American Veterinary Medical Foundation's ability to help veterinarians help animals.

As you make plans for your estate, consider using your life insurance as a long-term donation.

Many donors would like to make a significant contribution to the AVMF but simply don't have the available funds. By transferring a newer insurance policy, or even purchasing a new life insurance policy and naming the AVMF as owner, you can achieve your philanthropic goals.

Current tax laws allow you to purchase a new policy, name the AVMF as owner, and every year donate sufficient funds to the AVMF to pay the annual premiums. With this planning, you guarantee that the AVMF will receive a sizable donation in the future. By using life insurance, you limit your current outlay to the annual premiums - a small deductible annual gift. You can even leverage this current gift by donating highly appreciated assets, such as stocks or mutual funds, to pay the premiums. You still receive an income tax deduction for the gift and the AVMF can sell these assets without paying capital gains taxes.

As you plan for your future, consider including the AVMF in your long-term goals. Of course, all financial decisions should be discussed with your legal and tax advisors.

For more information about the Legacy Society and ways you can support the AVMF through a planned gift, contactAVMF Executive Director, Mike Cathey, at 1-800-248-2862 ext. 6773.